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Monday, June 14, 2021

Vaccinated to be Banned From Flying? .. Well, They ARE a Risk for Blood Clots in High Altitude - Sky News (video)
Sheeple: 'How Canada Rose to the Top for 1st Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine' .. Canadians will take ANYTHING with NO Questions Asked! Why lockdown went so well ...

(1) Two-Tier Societies Are Emerging, With Dwindling Rights For The Unvaccinated

(2) Non VAXXED Discrimination: Saudi Shopping Malls Open ONLY to Vaccinated People from August 

Vaccinated People are Dying of Covid at 5x the Rate of the Unvaccinated in UK

32-Year Old Dead, 12-Hours after J&J Jab .. His Mother Tries to Warn the World .. (video)

At Least 130,000 Households in England Made Homeless in Pandemic

'The Debate about COVID-19 Vaccine Passports' .. This is MSM so they are PRO Vaccine so umm NO Debate in this vid.. this is like clickbait from MSM ..pfff... (video)

'Tryin' to Get a Five finger Discount' - Seattle Police Arrest 53 Shoplifters in a Single Day during Citywide Theft Operation (video)

Netanyahu Pushed Out In Razor Thin Vote (video)

G7 Ends: Some Takeaways .. (1) Summit Was a SlanderFest Against China and Russia

(2) Leaders Plan Some Grand Infrastructure Projects to Counter China's Belt and Road Initiative, Speed Up the Death Jab, Give WHO More Power and Come Up with a Future Pandemic Plan ..... Usual Boring Declarations .. whatevs ... Al Jazeera (video)
Canadian PM says 'No Deal on Lifting Canada/U.S. Border Restrictions after Talks with Biden'

Space Command asks Congress for $67 Million to Achieve Full Operational Capability

Missiles and Munitions Headed to Ewa Beach, Hawaii: The United States Army plans to build an enormous weapons facility storing stockpiles of conventional warheads and explosives

Can Countries Pay Back Pandemic Debt? - BBC (video)

NATO Recognizes China as a 'Security Challenge' for the First Time (video)
(1) Wondering Why Soy Prices Are So High?? (It's In EVERYTHING).. China is Hoarding Soybeans for their 'Pig Population' .. they love their pork.
(2) China is Stockpiling Food: Fish, Corn, Soybeans... ALL Commodities!. With drought and high exports, Food Prices will continue to escalate.. Americans will now have to Import their food ... (Feb Archives)
Albanian Has Just Voted to Impeach their President. Here's why .... (video)

Churchgoers in England Surprised By The Bidens Showing Up at Sunday Mass -NBC (video)

Saudi Arabia Once Again Bars Foreign Pilgrims from Hajj due to COVID

'Pope Demands Food Aid Reach Starving People of Tigray' .. (Does ANYONE Even Listen to the Pope Anymore?? He's Full of "Demands" that come with Empty Results ... and what became of his Month Long May Mary Prayers to STOP to Covid? .. NOTHING!) 

Pope and Canadian Indigenous: 'Pope Francis seems to have no trouble using the word "sorry" and recommending others use it often'. Then why, people wondered, did he not use the word when speaking about the horrific discovery of the remains of as many as 215 children in unmarked graves at a Catholic-run school for Indigenous children in Canada?

Prepper Notes: 

Stockpile and Hoard: MRE's or Freeze Dried Foods? What's Best for You? (Kosher and Halal Available) ....  (video)

GOLDEN BROTH - A Vegetarian Recipe to Replace Chicken Broth (video)

What is the Difference Between Biltong and Beef Jerky?

Food That Held Up A Nation: 18th Century Cooking (video)
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