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Why Are Indigenous Women Disappearing Across Canada?

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Monday February 19, 2024
For the First Time Ever ... (1) U.S. Handed over Confiscated Russian Assets to Estonia to Help Ukraine .. speechless, they can't SEE (or, CARE) about the damage they just did to trust in the USD.. nor have they considered Russian retaliation ..

The Law on Seizing Assets of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is Tempting, ... but will Cause a Boomerang Effect ... U.S. Senator
(2) Russia 
has Warned OVER and OVER again do NOT Do It!  - a week ago- 'Russia warns West for Using Frozen Russian Assets' ...

the Central Bank has Warned against it.. 'Confiscating Russia's assets would send Negative Signal', says central bank ... tellin' y'all this will NOT end well ..

OIL: (1) 
World's Largest Oil Companies have made $281 BILLION Profit since Invasion of Ukraine ...

Major Oil Companies Make Moves in MegaMerger Frenzy:
These megamergers reflect a trend of consolidation in the U.S. oil sector, with companies seeking to bolster their positions in the oil and gas market...

Red Sea: (1) Here we go! 
'EU Foreign Ministers Approve Red Sea Naval Mission' - getting involved in biznack they have NO business being in.. STOP Israel and Red Sea attacks will cease..
it's that simple but they ain't tryna' hear that - (video)

'The Fight against the Houthis in the Red Sea is the Largest Battle the Navy's Fought since World War II' - U.S. Admiral
(3) Houthi Attacks in Red Sea
 having a 'Catastrophic' Effect on Aid to Sudan 

(4) India-bound Oil Tanker Attacked in the Red Sea .. (video)

The World Is Bracing For An 

Chaos Erupts! We Are Witnessing Riots, Protests And Civil Unrest All Over The Western World ...
NATO: (1) Because of Ukraine, 
NATO has NO Weapons Left to Confront Russia .. oh well, there's NO cure for stupid!

... and THEN, here comes
'Denmark to Supply
 (yeah, 'ALL') its Artillery to Ukraine .. hahaha, we can't stop laughing .. uh ok, if that's what u wanna do idjits.. 

'War in Ukraine is a War of NATO Enlargement' – Jeffrey Sachs - RT (video - short clip)

Germany - (1) 
German Finance Minister Wants to Boost DEFENSE Industry .. Germany?? don't get us the frig started with Germans! .. started WW1 by encouraging Austria and Hungary to go to War with Serbia, started WW2 when invaded Poland, then their Nazi and Holocaust Craze .. pfff. wanna boost defense industry? puh-lease!

Germany and Ukraine Sign Bilateral Security Agreement - Promise Billions to help Ukraine, while they just slipped into a recession, de-industrializing because can't afford energy 'cause U.S. destroyed their cheap Russian energy through Nord Stream pipeline, but they wanna give over a $BILLION  to Ukraine .. yeah sure thing broke ass ...(video)

... speaking of Broke Ass - 
'G7 Agrees to Continue Supporting Ukraine' - something is mentally wrong with these people .. Russia is killin' it in Ukraine but the powerful nations in the world won't let up.. blinded by some sort of demonic vengeance to continue to support Ukraine.. honestly, we've NEVER seen anything like this in history ... it's shocking that they just can not see properly ..

Russia Takes 100% FULL Control of Avdiivka (key Donbass city) after Ukrainian Retreat .. but hey, the G7 wants to STILL support Ukraine and believe in their OWN lies and delusions.. uh, ok - Biden Vows to 'Fight' to Renew U.S. Aid after Russia Takes Control' .. u sound pitiful dude, take ur ambien sedative and go back to sleep .. seriously (video)

Ukraine Gets Desperate
Kiev Threatens Europe, Claims Conflict Could Spread Further West - interesting about the whole 'NO Ammunition' Story 'cause Russia shows in this vid they found LOTS of ammunition and weapon Stockpiles in Avdiivka after takeover  .. hmm, (video)
Space Cadet 
VP Kamala Harris claims Russia is 'Losing' as Ukraine Troops Withdraw from Major City .. when u come back from outer space land, let us know .. clown! (video)

