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Fri. May 24th

News in random order ...

Bibi: (1) Netanyahu seems to have Lost it, Politically and Metaphorically - Al Jazeera (video)

(2) Netanyahu says, 
'Israel Will Not Take Part in Reconstructing Gaza' .. oh that's nice, ... utterly destroy the land causing BILLIONS of dollars in damage .. and leave it for OTHER nations to pay ur bill! pff (video)

Israel: (1)
 Israel Hasn't Achieved any ‘Strategic Goals’ of War on Gaza: Top official - no shit

Israel wants to Cut Off Palestinian Banks: The West is like 'whoa, whoa' dudes, chill - 
'Western officials warn of ‘catastrophe’ if Israel cuts off Palestinian Banks'

... 'Yellen voices Concerns over Israeli Threats to Cut off Palestinian banks' .. if this pathological, lying 'whorse' is sounding the warning, u know there's hell in the henhouse ..

Putin Puts West on Notice about Stealing Russian Assets .. starts his payback - (1) 
Putin Signs Decree that Outlines Russian response to any U.S. Seizure of Frozen Assets

(2) EU (the blind fools that they are) say, 'Billions from Russia's frozen assets will go to help Ukraine's Military' .. no cure for stupid.. they gon' learn

Russia Seizes EU Bank Assets,
China Economic Bazooka Begins, Russian Gas To China Unstoppable .. 
Sean Foo - (video)

For Second Time Since Late April, 
UN Security Council Fails to Adopt First-Ever Resolution on Preventing Arms Race in Outer Space - France, United Kingdom, United States Reject Russian Federation’s Text

Just when you'd thought you'd seen it ALL - wtf is THIS!!? King Charles Unveils some devil worship, mk ultra, monarch butterfly, bathed in blood, pits of hell, Portrait .. are u for real with ur demon horror movie crap?? (photos, video) 

France Has Imperialism Blowback Probs again .. 
this time in New Caledonia - (1) Macron wants to increase French power for strategic reasons by pushing new law to advance French presence through voting reform ... Natives are fed up and too through! - They Riot, Rebel and Violently Protest .. Al Jazeera (video)
.. Backstory if u don't know what's going on - 'What's behind the Violent unrest in New Caledonia'? - (video)

Macron Visits and they pretty much tell him 'Go to Hell' - RT (video)
He starts singing a different Tune after he sees they wanna stone him - Macron says, 'He won't force through contested voting reform' ... yeah, that's what we thought Mr. 'WEF rich boy who's married to a trannie' .. just sayin'

"Don't Expect UN Peacekeepers to Stop Wars" - Chief .. oh we didn't expect it .. 'cause UN peacekeepers usually go in to RAPE and MOLEST the women and children and NOT help.. so we get it idjit ..pff


Fico Assassination Attempt: 

American Gov't really wants you to believe in 'Lone Perpetrator' version - RT (video)

Israel and ICC: (1) 
Israel Vows NOT to Comply with Orders from Top UN Court to Halt Gaza War

(2) "U.S. Will Be Next" - American officials worried about ICC case against Israel - (video)

(3) House Speaker Mike 
'Get Paid by Israeli Lobbyists in Bribe Money' Johnson: "America should 'Punish' ICC for Requesting Israel Arrest Warrants" - (video)

(4) Germany says it will 
'Arrest Netanyahu' 

.. Germany is a clown show,
considering THEY ARM ISRAEL to KILL PALESTINIANS ..  well, looky here,
 'Germany is the
SECOND-BIGGEST supplier to Israel's military' - so Germany needs to shut their two-faced

ICC Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan Reveals Threats Over Pursuit of Arrest Warrants for Israeli Leaders - (video)

Syrian First Lady Asma al-Assad Reveals she has Leukemia .. has a history of breast cancer .. (video)

Spain, Ireland and Norway Recognize Palestine Statehood - (1) 
Historic Moment on Video - Islam Channel (video)

Israel Goes into Usual Crybaby Crazy Mode - Threatens 'Severe Consequences' for Nations Who Recognize Palestine

