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It Started 20 Years Ago This Month: How the Iraq War Changed the World...

Iraq War Veterans, 20 Years Later: The Veterans Grapple with a Past...

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Wednesday March 29, 2023

Pope Francis Hospitalized - Respiratory Infection Diagnosis (video)

Bird Flu: (1) Scientists Now Fear Bird Flu Is To Blame For Mysterious Dolphin & Whale Deaths

Bird Flu Making Foxes and Other Animals Behave in Unusual Ways: Analysis of wild mammals infected with H5N1 found that many had brain infections and neurological symptoms, including lack of fear of people.. and causes "zombie-like" behavior...

(3) China Reports Human Case of H3N8 Bird Flu
Israel: (1) Netanyahu Blinks:
Delays Judicial Reforms as Mass Protests Continue in Israel (video)

Bibi Tells Biden To Mind His Own Damn Business: 'Israel will NOT tolerate meddling in its internal affairs, even from the best of friends', the PM said..

Israeli Embassies Shut Down Worldwide.. "until further notice".. (video)

1st Conflict In Outer Space?? The Pentagon is Preparing the U.S. Space Force for a Possible Conflict with Russia and China in Space..

The West is Having a Public Freak Out Over Russia Deploying Nukes in Belarus: (1) Ukraine Demands Emergency UN Meeting over Putin Nuclear Plan...

(2) NATORussia's Nuclear rhetoric 'Dangerous' .. oh! .. like they don't have nukes all over the place in tons of countries! .. but when Russia decides to do the same in ONE country, these two-faced idjits come screaming foul... shud up already...

(3) France 
Calls on Russia to Revise Decision on Nuke Arms Deployment in Belarus.. 

(4) EU 
Threatens MORE Sanctions if Russia moves Nukes to Belarus.. clowns (video)

The EU is a Dying Member of the Quartet.. Europe Once Ruled the World, now its former powers are just vassals of the U.S.

Biden Co-Hosts Second Summit for Democracy .. with Sec. of State Blinken .. 'cause authoritarian brutality,.. er, 'democracy' is working soooo well... another western blah blah borefest.. (video)

Democracy Summit Opens With Focus on Ukraine.. oh, that's something different.. pff (video)

(2) Why is Biden Doing Another Pointless Summit for Democracy?

U.S. 'Champion' In Number of Wars It's Unleashed Around the World - Russia

China, India, Other Nations say No to Western Hegemony — Lavrov ... Many states of the Eurasian continent, the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America "understand perfectly well what this is all about"

U.S. Meddling in Thai Elections:
Seeking to Create an Anti-China Proxy (video)

Washington's Chronic Disinterest in Conflict Exit Strategies Doesn't Bode Well for Ukraine: The U.S. has started or inserted itself into multiple wars in recent years – none of which ended in peace and stability...

World Bank says Global Economic Growth is Nearing a 'Speed Limit'
and it could be a 'Lost Decade in the Making'...


Trump Warns "This Will Be A War Like No Other" as Biden Readies Nuke Strikes To Protect Dollar...

Hungary and Italy Pass Laws 
Banning WEF Bug Eating Agenda...

California Farmers Lose BILLIONS: Atmospheric River Rain Storms Continue – "we've lost EVERYTHING"

Over 130 Mass Shootings in U.S. Since Beginning of 2023...

and, 38 U.S. Mass Shootings
This Month!


No School In America Will Ever Be 100% Safe Again.. 

WHO: (1) 
Instructs Schools to Teach Toddlers Masturbation and Sex at School

(2) Warns of Too Few New Drugs
for Deadly Superbugs


CDC Researchers Link Cancer Cells from Parasite to Human Tumors

Philadelphia Tap Water Officially Safe after Chemical Spill... and uh, if u believe that, we've got some sand from the Sahara to sell ya... (video)

Could the 'RESTRICT Act' Criminalize the Use of VPNs?

Pope and World Council of Churches Leader Propose 'Summit' on Ukraine... eye roll.. we ALL know how their big shot 'summits' turn out.. words on paper with ZERO results...

UN Issues Rare Condemnation As Zelensky Moves To Evict More Monks, Seize Churches

Has the Dalai Lama Chosen his Successor? (video) 

... Dalai Lama Names Mongolian Boy 
as new Buddhist Spiritual Leader (photo)

American Church Attendance Has Declined after Lockdown  

Paganism is on the Rise...
PreppingSurvival Nutrition..

(1) Secrets to WATER Harvesting and Clean Water - (video)

(2) Growing Vegetables in Straw Bales - (Straw Is Like a Sponge and Holds an Amazing Quantity of Water) - (video, photos)

(3) DIY Poor Man's Greenhouse ... (photos)

... 5 Low Cost Greenhouse Ideas (video)

(4) 10 Vegetables You Can Regrow from Kitchen Scraps to Create a Recurring Harvest - repost - (video)
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