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Wednesday Jan.19, 2022

You Use WhatsApp?? We Don't. Stopped Using it years ago when Facebook Bought it in 2014.. Ditched the APP because we knew stories like this would come out ... 'WhatsApp Helps US Govt Spy on Users, NO Questions Asked, NO Probable Cause' ... word is, there's about 17 different Gov agencies that spy on users ... CIA, NSA, DEA, FBI, IRS get the picture 

(1) Airlines are Freaking Out about 5G: Warn of "Catastrophic Disruption" to Travel and Shipping from 5G - ABC (video)

(2) The 5G Battle Between Tech And Travel Explained (video)

Murder Rates Across US Exploded in 2021 Despite Lockdowns, 
Highest since the mid-1990s .. 

Peru Beach Turns Black by Oil Spill after Tonga Eruption (video)

Biden Announces Plan To Provide Americans With 400 MILLION FREE N95 Masks From The Federal Strategic National Stockpile ..'cause that'll stop Covid .... plus, you can get FREE At-Home-Covid Tests so they can collect your DNA and track and trace you... jokers (video)

Mask Asphyxiation Disease "M.A.D." Now Sweeping across America and the World

China Blames ONE Piece of Canadian Mail for New Omicron Case that Caused Newest Lock Down .. clowns (video)

To Hell With It! - UK Ends ALL COVID Passports, Mask Mandates, Work Restrictions

FBI Warning: Crooks are Using Fake QR Codes to Steal Your Passwords and Money

Antibiotic-Resistant Genetic Material Found in Biosludge Spread on American Farms, Putting Pathogenic Genes on Your Food

Dang! - Ex-Boyfriend, 17, is Arrested for Shooting Texas 15-year-old TWENTY TWO Times in the Back after she Confronted him about his Infidelity  .. gets released on bond (video)

Israeli Trash Is Poisoning Palestinians in the West Bank

NATO to Apply Article 5 Collective War Clause To Outer Space

U.S/Ukraine/Russia/NATO War Talk Update - (1) US Secretary of State Blinken Arrives In Ukraine .. Russia is like "We can do what we want on our OWN land" ... NATO needs to mind their own business .... (video)

(2) Lots of Issues Here... Let's NOT Forget, 'Promises Made, Promises Broken'. US and NATO are NOT Honoring their word to Gorbachev - NO NATO Expansion!.. Yahweh says You gotta Keep your word ... it avoids problems like we see here (archives)

(3) Ukraine Is NOT a Part of NATO so WHY is NATO and the U.S. Acting Up?? .. It's like we said before.. It's about Ukraine's Oil, Energy and Gas.. Finally, it's being revealed: 'US Seeking Ways To Profit Should Russia-Ukraine Conflict Break Out'

Davos/WEF Summit Update: 
China's Xi Speaks.. 'Countries Must Abandon "Cold War" Mentality,' .. Warns against Confrontation .. pretty words BUT his actions say otherwise ...

Floods in Madagascar (video)

President of Bosnia Visits the Pedo Palace to Meet Pope Francis (video)

Pope Tawadros Announces there is No Longer any "Ban" for Copts on Visiting Jerusalem

In Poland, Catholicism Still Rules: 'Threatening Church Means Threatening Poland and Cannot be Tolerated'

Egyptian Parliament to Approve New Law on Status of Christians

Prepping: Just Some Stuff You Might Not Know ...

Dollar Tree Solar Lights: Don't throw them out. You can change the batteries. AND, Did you know they can also recharge regular, rechargeable batteries and cellphone batteries? .. can also use as emerg SHTF lighting .. (video)

What's a Woobie and Why You Need One! (video)

Off-grid Slow Cookers: Do you have one? Testing 4 different thermal cookers ... (video)