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Wednesday December 6, 2023

Europe's Most Hazardous Nuclear Site Has A Leak ..

Putin Makin' Moves: (1) 
Putin Makes Rare Trip to Middle East to Meet with UAE and Saudi Leaders
- Saudi Arabia Statements - RT -

EVERYBODY was out to Meet Him .. (unlike Blinken who got stiffed waiting for hours overnight) ... look at dignitaries at Putin's welcoming .. (video)

UAE and Putin Statements - (video)

Iranian President Raisi to Meet Putin in Moscow Tomorrow (Dec. 7th). 

Zelensky No Shows Last Minute at U.S. Senate Briefing - BBC (video)

... U.S. Senate basically tells Zelensky to piss off - House Speaker Johnson Insists on Sweeping Border Changes in Exchange for Ukraine Aid ..

It's Official! UAE Officially STOPS Using Dollar for Oil Trades.. all U.S. hell 'bout to break loose .. look for U.S. beast to start badmouthing and false flagging UAE ...

U.S. Beast FORCING Perverse
Ideologies on Africa
 .. BLACKMAIL! ... starts banning African countries for Anti-LGBTQ laws ... 'U.S. Targets Two African States with Travel Bans'

Climate COP28 Summit Global Farce
Finally, we get some Zingers! (1) Summit Host sent shockwaves through the gathering by saying, "There is NO SCIENCE" that says Phasing out Fossil fuels is Necessary ... doh! .. hahahaa

MUST WATCH: Here's the actual vid clip of Host talking to a female Participant who is trying to con him into saying that climate change affects women and children.. he says, he wants proof because she's 'reading too much of the western media lies.. the Saudi host won't budge, says he's a science man and stands up to this female loonie  .. he essentially calls out western agenda and this woman believing the false narratives and being all words with NO actions - gotta watch this cause the Saudis don't PLAY games like the West does and will call your ass out!  - Redacted with Clayton Morris - (video)

... China Gets asked, 
"What have you been doing since 2015"? ... here's China, "Finding Oil" .. lol.. (for jokes, watch China continue to blow reporter off) .. as u know, China is NOT interested in cutting back in ANYTHING - they build 6 new coal plants a month and importing a shitload of oil from Russia .. they're just doin' face time at summit - Sky News (video)

This is a 2 week Summit...
cause they have nothing better to do than to eat free lunches and suppers as they talk about nothingness, solving ZERO problems! ..
 and Making EXTREME DEMANDS! - UN Chief says 'Ending fossil fuel use is only way to save Burning Planet' .. we honestly think these clowns actually believe the lies they're telling.. 'course, the planet will indeed BURN as prophecy shows from nuclear war and NOT from the climate ...

COP28 Craziness: EU 'Non Elected' Prez SheMale Von der Lyin' Demands ‘Trillions’ for Green Agenda at U.N. Climate Summit .. she needs to lay off that crack pipe..

Charles “The Great Reset”
King demands $5 Trillion per year to Tackle Climate Change .. like we said... these crackheads meet, spout off words and think they are doing the world a 'favor' by shooting off their mouths..
whatevs (video)
Nobel Laureate Dr. John Clauser: 
Climate Models Miss Key Variable – Clouds .. argues there is no climate emergency - (video)

Tucker Destroys John Kerry and Climate Change Zealots with Facts: "Another half-demented 80-year-old yelling about things he doesn’t understand. These are our leaders. They don’t care about our future because they don’t have one of their own”- TwitterX  (video) 

Israel: (1) 
Israel Cuts Off Means of Communication in Gaza

Congress Reviews Plan to Facilitate Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians From Gaza 
Israeli Army Blows Up "Hall of Justice", the Main Courthouse in Gaza Strip - (video)

The U.S., Not Israel, Is the Main Combatant in the War Against Gaza

MORE News --

'WHERE ARE YOU?': Netanyahu calls out UN over Hamas atrocities against Israeli women ... wtf is he talkin' about?? .. when he is slaying thousands of Palestinian women and children .. is he for real? - FOX (video)

'Israel' ORDERS WHO (World Health Organization) 24 hours to Get OUT of South Gaza!

Palestinian Civilians Have Nowhere to Run as Israel Expands Ground Operations South

Australian Religious Vilification Act Takes Effect .. if u don't follow the prominent religious narratives, you CAN and WILL be arrested and charged ... 

Mexican Exorcist Warns against 'Vampires' that can draw you away from God during Advent .. umm, we worry MORE about priests who talk stupidity and who NEVER turn people to righteousness .. clown

Faith Leaders Unite For Climate Agenda (Protestant, Jewish, Hindu, Catholic and Muslims) Sign Agreement ... Church Militant (video)

Why India (Hindus) Are Targeting Sikhs At Home and Around the World

PreppingChecked in on some preppers and here's what they're talking about ..

Global Food Crisis Coming: Get Prepared Now & Buy Food - (video)

Cyber Attacks And Hacks All Over - How You Can Prep For It! (video)

(3) The One Challenge We Must All Handle As Preppers ..

 If you have extra dollars, you better be putting them into something tangible ASAP ... (video) 

Best Pocket Survival Items to Carry! .. (video)
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