Return of the Bible Plagues - Locusts: A Trail Of Destruction

Desertification: Mediterranean Countries  Are Rapidly Deteriorating into a Desert

'What You Should Know'
Tuesday December 6, 2022

US, EU Reportedly Lose Track of $200 Billion in 'Frozen' Russian Funds.. oh??.. ur joking, right?

Ukraine Extends War Across Russian Border: Third Russian Airbase Set Ablaze By Drone Strike (videos)

Russia Hits Ukraine Power Grid (again) with Barrage of Missiles ... payback is never a pretty thing.... (video)

U.S. Secretly Modifies Weapons Sent to Ukraine to Avoid Russia's Ire Against the West: Alters a critical weapons system sent to Ukraine in an effort to prevent Ukrainian forces from striking Russian Territory ...

Russia's FM Lavrov: 'NATO's Playing With Fire' (video)

Arms Sales By World's Biggest Defense Companies Rise To Almost $600 Billion

The Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court Opposes EU Plan for Special Ukraine Tribunal.. got the smack down! ... besides, neither Russia nor the U.S. signed the ICC treaty AND leaders are considered immune from prosecution while they are in office.... and Putin ain't goin' ANY place anytime soon...

Germany Farmers Ordered to SLASH Fertilizer Usage by EU Green Tyrants Who Want FAMINE - Alt Media (video)

UK Sleepwalking into Food Supply Crisis, says farming union

Where Does Our Food Come From? .. very enlightening (mapped photos)

OPEC Thwarting the West's Plans? The G7, EU and Australia have imposed a price cap on Russian oil. Russia says it will not abide by it. Meanwhile, the OPEC+ plans to continue cutting oil production. (video)

Millions of Chinese Forced Into Homelessness After CCP Turns Protesters Health Passports to Red ... stay away from digital passports of ANY kind... (video)

Preparations to Implement WHO's Pandemic Treaty March Forward... World Bank creates the largest fund ever for global pandemics

DHS Delays REAL ID Deadline: 
The Department of Homeland Security announced it was extending the deadline by roughly two years for air passengers to use a REAL ID when traveling.. (video)


Sketchy! 1,200 Iranian Students 'Poisoned' on Eve of Mass Protests...

A New Law in British Columbia, Canada JAILS Doctors who Spread "Misleading Information"
... those who won't follow the lying jab narrative... and they wonder why people don't trust doctors..pfff
A few days back we featured a story about a Canadian man who didn't want to die, but after fears he would lose his housing, he had applied for medically assisted death (MAID) as an alternative to being homeless. ... He's Changed his mind... Not considering medically-assisted death anymore after outpouring of support.. GoFundMe raised over $60,000 for him.. (video)
Walmart CEO says, 
'Rising Thefts at Walmart Could Lead to Price Jumps'.. Could??.. it will and already has! Here in Canada, Walmart is NOT the cheapest place to buy food AND their produce is always subpar, wilted and overpriced.. we refuse to shop there.. (video)

Indonesia's Parliament Passes Law Criminalizing Adultery 

White House Unveils 
Baphomet Christmas Holiday Decor .. look at picture #3... (photos)

Well, IMMEDIATELY MSM does a 'Fact Check' about this Satanic God.. Tells us it's a 'False Rumor' .. pictures stand side by side... umm, sure LOOKS LIKE BAPHOMET to US! ... clowns (photos)

U.S. Elementary School Will Host After-School Satan Club (tweet, poster)
Methodist Church Splits: (1) 249 Churches Statewide Separate from the NC United Methodist Church Over LGBTQIA+ Guidelines (video)

Roughly 450 Texas Methodist Churches Vote to Split from Denomination after Years of Infighting... (video)

Catholic Church in Canada Still Peddling the Death Jab: Bishop says, "This is still the best way for us to fight this pandemic if all who are able to be vaccinated do so"... idjit

Vatican Promotes New Film that Tells Story of a 'Marian Statue' that Came Alive ... sure, and we saw a flying cow the other day.. Don't fall for these lying wonders folks.. and judging from the comments under vid, people are on to these frauds.. (video)

Winter Prepping... Car Edition
(1) The Ultimate Winter Driving Checklist: Everything you need for snow... (check EVERYTHING!)
... used my scraper for the first time and scraper fell off...
thankfully, I had a back up one..

(2) DIY Winter Driving Vehicle Emergency Kit: Things You Need To Stay Safe When Winter Weather Turns Bad (video)

(3) Top 10 Winter Care Tips to Keep your Car Safe

(4) 10 Winter Car TIPS & TRICKS you NEED to Know (video)