War By Other Means: World Debt System

Rwanda: The Slaughter of 800,000 People

'What You Should Know'
April 10, 2021
Iran Starts Up Advanced Centrifuges in Nuclear Deal Breach (video) 
Biden Requests to Increase Military Budget to $753 Billion: Cites China as the Top "Threat"
US Arms Sales Sets New Records: World's Biggest Exporter of Weapons (video)
The US Navy Is Really Getting Into Lasers: Installing Laser Weapon Systems on Nine Destroyers 
Myanmar Gets Face Punch! World Leaders Give them the Buh Bye and 'Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out' Treatment: Ambassador is Locked out of Embassy and Forced to Sleep in a Car  ... (They Told World Started Coup to Save Democracy. Lies! Turns Out They Just Want War and are Killing their Own People.) umm bye! Gives the blah, blah, blah ... - (video)
US Move Weapons, Logistic Material from Iraq to Syria (Going to Be Problems in Damascus.)
(1) AstraZeneca is a 'Has Been': Blood Clots, Too Many Stipulations for Use... 'EU Nations Fail to Reach Common Ground on How to use AstraZeneca Vaccine .. It's NOT Working.. (video)
(2) Europe Sees Clear 'Association' between AstraZeneca Vaccine and Blood Clots in Brain
(3) Johnson and Johnson (J&J) Has the Same Problems: 'Vaccine Review follows Blood Clot Cases' ... Vaccines are Backfiring on the Globalists ... (video)
(4) Pfizer and Moderna Have Their Own Problems: A vaccine with Endless Problems and Controversy
German States Relinquish Powers in Pandemic Battle. Willing to Give Merkel COMPLETE POWER (video)
(1) Bird Flu Again? Hundreds of Migratory Birds Found Dead in India. (Avian flu swept through India towards the end of 2020 and early 2021 in 18 Indian states. Hundreds of thousand birds were culled to prevent the spread of the disease.
(2) Bird Flu Outbreak in Nigeria: Hits 30 Farms in Seven States
School District Cancels Classes after 125 Teachers, Staff Call Off Sick from Vaccine Side Effects  (video)
Governor of Montana Tests Positive for COVID-19 after Taking First Dose of Vaccine .. hmmm (video)
(1) Volcano Erupts in the Caribbean: Starts an Evacuation 'Frenzy' (video, photos) 
(2) Whaaaa??! 'Only COVID Vaccinated People Can Be Evacuated from Volcano Stricken Caribbean Island of St. Vincent' (video)
The Ring of Fire is Heating Up! Earthquakes Hit Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Indonesia within 5 hours (videos, photos)
The Red Planet is Shaking: NASA Detects Two Strong Quakes on Mars (video)
Earth is in one of the Safest Places in the Galaxy (video)
Budapest Doesn't Care Too Much For the 'GAY' Ways: 'Rainbow-Colored BLM Statue Demolished Within 24 Hours'
The Rich Get Richer .. (video)
Pandemic Pushing Thousands into Sex Work in Mexico
Baby Fatally Shot by 3-Year-Old Brother (video)
Pope: 'Profound Evil' of Sexual Abuse Must be Eradicated .. (Is He Finally Getting the Message that Evil Exists in the Catholic Church??)
Pedophiles, Sex Abuse, Lawsuits, Bankruptcies and the Catholic Church: Catholic News Report (video)
'Saying Sorry Not Enough' - The Catholic Church's Fake Apologies
After Pope's Visit, 23,000 Christians Reported Returning to Iraq
Staying Self Sufficient as a Prepper ..
50 Foods You Can Turn Into Powder To Last Longer
The Best Herbs To Grow In Mason Jars
5 Useful Gardening Gadgets You Might Not Know About

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