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May 10, 2021
(1) BREAKING: 2:30 EST- TEMPLE MOUNT BURNING? -- RED ALERT ISSUED IN JERUSALEM - Bomb Shelters Opened as Rocket Barrages Hit Israel; Rocket Attack Sirens Sounding in Cities Throughout Israel
(2) Smoke Around Temple Mount: Latest Video 
(3) REVENGE BLASTS: Hamas fires seven rockets at Jerusalem over Israel’s ‘crimes and aggression’ after holy mosque stormed by cops (video)
(1) This Whole U.S. "Pipeline Cyber Attack" thing sounds Sketchy to Us! ... Here's Why .. The Rich Elitists at the World Economic Forum in July 2020 Predicted that "Cyber Attacks" were going to be the NEW CRISIS having "Even more Significant Economic and Social Implications than COVID19." .. and what do you know.. We Get Cyber Attacks! ... They're not even hiding their evil anymore ...Here's Globalist Klaus Schwab telling us what's next .... (video)
(2) The Cyber Attack Script is the Same: More gas hikes, More shortages, More fear, More 'mystery', ... NBC (video)
(3) We Suspect It's Only a Matter of Time Before they Blame China or Russia ...
As Violence in Jerusalem Spirals Out of Control, Netanyahu says,"We Will Impose Law and Order Aggressively". Get Up to Speed ... (video recap)
UN Security Council to Hold Emergency Meeting on Escalating Jerusalem Violence
Hidden Nuclear Threats: Two Men Arrested for trying to Sell Highly Radioactive Uranium. Estimated Worth: $2.9 Million. It could've been used by Terrorists to make Nuclear Explosives.
New CDC Scam To Make Out Like Vaccines Work: This IS 'ONLY FOR VACCINATED PEOPLE' ... As MORE Vaccinated People Test Positive for Covid, CDC is now testing at 28 PCR cycles, which almost guarantees a "negative" covid result
Norway: Expert Panel Calls for Country To Ditch AstraZeneca AND Johnson & Johnson Covid Vaccines Over Blood Clot Risks
Ireland: Five More Suffer Blood Clotting after Receiving AstraZeneca Jab
Australia: More Blood Clots from AstraZeneca Vax (video)
New Side Effect: AstraZeneca Covid Jab Investigation Underway over Reports of Guillain-Barre Syndrome Cases (video)
The Top 10 Absurdities Of The COVID Pandemic... So Far
(1) Whaaa??? European Union Wants MORE Vaccines! Agrees to 1.8 Billion-dose Purchase of Pfizer Jab. They want every man, woman and child vaccinated! ... (video)
(2) Americans Want Less: Tired of the Game?? 'States Scale Back Vaccine Orders Amid Waning Demand'
US Chamber Of Commerce Urges Biden To End Pandemic Handouts: "Paying People Not To Work" Is Killing The Recovery
Gravy Train Ends. (1) South Carolina and Montana to Kick People Off ALL Pandemic Jobless Benefits (This is going to Create a whole new set of economic problems and poverty) ... (video)
(2) Arkansas Ending Federal Pandemic Unemployment: 'Programs have outlived their usefulness and may be causing the state more harm than good' (video)
Bodies of 750 Covid-19 Victims in New York City remain in Refrigerated Trucks more than a Year after they were first set up as Temporary Morgues .. ickk
Shocker! See How Much Prices for EVERYTHING will be Going Up AND How Much They Have Gone Up .. (video)
Disney Unveils LGBT Rainbow-Colored Toys and Clothes as Pride Month Approaches.. Disney.. The same people who are teaching your children ... same-sex teen romances and relationships, "Mickey Mouse Love" T-shirts, transgender, asexual, pansexual, intersex and gender-fluid communities .. 
Kids are Taking Governments to Court over Climate. And they are starting to win.. hmm.. wonder if we can sue them for their sins?? (video)
Gay 'Pride' Flag to Fly over Toronto, Canada Catholic Schools
Police Close Temple Mount to Jews on Jerusalem Day
Rastafarian Movement in South Africa: A Religion or Way of Life? (video)
Germany Doesn't Like the Comparison of Vaccine Passes to 1930s Segregation of Jews so the Comparison Will Be Banned
Pope to Create New Official Catholic Ministry of 'Catechist' to Teach Children and Others the Fundamentals of the Catholic Faith.. wonder if "Pedophilia" is On their List 
Pet Bug Out Bags ... Lots of Suggestions ...
What's Inside Our Emergency Pet Bag? (video)
Pet Bug Out Bag | Don't Leave Your Best Friend Behind! (video)
Pet Emergency Kit: News Channel Advice (video)
The Ultimate Hiking and Pandemic Bug Out Bag for Dog (video)
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