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The Zombie Fungus and How it Equals
to Parasites in the Human Brain

The Fight To Save Bees From Extinction: A Tiny Parasite is Destroying Them...

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'What You Should Know'

Sunday February 5, 2023

When a News Interview Goes Off the Rails.. Guest starts Truthing about Ukraine .. News anchors got the b*tch slap as they kept his mic on.. heh heh (video)

Americans Have ZERO Funds: U.S. Credit Card Debt Jumps 18.5% and Hits a Record $930.6 BILLION! (video)

Jupiter Now Has the Most Moons in the Solar System, Beating Saturn thanks to 12 newfound satellites.. The orbits of a dozen new 'small worlds' circling the gas giant have recently been discovered

The Once in a Lifetime Green Comet is Here.. Have you seen it??... it's visible in the night sky... (videos, photo)

Seven Nations Meet to Address Space 'Security'.. we know.. it seems like nothing but think 'war in the heavens' and pre planning to attack Yahweh Shammah ...

50 Car Train Derailment Causes Huge Fire in Ohio: Carrying Hazardous Material .. NBC (video)

Canadian Province Becomes the First to Legalize Heroin, Fentanyl, Cocaine, and Other Dangerous Narcotics to Fight Overdose Crisis

Frequent Marijuana Use by Colorado Youths Associated with Psychotic Disorders

.. some Crack Head Exercising his right to 'Open Carry'.. No wonder they wanna take guns away from people... dude, you're getting a sandwhich! ..clown (photo)
 9-year-old Florida girl Savagely Beaten by Two Boys in school bus attack (video *WARNING*)

Student Arrested in Beating of 3rd Grader Inside school bus.. CBS (video)

ALL Out Brawl Between Parents at Middle School Basketball Game... man dies - NBC (video)

Bird Flu Outbreak Found in Scotland

Bird Flu is Real BUT... we're starting to hear some rumors that Egg Shortages are more than meets the eye... 2 alt media sources are saying this: NIH Website Study Could Be Reason Why Chickens & Eggs Have Been Targeted .. make of it what you will... 'Chicken Egg Yolk Antibodies (IgYs) BLOCK the Binding of Multiple SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Variants to Human ACE2' .. are they using eggs for jabbo experiments, tests and new jabbos??.. dunno'

WHO Releases International Pandemic Treaty Zero Draft that Targets "Misinformation" 
and "Disinformation"

94% of Claims to the Government's Vaccine Injury Payment Scheme Are Rejected, Many Because They Are Not "60% Disabled"

About 30% of the People Infected with Covid, Have Long Covid Months or Even Years Later... (video)

U.S. Spends More Money than Any Other Nation on Healthcare — yet still has lowest life expectancy...

WHAT in the Bioethics Hell is This!?? Medical Journal Floats Concept of Using Braindead Women As Surrogates Through "Whole Body Gestational Donation" .. oh my word, the medical establishment has gone mad.. the bodies of vegetative or braindead female patients could be used as baby factories... some sick Nazi shit.. we can see them putting mentally ill women, 
homeless women, female drug addicts in medically induced comas to do this too.. u know these sick bastards!

.. and speaking of SICK BASTARDS! ... Canada's got their own little Medical Horror show going on.. 'Canada Leads World in Organ Donations from Euthanasia'... they're encouraging people to do the gov't assisted suicide (MAID) and then selling their organs. it's like another China .. how they sell Uyghur organs and body parts.. same thing! (video)

Canada's Dirty Dairy Secret - we dump lots of milk.. 'Canadian Government Forces Dairy Farmer To Dump 30,000 Liters Of Milk Because He Exceeded His Quota'... lashes out because Gov't wants to keep milk prices high with NO concern for the poor or needy.. smh (video tweet)

DUMPSTER DINNERS: Brits now seeking out EXPIRED food to consume as they cope with meteoric rise in food prices..

MCDONALD'S EARNINGS SOAR AS CUSTOMERS SEEK RELIEF FROM INFLATION.. they hiked their prices, and started offering adult 'Happy Meals'.. The company reported $5.93 Billion  
profit in the fourth quarter of 2022 
.. people are actually gobbling up this garbage.. (video)

Biden Admin Floats New Strategy To 'Address the Climate Crisis': 
Don't Leave Your House.. yup.. 

Translation: stay home so we can monitor u 24/7, we'll just build a WEF 15 minute city for you so you can NEVER leave... clown

If u haven't heard of '15 Minute Cities ... It's The WEF's New Plan For Your Future.. watch vid to find out everything u need to know about this sinister surveillance lock u down scam.. (video)

THIS WILL NOT END WELL: NSA Courting THOUSANDS Of Fired Woke Big Tech Workers For Intelligence Activities

Patrons of NYC Gay Bar 
Incapacitated and Robbed of Thousands 
via facial recognition on their phones.. (video)

Religious Freedom 'Under Assault' across the World, 
Leaders Testify at International Religious Freedom Summit... 

Faith leaders from across the world — including Catholics, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and others — gathered at the summit to address the ongoing persecution against people of faith, which has been increasing in many nations and has resulted in the deaths of millions.

Catholic Leaders in Holy Land Decry Escalating Jewish Attacks against Christians, Shrines

Ukraine's Moscow-linked Church Appeals to UN for Protection
European Court Says Russia Violated Rights of Same Sex Couples Who Were Denied Marriage Registration

Devout 'Good' Christian, Churchgoing Family found Dead... Made a 'joint decision' to Kill Themselves 

Prepper Options... Living on the Road as a Nomad - this is really for some of you who have been financially forced to live in your car, van or RV, ..or, who want to trim ur budgets, want to live as a nomad (homeless traveller), etc.. helpful YouTube channels we recommend.. we don't 'Follow' them BUT we do visit their channels often to see what we can learn.. if not for ourselves but for someone else..

(1) CheapRVliving -  Bob is like the Pioneer of Off grid/Nomad/
Car/RV living.. been around for ages and we think he has the best channel to answer ALL ur questions.. will take u months to sift through his channel.. (video YouTube Channel)

(2) Glorious Life On Wheels – This channel is geared towards old timers who barely make ends meet on a pensioner or who have a limited income.. BUT had enough money to get some wheels and hit the road.. down to earth channel that can benefit everyone.. (video YouTube Channel)

(3) Brooke and Pippa (her dog) - For younger or middle aged travellers who are new on the road and looking for advice from someone who has been on the road for 3 years.. laid back site but her nomad knowledge comes across... (video)
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