Buffalo: Saving America's Lost Prairie

The Broken American Dream

'What You Should Know'
January 24 2021

China to Expand Weather Modification Program to Cover Area Larger than India

(1) Oil's New Doping Scam: It Ain't Honest But It's Much 
(2) China Caught Importing 'Doctored' & Rebranded Venezuelan Oil To Evade US Sanctions 
US Stealing Syrian Oil from Syrian People and Sending to Israel
Food Strangeness Occurring Around the World: Price Fixing, Countries Hoarding Food, China Importing World Food Supply to Feed Their Billions, Fish Scams ... You Should Watch This .. and Then Store Your Own Food.... Troublous Times Ahead for Food Availability (video)
Russia: Anti-Government Protests, Over 3,000 Thousand Arrested (video)
(1) Are Hospitals Flooded or NOT? - Scrips show Covid doesn't Kill.. but we have MSM telling us hospitals are full and killing people .... BUT THEN, WE GET THIS ... "ACROSS AMERICA, MORE THAN 800 HOSPITALS — 40% OF ALL RURAL HOSPITALS IN THE COUNTRY — ARE EITHER AT IMMEDIATE OR HIGH RISK OF CLOSURE"
(2) ... and then we get "Doctors Warn Vaccine Second Dose DELAY may "Undermine Effectiveness"... after vaccine companies and world just told us there is now a "Vaccine Shortage" and NO ONE can Get Vaccines .. umm which is it??? 'Don't Delay BUT We Ran Out of Vaccines'....They can't keep their lies straight ... (video)
(3) .. which leads us to this Garbage... Let's Just Blend the Vaccines Together so we can stretch our supply .. "CDC Introduces More Lenient Vaccine Guidelines, Permits Mixing Pfizer and Moderna Shots"
(4) NBC News: Vaccine Supplies Ran Out, Appts Cancelled, Sites Closed: Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - January 23rd, 2021 (video)
Putting The Cost Of COVID-19 In Perspective
Florida Teen Gets 45 Years for Killing Mom During Fight Over Grades. He was 15 at the time ... (video)
Body of Missing Woman Found Dismembered in Freezer, Roommate Charged with her Murder (video)
Mother, 'Upset over Husband Working Away from Home' Shoots Dead her Five Children in the Head, Sets Fire to Home and Turns the Gun on Herself (video)
Child Murder: Food Network Pulls 'Worst Cooks In America' After Champion Charged in 3-Year-Old Daughter's Homicide (video)
Pedophiles: Police Arrest 320 of UK's Most Dangerous Child Sex Offenders
33 Missing Children Rescued in Los Angeles Trafficking Operation- FBI (video)
Charity Fraud: Former Make-A-Wish CEO Charged with Embezzling Funds (video)
Michigan Marijuana Dispensary is Giving Free Weed to Anyone who got the COVID-19 Vaccine 
How Long Can the Multi Billion Dollar University Scam Continue? University Students .. Remember Them? Protests across UK over How the Pandemic has Affected their Studies. Took Their Money and Left them with "Virtual Learning" .. which is FREE by the way ... (video)
'Catholic' Biden marks Roe v. Wade anniversary with Pledge to Make Abortion Available for 'Everyone'
Biden's Transgender Order: Catholic News Report (video)
Turkey's Religious Authority Forbids Use of 'Evil Eye' Ornaments
Switzerland Targets Muslim Community: Favour 'Burqa Ban' (video)
South African Hindu Priests 'Overcharging' for Funerals of COVID-19 Victims
3 Wintertime Projects To Make Your Next Garden Your Best Garden Ever
6 Best Places to Purchase Seeds Online
5 Winter Tasks for a Productive Vegetable Garden Next Year (video)

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