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Xtreem News: Who Are We?

Xtreem News started in 2017.

We originally started out as 2 amateur bible scholars who have been studying bible prophecy for 26 years. 

Bible Prophecy is coming to pass at an alarming rate and we wanted to do our part in showing you that the prophecies are being fulfilled and that we are in the 'Last Days'...

Our purpose here at Xtreem News is to bring you news stories of ALL kinds that prove that we are living through the last days' prophecies. You NEED to KNOW it and our aim is to show it to you and to bear witness that the Holy Scriptures are true and accurate.

... Just a few people who want to bring you what other prophetic news sites are not. EVERYTHING we post deals with past, present, or future Bible Prophecy in one way or another.

Thank you for dropping by ..

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