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Monday June 27, 2022
(1) Russia Defaults on Foreign Debt for First Time in More than a Century: Oh, They Have the Money ($100 million) But Moscow said that Western Sanctions made Payment Impossible. Kremlin called the Default a 'Farce'. (video)

(2) Russia Accuses the West of Driving It into an Artificial Default
... umm, we've got this feeling that Russia isn't sweating this too much ... (video)

G7 Summit Highlights: (1) Leaders Detail Infrastructure Plan To Raise $600 BILLION to Rival China's Belt and Road Initiative... lol.. It's to help developing countries tackle 'Climate Change'... NOT for Immediate Food Aid, Basic Necessities, Shelter, etc.. but umm some 5 year plan to FIRST Raise Money to address a problem they Will NEVER solve ... save your money and store food people 'cause these guys are loco! 

(2) G7 Announces Ban of Russian Gold - New Sanctions... 'cause the other hundreds of current sanctions have been soooo successful ... (video)

(3) G7 Pledges to Stand with Ukraine "For as Long as it Takes"

"Russia Will Find New Customers for its Gold" - (we're thinking this guy is right. G7 Gold ban is going to backfire. 80% of world gov'ts refuse to involve themselves with Nato/Ukraine war... gold is more secure than Dollar FIAT and countries might just snatch up the gold because West has proven to be an unreliable Ally AND they can Freeze dollars internationally in bank accounts, not so with gold) ... (video)

Pentagon Awards BAE $12 Billion Contract to Modernize US Nuclear-Capable Missiles

Russia To Transfer Nuclear-Capable Missiles To Belarus "Within Months"

US Making Full-Fledged Move to Establish an Asia-Style NATO (video)

Jordan's King Abdullah Calls for a 'Middle East NATO'

EU Enlargement Can Eventually Destroy the Bloc, warn experts (video)

They Want War! - Peaceful Resolution of Ukraine Conflict Would Cause Global Instability: Boris Johnson

Abraham Accords Diplomats to Meet in Bahrain after Israel Meeting

Biden Announces Plan for Massive Vaccine Plant: 'Hundreds of Millions of Doses Annually' for Covid-19.. buhahaha, apparently no one told him we are wayyyy past the jabb scam... (video)

EU Renews Digital COVID Pass for Another Year Despite 99% Negative Public Feedback

Your Usual Evil Sickos at Gay Pride: (1) Nude Adults Flash Their Genitals at Children During Seattle Pride March, Police Say It's 'Permissible' (videos)

(2) Alaska Gay Pride: Drag Performer Twerking with his Bare Ass in Front of Little Kids (video)

(3) Photos from San Francisco Pride 2022 (photos)

Teen Generation Drag: Follows Five Teens and their Families as they Anticipate their Biggest Drag Performance (video trailer)

Twenty-Nine-Year-Old Man Identifying as Woman Beats Teen Girl at Skateboarding Tournament: "It’s Madness" (photos)

Just Gross! ickkk - Woman Makes Video Claiming She Mailed Her Period Blood to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh (video)

'No Visible Wounds': 22 People Mysteriously Found Dead in South Africa Bar (video)

The International Religious Freedom Summit (June 28-30) -  (1) It's the Largest Gathering of Religious Freedom Advocates in the World this Year and will Precede a Government-sponsored Ministerial on Religious Freedom in London on July 5-6. .. Their Focus? Call Out China.. nothing to see here folks.. same rhetoric

(2) Summit Speakers:  The usual Elite Politicians, Presidents of 'Foundations', Senators, Bishops, Actors, etc. Pushing Christianity, ... Their idea of "Religious Freedom" ... Pelosi, Pompeo to speak....

Tunisia will Abandon Islam as Its Official State Religion (video)

German Sex Abuse Lawsuit Targets Former Pope Benedict

Prepper Video Randoms...

(1) NOT Dying From Starvation: 20 Tips for Growing Food Indoors after SHTF! - (video)

(2) Filtering Water with Charcoal: Create a charcoal water filter from scratch! (video)

(3) How to Grow Ginger in Containers From STORE Bought Ginger (video)

(4) They're Warning Us What's Coming Next... (video)