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Thursday June 8, 2023

Canada's On Fire - 400 Fires are Burning Across the Country: (1) Many Wildfires are Burning Out of Control. Smoke-filled Skies Blanket Canada and the U.S. - PBS (video)

Smoke from Canadian wildfires Expected to reach Norway Today ... Just LOOK at this Smoke! 8.2 million acres have so far been scorched. This is video of fires burning on Canada's West Coast... (video)

"A Lot of Devastation" ...

Arson?... Directed Energy Weapons?? ... 

Russia Makes Opening Statements Today in the Hague at UN's Highest Court: Urges judges to throw out a case brought by Ukraine against Moscow over the 2014 annexation of the Crimean Peninsula and the arming of rebels in eastern Ukraine before Russia's  invasion in February 2022 (video)

Argentina Wins Acceptance to BRICs Bank

Iran: (1) Iran Unveils First Hypersonic Missile (video)

Biden Slaps a new round of sanctions on more than a dozen individuals and entities in Iran, China and Hong Kong over what it claimed to be supplying the Islamic Republic's Ballistic Missile Program.

Iran Prez Raisi to Visit Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela:
Raisi's tour of "friendly countries" (U.S. enemies) is to Raise Iran's "level of economic, political, and scientific cooperation"  (video)

Ukrainian Dam Attack Clown Show Continues: (1) 
'U.S. Intel Points to Russia Being Behind Ukrainian Dam Attack' .. we'll take that with a grain of salt ...(video)

What western media is Ignoring and NOT saying... is that the dam is in 'Russian Controlled' Ukraine.. in land gained through war. The area hasn't been controlled by Ukraine in months. It's 'Russian occupied' .. makes a BIG difference cause the West doesn't recognize this area as Russian but they wanna make out like this is still actual Ukraine lands which it is not ...
WAR ON YOURSELF? -  MEDIA CLAIMS RUSSIA ATTACKED ITS OWN DAM - great breakdown on why it's not likely that the Russians did it ... (video)

Details are now Emerging that Ukrainian Officials Twice Last year Discussed Kiev's Plans to blow up the dam. - 'Kiev's Long-Term "Last Resort" Plan To Blow-Up The Kakhova Dam Exposed' - Zero Hedge (videos, tweets)

(4) Russia Speaks to United Nations - 

(5) Tucker's Back... 
adds his 2 cents to Dam Blast (video tweet)

Dam Fallout: (1)
 Zelensky's in Shock by the Reaction of the UN and the Red Cross to the Blowing up of the Dam by the 'Russian Occupiers' as he claims ... hmmm, possibly because they don't believe his lyin' ass! ... "We have not received a single response [to Ukraine’s requests for help – ed.]. I am shocked." .. welcome to the real world pal...

NATO Gave Consent to Kherson Dam Blast, is to bear responsibility - Russia (video)

'Floating Landmines': Posing 'significant threat' - BBC (video)

West Sending Ukraine F-16's - 

Lavrov Says Russia Must Keep in Mind That F-16s Can Carry Nuclear Weapons

Germany Prepares to Host 
NATO's Biggest EVER Air Exercise over Europe (video)

Ukraine Goes After Support from African Nations.. again - Foreign Minister calls on African Nations to Support 'Peace Efforts' in his Country .. yeah, so uh NEWS FLASH.. you're country's a dead zone!... ain't NO Peace goin' on in Ukraine and no one wants to drink from that Russian can of whoop ass... (video)

and in case someone missed it, the EU Just Entered a Recession .. NO WAY the EU is comin' out of pandemic/
inflation/Ukraine war debt money swamp..
 'Eurozone Falls into Recession'....

European Nation has Weapon Ultimatum for Citizens: Hand over guns and ammo or else...

Kenyan Protests: Police fire tear gas at hundreds of people protesting against Finance bill that would Hike Taxes on Fuel and Housing. (video)

Who Will Be NATO's New Secretary General?? (video)

Things Go from Bad to Worse in Haiti: Twin Disasters - Deadly Earthquake Hits Days after Severe Floods (video)

Pope Francis Undergoes Intestinal Surgery: Recovering after undergoing 3-hour surgery - NBC (video)

A Partial Lung and Colon Surgery: The Pope's health issues...

More Religious Groups are showing up at Pride Celebrations this year

Have You Noticed? 
State Dept Pushes LGBTQ 'Pride' Everywhere EXCEPT Muslim World ...

Archdiocese of Kansas City warns Masses at 3 Parishes May have been 'Invalid' for years due to Wrong Wine.. buhahaha, uh 'wrong wine'?? .. how 'bout ALL their 'masses are INVALID cause they're pedos and child rapists.. like freakin' wrong wine matters... idiots!

Monks in Thailand Light 100,000 Lanterns to Celebrate Buddha's Birthday — It's one of the most sacred days on the Buddhist calendar as it commemorates the day Buddha achieved nirvana (was born) as well as the day he passed away - (video)

Oklahoma Approves First U.S. Taxpayer-Funded Catholic Charter School (video)

Prepper Health - How Tos ...

(1) How to Stockpile Medication

(2) How to Make Anti-Inflammatory Band-Aid Using Plantain (photos)

(3) How to Store Essential Oils: Get the most out of each drop - Young Living

(4) How To Make Aspirin 
From Willow Bark (photos)
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