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Sunday, July 14th ..

Well, let's get it over with .. 
Trump Shot! - Attempted Assassination -  some fool decided to make Trump a martyr.. Just posting TWO pics 'cause a picture is worth a thousand words ... and besides, his shooting has literally saturated ALL news feeds so u don't need us rehashing what thousands of MSM outlets are reporting .. (1) Photo - Trump Hits the Ground .. calling it the 'Hail Mary' pix 

(2) Photo - 'Power to the People' ... probably win photo of the year on this pix ..

'Mixed Bag' Today ... usually do these stories once a week - still prophecy related, just news of a different kind ...

This is what the WEF/New World Order wants to Feed Us: (1)
 Singapore Approves 16 Bugs to Eat as Food - mealworms, a white grub and a giant rhino beetle grub, as well as two species of moth, and the honeybee .. wth?? .. and notice how these sickos blend in the clean with the unclean.. (cause grasshoppers are fine to eat according to the scriptures) ..

Here's video of more info on this nastiness .. eat these worms and you'll soon be seeing live worms living in ur gut and clogging your brain! pff (video)

Better than Butter? Bill Gates-Backed Startup Is Making 'Butter' From CO2 Instead of Cows - It's a 'synthetic vegan fat', made without livestock or the crops needed for margarine (means it gets rid of MOST farming), could cut carbon emissions and save rainforests.. why in theee hell would we want ANYTHING from Bill Gates?? and some synthetic garbage when we have the REAL thing already?? idjits

Die Offs: (1) 
Over 70 Whales Die in Mass Stranding - one of the biggest stranding in decades (video)

Hundreds of Thousands of Fish Dead in California .. largest fish die off EVER! blame heat.. LIES! .. (video)

China's Artificial Sun Generated a Magnetic Field for the First Time

Dinosaur for Sale: Stegosaurus Skeleton up for Auction in New York .. we're like BURN IT! (video)

Houston Has 154,000-Gallon Sewage Spill After Power Outage
.. ickk

... speaking of 
sewageLet's Talk France, the Olympics and Swimming in Shit: (1) Swimmers will be swimming in the River Seine .. Only Problem is, that river is so polluted with shit that swimming in it has been banned over the last 100 years ... France has decided it's clean again - GROSS! 'Can Paris fix its Poop Problem before the Olympics? - (video mini doc - 8 min)

as of 3 weeks ago, the sewage is STILL there! - 'New Tests show the River Seine remains Unswimmable with three weeks to the Olympics' ...

(2) France is so desperate to prove that the water is 'clean', 
the French Sports Minister took a 'symbolic' swim in Seine ahead of Olympics ... Total gaslighting. Now, she’ll be off to the doctor for some antibiotics .. freak! .. on a totally different note, is that even a woman?? where's her boobs? (video)

U.S. Troops Committing Sex Crimes in Japan. Japanese Gov't was hiding it BUT now, they've had Enough! (1) 
Japan warns U.S. Forces: Sex crimes 'cannot be tolerated' ... at least 5 cases have come to light recently.. at least 30 cases in all .. k, NO ONE is surprised! This ALWAYS comes up when U.S. troops are stationed in another country .. pfff

(2) In Japan's Okinawa, Outrage mounts over Government Silence on Sex crimes involving U.S. troops -
'Another U.S. Soldier Charged with Sexual Assault of Minor' (video)

Russia: (1) 
Russia Outlaws The Moscow Times as 'Undesirable' Organization

(2) Russia Decides 
NOT to Broadcast the Olympics for the First Time in 40 years ...

Mass Evacuation in Italy!

Stromboli Volcano Eruption in Sicily, ash and lava everywhere .. Last eruption was a week ago .. she's ready to blow! (video)

Covid: (1) 
Covid-19 Infections Rising in Portugal, Italy and Spain .. not surprised.. got a lot of bloodshed and dead bodies in Ukraine ..