Israel Recalls Ambassadors from Spain, Ireland and Norway .. what?? u gonna recall EVERY ambassador that doesn't agree with ur psychotic behaviour?? ... 
bunch of goats in Israel ... pff .. 

well, Israel has their continued support from OTHER Psychopath, closet Homo Lindsey Graham - On the Senate floor, spews his usual vomit against nations recognizing Palestinian statehood, and slammed the ICC's arrest warrants for Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu - whatever 'Lady G' - (video)
Other News:

Kenyan Prez be 'Ballin in His $1.5 Million Luxury Jet - only prob is, his people are living in poverty while he jet sets around the world - his peeps lash out at his lavish lifestyle! - (video)

De-Dollarization: (1) 
10 ASEAN Countries To Ditch the U.S. Dollar 

China Launches Cross-Border Digital Currency To Bypass USD In Global Trade - Sean Foo (video)

Biden's Blunders: (1) 
Biden Tariffs Against China Just Backfired on the U.S. Economy! - Cyrus Janssen (video)

Ukraine War Exposes Flaws in America’s Sophisticated Weapons: Analysts

Congressman Calls for Direct Strikes on Russia .. who the HELL is this idiot Texan clown who has NO fear of Nuclear war?? - (video)

'He Really Said This'! - Jimmy Dore on crackhead Netanyahu - (video) 

Wait, what?? 
Catholic Priest Bites Woman's Hand during altercation over Holy Communion - Priest Arrested and expected to be charged with 'Battery' - (video)

Indian Prime Minister Modi Convinced he's an 'Emissary of God', the 'Chosen One': Questions his biological origins and indicates that the kind of energy he embodies couldn't have come from a 'biological sharir' and that God has imparted him with 'urja' (energy) because Almighty wants to get some job done by him, the chosen one .. you need a psych ward dude! clown

Ben Gvir Visits Temple Mount to stir up his usual shit ... 
Al-Aqsa 'Belongs only to Israel'

Chicago Catholic Priest Blesses Lesbian Couple that Looked very much like a Wedding — sparks controversy then later has to apologize.. what a joke! Church pushing boundaries to see how far they can go, then realizes people ain't havin' it.. WHY are people still attending this perverse, pedo homo church??

'Activists Chide Pope over Handling of Sex abuse and Cover-ups' .. 'bout time people speak up and call out this 'whore' that sits on the '7 hills' of Rome!

PreppingPart of prepping is knowing the news ... so you can protect yourself AND your family

New Viruses Increase: (1) FDA Warns 25% Kill Rate in New Virus - that's 1 in 4 people!

New Viruses on the Horizon:
Suddenly they appear and - like the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus - can trigger major epidemics: Viruses that nobody had on their radar. They are not really new, but they have changed genetically.

Is Your Money Safe? - The collapse of a fintech firm with 10 million users has left many Americans without access to their money ...

'Climate Vaccines' for Livestock AND Humans?? - Gates-backed startup raises $26 million for climate vaccines .. last we checked, vaccines do NOTHING! .. but uh, apparently clown Gates feels we can 'vaccine' our way out of sins .. pff
Canadian Poverty: (1) 
Western nations wanna rule the world but EVERY western nation is experiencing severe hunger, homelessness and poverty - Canada is NO exception - 'Canada at 'critical turning point' as poverty worsens', warns report..

(2) PM Trudeau Blamed 
as the reason for sky-high food prices in Canada ... Instead of making
sure Canadians can buy groceries, Trudeau has gone on spending sprees to prop up pro-abortion and anti-family agenda. .. 
why u gotta be stockpiling food 'cause ur gov't will NOT help you!
... To increase your food storage, Try shopping at 
Walmart or Target .. looks like a change is coming - 'Walmart, Target Unleash Price-Cut Tsunami As Working-Poor Hit Brick-Wall'

Here we go with the Lies - 
'USDA says Some Ground Beef Contains Bird Flu, But Is Safe To Eat If Thoroughly Cooked' .. just like they say 'pork is safe to eat but make sure u cook those worms' ..pff
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