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October 22, 2020 
UK Scientific Advisor says Coronavirus Unlikely to be Eradicated
CDC Issues New Guidance On Close Contact And Spread Of Covid-19 - NBC Nightly News (video)
Number Has Gone From 9 to 25: Doctors in South Korea call for flu vaccinations to be paused after 25 deaths. Ignored! Inoculations Continue
US Missile Sales to Taiwan (video)
Consequences: Beijing Tells Washington to Stop Arms Sales to Taiwan (video)
US Urges Countries to Withdraw from UN Nuke Ban Treaty
More Death in the Waters: "Sewage in Iraq Waters - Pollution Blamed for Killing Thousands of Fish" (video)
Lungs of Earth on Fire Again as Parts of Brazilian Land the Size of Britain Burn
'Catastrophic Floods': 105 Killed, 5 Million Affected in Vietnam (video)
Israeli Defense Minister Gantz (and Future PM) Heads to US for 'Security Meeting' with Pentagon Chief.. Gantz?? Where's Netanyahu? (FYI Gantz Just Threatened New Elections) Power change?
Oh, Here's Netanyahu.. Hiding from Protesters Outside His Residence. They've Been Protesting for almost 3 Months (video)
The World's Largest Humanitarian Crisis: Crucial International Meeting Being Held (video)
Canadian Detainment Camps Pt 1: We first posted this in our alternative media section but wanted to repost again because Govt' is saying it's a lie.... umm, after it was read in Parliament. NOTICE Brush Off Answer and THEN MP (Member of Parliament) was Ignored and Told to "Take a Seat"! (video) 
Canadian Detainment Camps Pt 2: Don't EVER Trust the Beastly System of Media and Gov't... "Prime Minister, Health Officials warn Canadians Against Believing 'Internment Camps' Disinformation" .... ummm he read it before Parliament and interestingly enough, media article only covered Covid Camps and NOT his other notes on "other reasons" people can be detained
What's Behind the Huge Increase of Farmer Suicides in India? (video)
Eating Horse Meat: Salmonella Outbreak in France
Microbe Collapse in Canada: Massive 23-metre Hole Discovered. Road repairs will take 'Months' (video)
Oxycodone Big Pharma 'Purdue' Pleads Guilty: Agrees to Pay $8.3 Billion For (Poisoning), Conspiracy to Defraud, and Violating federal anti-kickback laws re OxyContin which helped touch off the opioid epidemic (video)
This is an Example of the Hatred and Anger in People Today: Woman Punches Flight Attendant while Wearing Mask Incorrectly (video)
"Proclaim Christmas a Public Holiday", Patriarch of Babylon asks Iraq's President
It's Official!  China and Vatican have Extended their Agreement (video)
More on the Pope and His Support of Homosexuality (video) 
Politics Pushing Pope's One World "Human Fraternity" Religion: 'Nominations Invited for 2021 Zayed Award for Human Fraternity'. $1 Million Dollar Award
Angels and Artillery: Russian Cathedral of the Armed Forces blends Militarism, Patriotism and Orthodox Christianity
Pastor Arrested for Exploiting 85-year-old Woman for $36,440
Prepping Tips: Emergency Wash Station (video)
Easy DIY Oil Lamp

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