Covid Cases are Rising in 39 States! - ABC (video) 

... Whoopi Goldberg 
Absent From ‘The View’ After Testing Positive For Covid for THIRD TIME! .. uh, wasn't she just at the Vatican for Pope's gathering of comedians?? .. just sayin'

Jabbo: (1) HUGE: 
Five States SUING Pfizer over Misleading Claims about their covid injections!

.. Top Doctors Raise Alarm over ‘Deadly Plague’ Killing Vaxxed

(2) Marjorie Taylor Greene goes viral with X post ‘The COVID Vaccines are Killing People'

(3) Philippines Raises Alarm after Recording 290,000 Vax Deaths

Death Rate of American Babies Surges to Unprecedented High

Disease: (1) The World's Fastest-growing HIV Epidemic is in the Philippines

(2) Germany Reports Outbreak of Rare strain of Bird Flu (H7N5)

(3) Colorado Has a Resident with the 
Bubonic Plague! - (video)

... something has 
re-activated the Plague in Colorado .. they makin out like this is a rare case BUT 9 MONTHS ago, it killed someone..
then 8 yrs ago, then 9 years ago, plague killed people again..  just posting one video but u can check youtube for plague cases in Colorado throughout the years (video - 2015 archives)

Bird Flu Summit: (1) 
During The "International Bird Flu Summit" In Washington D.C. In October They Will Discuss "Mass Fatality Management Planning" ...

This woman is sounding the ALARM about the upcoming international bird flu summit .. The summit will discuss: Controlling social unrest and public disorder. How to manage civil unrest. Surveillance. Delivery of Vaccines, etc. The most dire statement she makes is that everything can start in two weeks, which she heard on the radio. TwitterX (video)

(3) Biden Admin Paying Moderna $176 Million to Develop Bird Flu Vaccine That Uses Same mRNA Tech as COVID Vaccine

Tampon Fears:
 Experts REFUSE to say which 14 brands contain toxic metals ...

Canadians Begin Hiring ‘Guardian Angels’ to Protect Hospital Patients from Euthanasia .. Canadian hospitals just be KILLING people now ..

... Canadian Assisted Suicide Data suggests over 15,000 chose euthanasia last year

The Gods Must be Angry: Mexico 'cancels' statue of Greek god Poseidon after dispute with local deity ..

Catholic Leaders React to Trump Shooting: ‘Our country needs God’ ... uh, that's the WHOLE problem.. what 'god' are u talkin about 'cause there's thousands of them??

Sex Abuse Survivors ask Vatican to Investigate Seattle Archdiocese.. hahaha , umm newsflash - the Vatican PROMOTES and OPENLY sexually abuses children.. askin' the fox to investigate the henhouse.. pff

‘Not in Our Name’: Some clergy rebuke Ten Commandments law .. well, they don't even keep these laws written in the bible so, NO surprise here .. white washed frauds! 

Prepping: Just news you might have missed .. 

Dude pushes 'reorder' button on groceries he purchased from Walmart in 2022 -- and he is shocked to learn the price for the full basket of groceries has more than TRIPLED in two years! ... (video)

Guard Your Cards when using ATM's! - Group accused of stealing $300,000 with skimming devices in Massachusetts, other states - (video)

You Use AT&T?? Your'e Personal Info has been Compromised! - Data of nearly ALL AT&T wireless customers downloaded from a third-party platform in security breach .. Your info has been leaked! (video)

Just totally ickk! 
China Food Safety Scandal -- Cooking Oil Transported in Containers ALSO Carrying Fuel .. wake up y'all, this ain't just China doing dirty deeds.. it's EVERYWHERE! - CNBC (video)

Where are All the Jobs in the U.S. and Canada?? - (1) 
Number of Unemployed Americans for 27 weeks & over SKYROCKETED by 36% year-over-year in June - (video)

(2) Canada’s Job Market – 
Where are the Jobs??
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