Biden Warned "Nuclear Option Being Considered" To Oust Him From Power
U.S. Causing Global Unrest with Strategy of 'Controlled Chaos' — Lavrov

New ICJ Court Case Starts to Review Israeli Occupation of Gaza: (1) 
ICJ Hearings Begin on Legality of Israeli Occupation of Palestinian Territories.. (video)

Palestine Demands End to Israeli Occupation at ICJ Hearing - Declare Occupation illegal .. CBS (video)

Israel Rejects Legitimacy of Ongoing ICJ Hearing on its Occupation .. yeah, yeah blah blah we know they do .. Al Jazeera (video)
Israel and Ramadan: (1)
 Israel's Netzarim Corridor to Split Gaza in Two with Ramadan Deadline on Rafah Assault 
(2) Israeli Ramadan Ultimatum: Says, 
'It will Launch Rafah Assault if Hostages NOT Freed by Ramadan' .. so, ur looking at a war on Religion, during Ramadan.. it's gonna get ugly - (video)
... Benny Gantz says 
"Either the hostages are returned, or we will extend the war into Rafah", yeah, we get it .. (video)

Palestinians Reach Out to Moscow
Palestinian Leaders to Meet in Moscow on Feb 26
With the Economy Shaky, 
People in China Pray to the Internet's 'Wealth God': China's Ministry of Finance invites people to ask God 'Caishen' for financial blessings .. lol.. some fat dude idol... (photo)

'Iran Continues Persecuting Members Of Baha'i Religion by Jailing some Members' .. ok, sooooo, the Baha'i International Community (BIC) accuses Iran of employing brutal tactics to persecute the country's Baha'i religious minority. YES, Iran is NOT a lover of the Baha'is .. BUT, you might NOT know the Baha'is are a UN religion and promote UN and Pope's agenda.. .. it's on the down low but if u really do ur online research, you'll see that UN uses them as a tool to promote their Agenda 2030 'One World' religion vision .. they are infiltrators meant to destabilize a country's religion AND government.. so although media makes out like Baha'is are blah blah 'victims', they are NOT.. they're shady!

.... Speaking of Shady ... (1) Pope offers Lenten Challenge: "Remove the Masks we often Wear" .. GREAT idea, let's START with YOU! - remove your fake 'holy' mask and tell the world you're the 'False Prophet' spoken of in Book of Revelation who leads the Whore that sits on 7 hills and will be burned by fire .. how 'bout we start with that? - (video)

Rabbis and Jewish Scholars Thank Pope for 'Sowing friendship amidst Animosity' .. like they don't even see that Pope is pushing his mixed religion under the guise of Catholicism .. they actually think Pope cares about Judaism ... clowns

Peruvian Ambassador Visits Pope at Pedo Palace in Rome .. another pedo lover leader (video)

Catholic Church in Poland Opposes Reducing Number of Religion Classes in Schools: Poland's Catholic church has criticised the new government's plans to reduce the number of hours of religion classes, which it calls an 'infringement of human rights' ..
Poland, who has long been a Catholic country, has seen Catholics drop from 88% to 71%. guess they don't want church deviant homo, pedos teaching their children anymore ..

PreppingContainer Gardening - for those of you who live in small spaces, or observing sabbatical year of letting the land rest, first timers, have a balcony, etc ... it's NOT too early to think about planting in containers (or, troughs) ... we picked vids that give different perspectives, info and ideas so it's not just repeating the same thing ... we found them immensely helpful 'cause we've never done this before ..

(1) How to Grow Vegetables in Containers ... (video)

A Step by Step Guide - Growing vegetables in containers .. (video)

(3) Lets Talk CONTAINER GARDENING (How to have the best success) - (video)

(4) Creating a Container Garden in 5-Gallon Food Grade Buckets ...

(5) Container Gardening On A Budget - Dollar Tree ... this was done a few years back but it gives you some ideas on how to save for the 
'keepin' it real folks ... and Dollar Tree prices haven't changed that much - (video)
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