The Starving Poor: COVID-19 In Philippines

The Waco Siege

'What You Should Know'
September 21, 2020 
UN Marks 75th Anniversary. Annual General Assembly Opens Today. Goes Virtual for the first time in history (video)
UN Live Broadcast of General Assembly Speakers: Appearing by video TOMORROW will be Russia's Vladimir Putin and China's Xi Jinping, who in the past have let their top diplomats speak for them; US leader Donald Trump, French President Emmanuel Macron and Iran's Hassan Rouhani. (save link to watch live or recorded highlights) - (video) 
An Interview with UN Secretary-General António Guterres .... it's a bit dry but in first 5 minutes of interview states he wants "More Governance".. One World Governance is definitely the aim of the UN (video)
UN Resolution To Be Signed Today. (video)
Facts about UN Secretaries-General (video)
France Uncovers Mutant, Fast-Moving COVID-19 Strains
EU to Finance 88 Million Coronavirus Vaccine Doses for Poor Countries
The Poor Get Poorer: Nearly 80% Displaced People Have Lost Job, Income Due to Virus
Floods, Food Shortages In Nigeria (video)
Sudan Floods: This is Just a Disastrous, Humanitarian Nightmare ... (video)
Defying Orders to Stay Home, Anti-gov't Protesters in Egypt Call on President Sisi to Resign (video)
Mass Elephant Deaths in Botswana Caused By Bacteria Toxin In Waterholes: Toxins produced by cyanobacteria in water were behind the death of more than 300 mammals
270 Whales Stranded. At Least 25 Have Died. Massive Rescue Operation Underway (video)
New .Gay Domains now Available - Official Domain Launch Brings Historic LGBTQ Online Representation
'Drag Queen' Wins Democratic Primary Against Incumbent Who Voted Against ‘Gay Marriage’
5th Grader Told to Remove 'Hooters' Face Mask in Class. Dad Sees nothing wrong with mask (video)
Bar Owner Kills Himself After Being Indicted For Shooting Rioter in Self-Defense (videos, photos)
Pine-Sol Now Approved to Kill Coronavirus on Surfaces (video)
Eckkk ... Women are Using Giant African Land Snails in their Facial Therapy Treatments (video)
St. Januarius' Blood Liquifies in Naples
Indonesia's Minister of Religion Tests Positive with COVID-19
Nirvana for Sale (video)
Judge Orders School District to Halt Prayers, Bible Reading
Swedish Journalist Charged With Hate Crime For Publishing Article About Muslim-Owned Pharmacies
'Burka Ban' Has Led to Upsurge in Attacks on Muslim Women
Top 10 Preps To Buy At Costco
10 Foods to Stretch Your Food Budget
Ultimate Guide to Fermented Vegetables: What You Need to Know

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