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The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill - The Largest Marine Oil Spill In History

Nuclear Aftershocks: Could a 'Fukushima' Disaster Occur in America?

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Wednesday September 27, 2023

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Starting with this Story First 'cause EVERYONE Needs to Hear it - The U.S. and Ukraine - A Deeper Look - It's from Jeffrey Sachs ... was a Special Advisor to the UN Secretary General .. spills the whole truth, lies and backstory on how Ukraine war reached this point and they are just a link in the chain.. U.S. rejecting diplomacy, forcing Ukraine into war to accomplish one thing - Weaken Russia ..

AND it goes way back... we're talkin' Jimmy Carter, Bush way back .. the plan was to circle Russia in the Black Sea region so U.S. could have total dominance and control... He even goes through war in Syria - a U.S. overthrow of Bashar that went horribly wrong ... The U.S. has been planning these coups, wars and overthrows for 30 years .. like Yisrayl Hawkins said, these things are planned well in advance .. If you WANT to really KNOW wth is going on, listen to his interview - (video - 24 min)

Fallout Over Canadian PM Trudeau, Zelensky, Canadian Parliament Nazi Drama:
(1) Canada Parliament Speaker is the fall guy .. 
RESIGNS after welcoming Nazi into House of Commons and calling him 'Hero' - Trudeau Escapes Blame with NO Apology ... pfff  (video)

Trudeau Threw House Speaker "Under the Bus" over Nazi "Diplomatic Disaster" - Canadian Parliament (video)

'Catastrophically Stupid':
Andrew Bolt unleashes on PM Justin Trudeau for Nazi incident - 
Sky News Australia (video)

(3) .. and of course, Trudeau NEVER takes the blame for ANYTHING ...
Blames the 'Russians' .. this clown says, it's 'Russian Propaganda' ... RT (video)

(4) Here's the Kicker ... 
'Poland Seeks Extradition of Ukrainian SS veteran who was Applauded in Canada' .. yeah, guy could end up being arrested and tried in world court .. total clown show 

Poisoned 'Fukushima' Fish Starts to Come Out of Japan
Taiwan Blocks 40,000
pounds of Japanese Fish due to Excessive Chemicals

Russia Mulls Joining China in Banning Japanese Seafood Imports ... Japan's fishing livelihood is OVER!

Poland/Ukraine Battle Is 'bout to Heat Up: (1) 
Polish Experts Finally Confirm Missile that Hit Grain Facility in November was Ukrainian .. uh oh

and Zelensky Lied About It ... (video)

Last Of the UNGA Speaker Highlights on Final Day
Five Countries we picked that were worthy of note ... (to be honest, the only thing that was noteworthy over this entire week was Netanyahu and upcoming Israeli-Saudi Peace Deal.. everything else was just a nothing burger)

(1) North Korea -
.. 'cause NOBODY really knows what the hell is going on there .. Guy comes out swinging .. said, the reckless and hysteric U.S. made 2023 more dangerous and accuses it of fomenting an 'Asian NATO' ... U.S. has driven the Korean peninsula "closer to the brink of a nuclear war" .. criticized the "West-led Irrational Structure" of the UN Security Council and UNSC MUST be reformed.. all true.. oh yeah, supported the 'Palestinian cause' .. FULL Speech (video)

(2) Syria (including because of 'Damascus' prophecy)  - 

Denounces 'American Chaos' .. no surprise.. seemed like EVERY country who wasn't a part of the West DENOUNCED the West including the UNSC! ... blames America for "selfish interests that have led to destabilization and insecurity" in the region AND attacked Israel of course, fo"the most heinous form of grave violations of the United Nations Charter and international humanitarian law" .. He stressed that Syria will "exercise its legitimate right to defend its land and people by all necessary means, and to ensure that the Israeli occupation authorities are held accountable for all their crimes, with no impunity." - FULL Speech (video)

(3) Holy See/Vatican: They called for 
"Real reform of the United Nations" .. like everybody else.. Supports AI.. and stressed 'Nuclear Disarmament' cause they know they'll be burned with fire in Revelation 17:16 ... respect human rights, climate change blah blah, speech littered with globalist key words like, 'Global Solidarity, Peace, Dialogue between nations, Refugees, colonialism'.. was pretty much a bore fest about global unity .. for them supposedly being the 'Representatives of the Creator', they had NO solutions about anything... only stand out was (a) Nicaragua mention who kicked their pedo, raping asses out of their country, they urge dialogue ..pff and (b) Jerusalem - joining faiths of Christianity, Judaism and Islam .. one world religion crap for international city Jerusalem - Full Speech (video)

(4) India: FM Jaishankar said, 
India's vision is 'One Earth, One Family, One Future' .. he didn't mean it in a 'One World' globalist way but legit desire for the world to unite in peace.. 
Warned that the days of 'a few nations setting the agenda are over' .. Criticized the structure of the U.N. Security Council and vowed that it will not go "unchallenged" indefinitely .. nations just rebelling against UNSC because really, it's just an arm of the West .. no big news but included because India is a nation to watch .. FULL Speech (video)

(5) Canada
No Trudeau but sent a has-been globalist, climate cultist, woke, western pawn to speak ... as a Canadian, when we saw him, we were like eye roll ... As expected, we got the 'gender equality, women empowerment' trash ... 'Support Ukraine against Russian aggression' blah blah,
Climate Change and Canada’s commitment to carbon pricing and green finance by the International Monetary Fund
(aka elites who financially hold nations hostage by their shitty thieving loans) .. we don't even know if this clown holds a political office anymore  .. what a waste of air.. (video)

EU and 'Decoupling' from China: (1) 
Macron Is Pushing Europe Into a $900 Billion Fight With China .. guess who's gonna lose?

(2) Germany Freaks Out - 
China, PLEASE Buy Our Cars! - Sean Foo (video)

Russia Issues List of 'Friendly States' Allowed to Trade on Forex Market (video)

Could India and Canada wage a Trade War against Each Other?
Canada's Food Exports to India Slow Down after Canadian PM Trudeau linked India to a Murder in Canada - (video)

Israeli Movement to See Temple Rebuilt in Jerusalem (video)

Pope: (1) HOLY SH*T, 
The Pope Calls for More Weapons to Ukraine - Redacted (video)

... Instead of Using His 'Pulpit' to call for Peace, 
Pope Calls For Sending MORE Weapons to Ukraine: As Pope Francis calls for sending more arms to Ukraine, he's right about one thing – the West is definitely cutting its aid to Kiev, and we KNOW he supports the West for WAR' .. and is a FRAUD! - RT (video)

Tucker Carlson Discusses Pope Francis With Argentinian Presidential Hopeful ... explains why he has an extreme disdain for this pedo, fraud Pope... (video)

Prepper Food ... Today is NATIONAL 'CORNED BEEF HASH' DAY .. got some easy, cheap recipes for you to try ...

(1) Some History on Corned Beef Hash Day .. what 'hash' means and why it became popular during WWII ...

(2) Best Corned Beef Hash Recipe with Canned Corned Beef ... (video

(3) How To Cook: Crispy Canned Corned Beef Hash .. umm, this is easy for those who want hash right out of the can .. (video)

(4) Corned Beef Hash Soup / Stew - From a can to a bowl (video)
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