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The Vatican and the Third Reich: An Unholy Alliance

The World's Biggest Prison? China's Social Credit System ...

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'What You Should Know'

Thursday, June 20th

Want you to see this .. just watch vid.. and understand you are watching the last empire made of 'iron and clay' FALL in real time .. stuff u don't even KNOW that's occurring and, Dave gives u a glimpse that MS media won't bring to light.. it's a MUST watch .. 'The Plan to Damage America and Collective West'  - (video)

China's Getting OUT of CONTROL about their supposed 'Ownership' of the South China Sea - y'all need to chill -
(1) Chinese Coast Guard 
wield Axes, swords and spears, use Tear Gas, throw Rocks at Philippine Navy .. even cut off a guy's finger.. AND board Philippines Navy boat! ...  wait, whaaaat?? .. yeah, they went there ... crazy vid (video) 
... there's gonna be a 'throw down' soon - 'China-Philippines one step closer to Armed Conflict' ... 

(2) Blinken - 
'China’s Support for Russia’s Ukraine War ‘has to stop’... but uh, it's OK if WE use the EU AND NATO weapons to support Ukraine for war .. oh, the hypocrisy! ... meanwhile, back at the ranch, U.S. idiocracy drove China and Russia together! so, 'chickens have come home to roost', pal

Americans Must Realize Russia-China-North Korea Strategic Triangle now Formed - 'They've ALL bonded together' - RT (video)
Putin in North Korea: (1) NK goes Supa-EXTRA in Welcoming Putin ... looks like the entire nation showed up to greet him ..hahaha wow! - RT (video)
Putin and Kim Jong-un Sign Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Agreement - CNA (video)

Putin in Vietnam
Russia and Vietnam Sign Multiple Treaties on Security, Trade, Nuclear cooperation - (video)

Africa: (1) 
South Africa's Prez Ramaphosa Sworn in for Second Term - he vows 'New Era' but we ALL know, it's SAME waiter, SAME restaurant (video)

(2) Since Africa has NO love left for colonial slavemaster France,

Macron plans to reduce number of Troops in West and Central Africa .. buh bye, adios, ta-ta, don't let the door hit ya' on the way out, toodles, sayonara - get lost! (video)

White House and Media STILL in 'Gaslighting' Mode: (1) 
Media Is Gaslighting You About Biden’s Obvious Signs of Decline. Here’s Why It Won’t Work.

... MORE videos, tweets, photos on 'your lyin' eyes' - 
Corporate Media 'Panics' With 'Fact Checks' Over Biden's Obvious Decline - (multi media)

(2) this one's a doozy.. shows you how far they're willing to go to LIE to our faces - 
'Biden Campaign Creates Special Task Force to Mitigate ‘Cheap Fake’ Videos' .. puh-lease! clowns

NO Water: (1) 
Riots Erupt in Drought-stricken Central Algeria
over Water Shortages

(2) Gaza Water crisis: 
Israeli forces destroy wells, residents face health risks and shortages .. (video)

(3) Delhi Water Crisis: 
How Water Shortage Has Affected Delhi Slums .. this is brutal ... (video) 

Cry Baby Netanyahu: He's Getting a little too BIG for his britches - (1) 
Netanyahu calls out U.S. for Withholding Shipments of Weapons - U.S. tells him to shud' his trap! .. weapons on the way .. along with his baby rattle and diapers! pff (video)

(2) White House Scraps U.S.-Israel Meeting 
After Netanyahu Slams Washington ..

Israel is Going to War with Lebanon to Fight Hezbollah: uh oh .. (1) 
IDF Green-Lights Plan For Invasion of Lebanon and Gives Hezbollah Final Warning ...

