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Sunday August 1, 2021
(1) Here are the Companies Requiring Proof of Vaccination from Employees

(2) Did You SEE the List?? Did You See "BlackRock"?? .. (we know.. you skimmed over them) BUT they OWN EVERYTHING!  Only Two Companies Run the World and Blackrock is One of Them. Globalist Elites ... so they want EVERYONE VAXXED! .... Bloomberg calls BlackRock "The Fourth Branch of Government".. (video)

Canadian Prime Minister, Mr. "New World Order, This is the Time for the Great Reset", Tells Canadians "No More Excuses" to Not get a COVID shot, Blames New Cases on Unvaccinated ... apparently he doesn't read the news showing it's the VACCINATED who ARE the 'SUPERSPREADERS' ... umm, nice try though... (video)

Why Are Globalists and Governments so Desperate for 100% Vaccination Rates?? Globalist Institutions and their Government "Partners" are the Greatest Beneficiaries of the Covid Crisis

Life Beyond the Pandemic Will NOT be the Same, EVEN for the Vaccinated - CNA News (video) 

(1) ANTI VAX PASSPORT PROTEST MOVEMENT IN FRANCE IS EXPLODING - What's Macron Gonna' Do?? People Don't Want a Passport! - Paris France July 31 (video)

(2) Globalists Have a NEW Problem: People with Vax 'Passports' (Corona Passes) are Now Showing Up Positive for Covid! .. The Vax Passport is a Fear Scam meant to Entice you to get the Vax..They KNOW This .. don't fall for it ..

Uh Oh.. Mexican President says, 'Won't be "Hostage" to Big Pharma. Internet predicts Trouble after Country Rejects Covid Jabs for Kids .. (Dude, FIVE Presidents are dead because they went against big pharma.. .. and the NEXT President to Mysteriously Die Is... ) - RT News ... (video - let page load)
CDC and ABC News Blah Blah .. Making out like it's a BIG surprise that the Vaxxed are Catching and Spreading Covid:  'War has Changed as Dangerous Delta Variant Spreads' .. but umm, STILL Get Vaccinated... as ifff ... (video)

Since MSM, CDC, WHO and Fraud'ci Keeps Trash Talking about FOLLOW "The Experts", Why don't they follow THIS group of 'Experts' - "Learn to Live With It, COVID-19 Can't be Eradicated. It's IMPOSSIBLE"  

Australians Who Post Anti-Lockdown Content Online Could Face $11,000 Fines

We Don't Want to Be Alarmists , BUT ummm, .... Food Availability Devastation Is Coming! If you haven't stored food yet, you're in a whole heap of trouble.. The Global Ramifications of Floods, Droughts and Frost are destroying our food supply chain ..... 

(1) Where is China Going to Get its Food From? (video - must see)

(2) China Floods, Brazil Freezes, US Dry - Top Exporters Lose Crops as Grains Crisis Accelerates (video)

(3) World's Food Supplies Get Slammed by Drought, Floods and Frost

(4) Brazil - 35% of Sugar Cane (SUGAR) Crops - GONE

(5) Brazil - Coffee, Oranges (they produce 3/4 of the world's oranges) .. forget about orange juice..., Corn .. (it's so bad, that Brazil is now IMPORTING corn) .. That's just Brazil, we haven't even touched on the U.S. and Europe drought and flood crop fails, container shortages, delivery disruptions but you get the picture.

Finally, China Nuclear Reactor Shut Down for Maintenance after Damage

Israel Switching to Air-Launched Cruise Missiles in Response to Russian Moves Against Its Strikes on Syria

African Swine Fever is Back in the Dominican Republic

Tokyo: Thousands Still Displaced from Fukushima Nuke Disaster - RT News (video)

George W Bush Should Shut Up and Go Away - Al Jazeera

Where Do Major U.S. Religions Stand on the COVID-19 Vaccination?

At Least 12 Priests in Mexico have Died from COVID-19 in Two Months

Americans Celebrate Christmas in July - NBC (video)

First of Its Kind: Sikh and Hindu "Ashes Scattering Site" opens in Wales. Can now scatter ashes into Taff River, which eventually flows into the Atlantic and Norwegian Sea.. you know.. the habitat for abundant fish ...

Church of England Leaders Increasingly Embracing 'Ultra-Progressive Values'

Prepper's Prepare for SHTF - Bartering .... (yeah, it's going to come to that) ...

(1) SHTF Portable Bartering Kit--- some great ideas in this vid .. (video)

(2) 10 Inexpensive SHTF Barter Items To Get Now (video)

(3) Best Bartering Items if the Grid Goes Down (video)

(4) 10 Things People in Venezuela are Bartering For ... (video)