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Why Germany Is Hooked on Russian Gas

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Sunday May 22, 2022

What in Theee Hell?? - Tattoos of Swastikas, Satan, Baphomet and Hitler Found on Ukraine Soldiers who Surrendered .. and the West is Pumping Billions into Ukraine to Support THESE Soldiers???? .. You're shitting me, right? - Look at this...  (video)

Dooohh!! U.S. Rep Goes Off in Truth Bombs in front of Madam Speaker in the House about Ukraine $40 Billion UNPAID Aid Bill and How Reps Didn't Even Have Time to Read the Bill... (video) 

   World Has 10-Week Supply of Wheat: 'This is Seismic'

Russia Halts Gas Supplies to Finland

African Countries Know What Time It Is. The West Is a Sinking Ship.. Iron Mixed with Clay: Ask Russia For Help With Food, Fertilizers

Mount Etna, Europe's Tallest Active Volcano, Comes Alive: Spews Lava (video)

Protests ('Rebellions' as your Scriptures calls them) - (1) "PROTESTS IN IRAN AS GLOBAL FOOD SHORTAGES START TO TAKE EFFECT" (video - raw alt media)

(2) .. we Guess Iran's NWO's 'Digital ID' isn't Workin' Out So well for them .... pfff (video)

(3) Armenian People Hold Large Anti-Government Demonstrations: Demand Immediate Gov Resignation .. hey, the last days witness went there himself and you refused him, sooo, take what u get! .... (video)

UN says Social Unrest is Coming as a Consequence of "War-Fueled" Food Inflation  

First Polio Outbreak In 30 Years Declared In Mozambique

Nevada Hospitals Infested with 'Superbug' Candida Auris: 19 Hospitals Infected!

Food is Getting Dangerous EVERY DAY - (1) HUGE Jif Peanut Butter Recall for Salmonella: Outbreak Hits Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, Ohio, North Carolina, New York, South Carolina, Texas and Washington .. see FDA list here...

(2) Whaaa??? People Urged To Cook Frozen Fruit and Vegetables Because of Listeria Findings

Smallpox Vaccine to Prevent Monkeypox Could Cause Global Smallpox Epidemics: Doctor Warns, Do NOT be that Stupid, Understand you have damaged the immune systems of Millions with COVID Vaccines ....

Crackhead Pfizer CEO on How to Make Us Take Our Meds (video tweet)​​​​​

China Calls for BRICS Expansion (video)

You Know Your Prime Minister is an Elitist When .....'Trudeau Confused Why Canadians who Can't Afford Rent Not Embracing Luxury Electric Vehicles' .. guy is CLUELESS! (electric cars start at $65K..clown)

Crazies Among Us: (1) Woman 'Melted' to Couch; Autopsy Showed she was Eating It, Parents Arrested for Second Degree Murder (video)

(2) Trusted Pediatrician Charged with Murder for Hire: Hired Undercover FBI Agent to Murder Her Husband

(3) Teacher Arrested For Using Hidden Cameras to Produce Child Pornography.... a TEACHER! (video)

17-year-old Boy Died by Suicide Hours after Being Scammed. The FBI says It's Part of a Troubling Increase in 'Sextortion' Cases (video)

Honeybee Populations Could Be Wiped Out Worldwide By Wing Virus

Oceans Across the World are Becoming Highly Acidic (video)

Vatican Launches Catholic app for Military Personnel

Patriarch Kirill -The Russian Orthodox Leader at the Core of Putin's Ambitions

Top Vatican Aide Arrives in Ukraine.. Condemns Violence of 'Russian Aggression' .. Makes NO mention of Ukraine Neo Nazis though ... usual blah blah
Canadian Judge Approves Sexual Abuse Class-action Lawsuit against Quebec Archdiocese

Pope in Declining Health -  Here's a timeline of his medical issues in recent years ..

Prepper's Budgeting with Cheap Eats ..... Get Creative with Boiled Eggs ...

(1) Crispy Hard Boiled Fried Eggs (video)

(2) Boiled Egg Fry Recipe - Spicy Egg Fry (video)

(3) Boiled EGG CURRY (video)

(4) Golden Boiled Coin Eggs from Hunan (video)