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February 28, 2021
Here's Proof That You Can't Quarantine or Force People to get Covid Tests: Canadian Travelers are walking out of international airport refusing tests and quarantines. Would rather pay the $820 fine than a $2000 Hotel quarantine bill .. (gov't money scam)
Pfizer CEO Admits Israel is the 'World's Lab'... ummm, we already figured that out ... 
Look at THIS 'One World Order' Freakshow! Dr Fraudci Informing the world "Even if you're vaccinated, you're not going to be able to do things in society". Pharaoh Has NO Intentions of letting anyone go unless a "mighty arm" compels him' .. (video)
Spain: Another 9 Care Home Residents Dead And 78 Infected With COVID-19 Days After Receiving Pfizer’s MRNA Jab
(1) The Sheeple: This is how stupid people are now.. Guy Uses "Lint Roller"  (video)
(2) The NOT Sheeple: Jokes.. you'll get it when u see it..  (video - best heard with earphones on)
Uh Oh.. Biden Has a New Problem with Russia After Syrian Attacks: Moscow Blasts "Extremely Outrageous" Strike On Syria
Saudi Arabia Goes After Iran: Intercepts ballistic missile attack over capital and blames it on Iran-allied Houthis as tensions rise in the Middle East
Biden Does Absurd illegal Air Strikes Against Sovereign Nation of Iran: Some insight into this stupidity (video - alternative media vid shows insanity of airstrike and how it really fits into Damascus prophecy)
Secret Service Sources Reveal How Bad Biden's Dementia Is - Fox News (video)
China is Hoarding Oil: Oil Reserves Reach Limit
Bacterial Infection Threatens Caribbean's Coral Reef (video)
27% Of All Household Income In The US Now Comes From The Government
Venice Beach is the New Skid Row in America .. Thousands of Homeless People (video)
(1) Corporate Bankruptcies Rose 70% Last Year as Pandemic Decimated Businesses - with Real Estate and Restaurants Hardest Hit
(2) The Wave of COVID-19 Bankruptcies Has Begun
Oh My Word! Fighter by Day, Drag Queen by Night (video)
Unclean Insects: Mealworms on the Menu. People Have Lost Their Minds ...  (video)
Pope Expects To Die in Rome.. (and Burn With IT! ) ...  New book reveals
"God's Will is No Concern of This Congress": Congressman Nadler says while Defending Radical Transexual Surgeries
'You Reject Polygamy, We also Reject Gayism, Lesbianism': Ghana Blasts European Union for actively campaigning the LGBT Agenda
U.S. Diplomat Openly calls for "Christian Nation-States", Spews "Jew" Hatred 
'We Are Hitler's People, Then and Now:' Violent Hatred of Jews Exposed Among Students at Elite German University Fraternity
Financial Preparedness: Have a Cash Stash ...
(1) Here's ONE Reason: "A Global Outage Affecting Visa and Mastercard" .. this was 2 days ago ...
(2) Every Prepper Needs a Cash Reserve 
(3) CASH IS STILL KING: Why Preppers Need to Stop Worrying about Gold and Start Keeping Cash
(4) How Much Cash Should You Keep at Home in Case of Emergency?
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