(2) Hezbollah will NOT go down without a fight .. 
Publishes Drone Footage showing Surveillance of Haifa (video)

..a LOT of prophecy to unpack:

Prophecy shows Israel's borders will be extended so we KNOW more war is coming to the Middle East, and then scrips say ANYONE who comes against Israel in these last days won't succeed, but then, they lose out in the very end when nations turn against Israel and send their armies against them .. then, the saints gotta step in.. so, things will unfold as prophecy has foretold .. Israel is unstoppable right now.. (NO LINK) 

UN Inquiry Findings in Gaza: 
Israeli actions 'Intentional Attack on Civilians' 

Other News

U.S. Navy Hemorrhaging Money Trying to Stop Houthi Shipping Lane Attacks, They Have Accomplished Nothing

Remember that $230 MILLION Gaza Pier that U.S. built to 'supposedly' alleviate the Israel-imposed humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza? yeah, it's being dismantled.. what an INCOMPETENT mess! .. we just think they did it for show .. it was a clown show from the start! - (photo, video, tweets)

... Here's the U.S. with their Bullshit -
Gaza Pier "More Complicated" Than We Thought, People Don’t Get ‘How Complicated This Is’ - puh-lease enlighten us as to how 'complicated' it is to put a simple pier in water! ... oh that's right, ur skilled in MAKING THREATS, BEING A BULLY, LYING and ISSUING SANCTIONS! we get it ... pfff (video)

Russian Warships Arrive in Libya. .. doh! (video) 

Ukraine: (1) Using Ukraine Since 1948 - 
The U.S. has staged operations with extremists from Ukraine to undermine Russia for nearly 8 decades. It’s led us to the doorstep of nuclear annihilation.

(2) Why is Zelensky Urgently Getting Rid of State Property for Next to Nothing?

(3) U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan Greenlights Ukraine Cross-Border Attacks Beyond Kharkiv Region With U.S. Arms ... what is wrong with these people!??? Pishon, Gihon, Tigris and Euphrates are VERY busy .. dang! - (video)

Iranian Oil Minister - 
No U.S. Govt. can Stop Iran's Oil Exports; Sales Jump Despite Sanctions

What's Up with France Being an 'Arms Pimp' all of a sudden?? (1) 
Russia Accuses France of Provoking War in South Caucasus After Armenian Arms Deal - Azerbaijan is pissed ..

France Equips Israel’s Killer Drones amid Gaza Genocide

Louisiana Becomes 1st State to Require Ten Commandments
displays in classrooms - NBC (video)

Vatican: (1) 
'Vatican Reaffirms Territorial Integrity of Ukraine' .. well, we KNOW whose side the Vatican is on .. kinda like how they were on the side of the Third Reich .. (video)
(2) Vatican tries to Explain
Pope's New, Resurrected title of 
'Patriarch of the West', Papal Primacy... and the joke, 
ideological notion of 'infallibility'
.. lol, infallibility? .. that kinda went out the window when we discovered that they like to rape little children... pff (video)

Megachurch Founder Resigns after admitting 'Sexual Behavior' with 'Young Lady.' uh, she was 12!! that's a CHILD! - (video)
Dalai Lama: (1) 
U.S. Congressional Delegation Meets Dalai Lama ... crazy, crony Pelosi leads the bunch to piss off China of, course .. (video)

(2) .. he's another freak..

Remember he kissed little boy and asked the boy to 'suck' his tongue? ... we got these religious freaks EVERYWHERE! - (retro video 2023)

At least 550 Pilgrims Died in Mecca due to Intense Heat during Hajj ... (video) 

Prepping: Cooking and Recipes .. 
just 'cause we're feeling hungry
... (and our usual disclaimer is, adjust recipes to suit your own protein and dietary needs)

Every Way To Make Instant Ramen - y'all already know, Josh is one of our best liked Youtube foodies ... besides, WHO doesn't like Ramen?? like really .. (video)

We don't know what to call this ... 
'Some Texas Dump and Go BBQ (or Oven) Cheap Eats that Feed a LOT of People' Meal ... don't judge us, but we're gonna try this one, lol ... make ur own protein substitutions to suit ur dietary needs - we're gonna use smoked applewood turkey bacon instead of pork and thinkin' about turkey kielbasa instead of beef hotdogs - what you think?? -

Food That Time Forgot: Onion Pie .. 18th Century Cooking (video)

The EASIEST 3-Ingredient Slow Cooker Recipes! - (video)

... More easy crockpot meals perfect for 'Food Prep' - save to put in ur freezer or fridge to make ur life easier - (video)
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