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Thursday April 18, 2024

Middle East Updates ... posted in random order -

U.S. (1) 
Uh oh -- First U.S. be like 'We will NOT take part in ANY Israeli Retaliatory action against Iran' ... memba' this from perpetual liar Blinken? - ABC (video)

.. now here comes Biden in speaking to Wall Street Journal -

"Should Iran manage to significantly escalate attacks on Israel, the U.S. could be drawn into the conflict." .. can't trust the U.S. for jack!

(2) Of course, the U.S. wants WARS and is EXPECTING a wider escalation -  - 
'New U.S. Bill Calls for $26 BILLION in assistance to Israel' - (bill also includes funding to deathbed Ukraine and Taiwan) - (video)

U.S. Hard-Pressed to React as Iran Gets 'Complete Map' of Israeli Defense Capabilities ...

(4) .. and then, 
Here comes Yellen with her 'whited sepulchre' Yap - 'Iran must face economic sanctions after it launched an attack on Israel' .. as usual, we get crickets about WHY Iran did it in the first place.. pfff (video)

United States Loads Nuclear Bombs onto B-52's: Three days ago, Minot Air Force Base PRACTICED the loading of Nuclear Bombs onto B-52's.  Last night, they did it -- for REALThe planes are now armed with external wing mounted nuclear cruise missiles (video)

Russia: (1) 
Russian War Ships Move Closer To Iran - (video) 
(2) Putin: 
Iran's Retaliatory Attack on Israel Best Way to Punish Aggressor

(3) Putin Tells Middle East to 'Pull Back from a Catastrophic Clash' - Dr. Gilbert Doctorow, political analyst joins WION to discuss (video - 8 min)

UAE's Cloud Seeding Practice Goes Horribly Wrong - been doing this BS cloud manipulation for years, Microbes finally said, 'we're done'! - (1) UAE Sees Heaviest Rainfall in 75 Years! ... it's a flooding disaster! (video)

Authorities in the UAE DENY cloud seeding caused record rainfall .. yeah, sure thing 'cause u know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the damage you caused to the microbes through the years by ur cloud seeding! .. pff.. u deserve what u get - Look at this.. (video)

THIS is WHY we DON'T Watch Western MSM - It's lying propaganda .. 'Everything We See in the Middle East is from Iran's Hand' - puh-lease! - FOX (video)

When Sanctions Blow Up in Your WESTERN Face! (1) IMF says,

'Russia To Grow Faster than ALL Advanced Economies' ... will beat U.S., UK, France and Germany .. lol

... and looky here – '
IMF's India GDP Growth Forecast of 6.8% Highest In World in 2024' .. another country that told the West to pissoff with their financial war trap .. still lol .. (see here also the list of other countries growth output. The western nations are suspiciously absent from top of the list)

(2) IMF Steps up its Warning to U.S. over Spending and Ballooning Debt .. can also add printing of fiat USD at an outrageous rate ..

OK .. 
Let's get to Iran and Israel ...

Iran: (1) Bluff? .. we hardly think so .. 
"We will Hit Israel with Top Secret weapon if it Attacks" ... a weapon "it has NEVER used before" ... 

"The weapons are ready for the second phase of the response" ...

(2) Iran Vows to Protect Interests .. 
Iranian President, Ebrahim Raisi, says Tehran will respond to any action against its interests .. SABC African News (video)

Iran President warns Israel against Retaliation in fiery Army Day speech - Al Jazeera (video) 

Commentaries: (1) Off-Ramp or Wider War? Larry Johnson talks with The Duran.. Outlines that Iran is not the backwards country as West portrays them.. 
advanced in many areas and intelligent strategists ... 
shows how missiles were impressively, strategically sent timed at specific intervals and with different use of weapons for maximum results to penetrate Israel's defenses - West spent billions defending Israel on this ONE night, while Iran spent thousands on drones .. very insightful but it's long y'all (video)

(2) Colonel Macgregor on Judge Napolitano - 
Israel Is in Trouble if it Wrestles with Iran - clip starts 
at 1:30 but intro is great - (video)
Israel and Allies: (1) 
Netanyahu Response to New Iran Threats: 
'We Will Make Our Own Decisions' - CBN (video)

(2) Although Jordan Helped Israel they say, 
'It will not be Battlefield for Israel, Iran' ..  

Saudi Arabia and UAE Refused to Open Airspace to Israeli and U.S. Aircraft during Iran Attack ... a bit misleading
'cause Saudi's helped Israel ... 

Other News ...
U.S. Deploys Midrange Missile System in Indo-Pacific for FIRST Time
NATO: (1) 
Finland will hold Large-scale Military exercises with NATO countries Near the Russian Borders

 NATO Warns Russian Undersea Attacks Could Impact 1 Billion People .. scare propaganda .. whatevs.. (video)

Hungarian Prime Minister Orban called on the EU Leadership to Resign - Ursula (shemale) Must Go - (video)

United States to Reimpose Oil Sanctions on Venezuela  .. served their purpose... used them enough for their oil to reduce oil prices now back to U.S. using force against them ... pff

Ukraine: (1) 
Norway will hand over F-16 with the 'State-of-the-art Armament' to Ukraine .. buhahaha .. umm ok.. Ukraine is like a dead man walking.. but umm ok clowns

Mass-Media Got the OK to say Ukraine is Dying: Ukraine -- How it started versus How it's Going .. my oh my, how the headlines have turned ... 

U.S. to Help Armenia Modernize its Military.. gettin' involved in biznak they have NO business being involved in 'cause this will interfere with Azerbaijan ..

Hezbollah Strikes Israeli Airbase ...

Israel Considers Attacking Iran and Invading Rafah .. as Netanyahu Seeks Lifelines to Stay in Power - Democracy Now (video)

... wtf? 
Israeli Army Opens Fire at Hundreds of Displaced Palestinians Returning to Northern Gaza (videos) 

Biden Meets Iraqi PM amid Escalating Mideast Tensions .. not quite sure why his kiss ass is sittin' up their next to demented Biden ...

Why Israel’s Ultra-Orthodox Jews Might Soon Have to Serve in the Military (video)
Straight Up Devil Worship in Honor of God Zeus! (1) 
Olympic Flame Lit in Greece's Ancient Olympia - (video)
How the Olympics Came to Be: 'Held every four years in honor of Zeus' ...  (video - 12 min) ...

Ben Gvir Pushes for Changes to Jerusalem's Temple Mount
Status Quo 

Temple Institute Pushes for Rebuilding of Third Temple
What do Texan Red Heifers have to do with Temple Mount and a Jewish Temple? Temple Movement’s plan to sacrifice the cattle seen as a step towards its goal of building the Third Temple over Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Italy Faces Catastrophic Collapse of Catholic Faith: Mass attendance falls to 10% or below

Kenya Catholic Bishops Criticize Gov't who is Threatening to take control of Catholic schools, Withhold debt owed to its hospitals ... They claim there is 'the deliberate intent to reduce and undermine the role of the Catholic Church as safeguards of morality in society'.. uh, the church as the safeguards of morality??? puh-lease .. said the child rapists .. pff .. Great for Kenya! .. finally recognizing this church is a serpent, the whore that sits on 7 hills!

PreppingRandoms ...

10 Essential Prepper Pantry Items You Need to Stock Up on Now for Total Preparedness .. (video)

Your 'Favorite' Brands of Spices could be Tainted with Toxic Metals - How to avoid them ... 
nothing new here, we've known this for a long time, but just a reminder ...
Health: (1) 
Dealing With Dental Emergencies When There's No Dentist ...


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