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Why Are Indigenous Women Disappearing Across Canada?

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Wednesday February 21, 2024
U.S. Blocks Ceasefire Call with Third UN Veto in Israel-Hamas War - Vetoes Arab backed resolution demanding humanitarian ceasefire .. was the ONLY country that vetoed
This further proves that the UN structure itself (esp 'veto power) is outdated and useless .. 
at least we get to the see the utter hypocrisy of the U.S. and their further isolation on the world stage .. (video)

... NATO Nations 
France, Saudi, Qatar, Hamas Lambast U.S. For Vetoing UNSC Resolution On Gaza War - (video)

European Union Extends Sanctions against Russia until February 24, 2025 .. lol, like they have nothing better to do like SAVE their OWN crashing economies ... while Russia's economy is thriving, doing wayyy better than ALL EU economies combined, and continues to turn a profit.. u know that Scripture in Deuteronomy 19:19? "Then DO TO HIM (them) as he (they) intended to do to their brother" (means, 'each to the other, another) .. so, what EU keeps dishing out to Russia, is actually coming back upon them as we clearly see with their failing economies .. gotta read ur scriptures folks to NOT bring curses down upon yourself ..

Death from Terrorism in Africa Rose by 100,000% since U.S. Involvement – report ... (video)

Russia and Ukraine City Avdiivka: (1) Scott Ritter: 
"Russia Has Taken The Most Strategic City In Ukraine! Avdiivka HAS FALLEN!".. (video)


Drama as Brazil and Israel Butt Heads: (1) 
sooo, Brazilian Prez Lula Compare's Israel's War against Palestinians to the 'Holocaust' - (video)

(2) As Usual, 
Israel has a Hissy Fit and Netanyahu throws a Tantrum like a 5 year old - 
Declares Lula 'Persona non Grata', Recalls Ambassador - he goes full drama queen .. Al Jazeera (video)

"What I Saw Wasn't War — It Was Annihilation," says U.S. Doctor Who Volunteered in Gaza Hospital - Democracy Now (video)

Bibi: (1) 
Netanyahu once again Rejects Palestinian State - ABC (video)

Can Netanyahu Resist Revolt against his Leadership? - Israelis call for his resignation and NEW elections. He's facing increasing Israeli anger for failing to bring captives home - and he's also on trial for fraud and bribery. Inside Story from Al Jazeera - (video)
He Said/She Said from France to Stir Up Middle East against Lebanon - 
'Hezbollah Dug a Network of Tunnels in Lebanon that is More Dangerous than Hamas' .. ok, so where's your proof 'cause it sounds sketchy?? .. well, THEY say, 'Military sources who served in Lebanon, who SAY Hezbollah used quiet on the border to construct hundreds of kilometers of complex underground systems for infiltration and defensive purposes' .. oh, we get it now, ... some guy, who heard it from ANOTHER guy, who heard SOMEONE ELSE say .. give us the proof or shut ur yap!

Israel: (1) Israel Decides to Bomb Lebanon - (video)

Israel's Deadly Raids Continue in West Bank .. (video)

... Israel's Psychological Warfare 
in the Occupied West Bank - (video)

Most Africans are Horrified, Shocked and Disgusted by what Israel is Doing – Nigerian Politician .. RT (video)

Prince William 
Pipes Up out of NOWHERE to put his little 2 cents in about 'Israel-Hamas War' .. how nice of you to join the party but NO ONE cares WHAT YOU think ..  We ALWAYS find it interesting that the shady royals tend to speak up AND show up in the Middle East (Jerusalem specifically) when disaster looms to get their sketchy dibs in to subtly remind us that they somehow have claims to the 'Holy Land' (goes way back if u wanna research it) .. (video) 

he did the same crap in 2018 when he went to Israel.. this time, he's due to carry out a number of engagements to 'recognize the human suffering caused by the conflict in the Middle East' and will attend a synagogue next week to highlight the global rise in antisemitism  .. how noble of you..

Two-State Solution in the Middle East Is 'Impossible', ... 'a Fantasy' - Sky News with Douglas Murray Interview - Western politicians keep talking about a two-state solution being the “magical solution to everything that goes wrong” in the Middle East. “It was always a fantasy,” (video - 13 min)

Egypt is in Big Time Financial Trouble: (1) 
Desperate Egypt Sells Off Historic Hotels as it Dives Deeper into Debt!

Egypt's Suez Canal Revenue has Dropped 40-50% so far in 2024 due to the effect of Houthi attacks on shipping in the Red Sea. .. we're talkin' Egypt has lost BILLIONS ... we wouldn't be surprised if Sisi made a back room deal with the West or Israel to take Palestinian migrants in exchange for cash .. he's that kind of sketchy ..

G20 Foreign Ministers Head to Rio: (1) 
Foreign Ministers Meet to Discuss Conflicts, Global Governance in Brazil

(2) Russia's Lavrov arrives in Rio de Janeiro ahead of the G20 foreign ministers' meeting - (video)

... He's out of his league and not sure ANYONE cares but, 
Blinken arrives in Rio - (video)

*This just came in - 
Israel's Knesset Votes 99 -11 Against ANY Unilateral Recognition of Pal State

73,000,000 Abortions Occur Worldwide EACH YEAR

Deadly Combination of War and Drought leaves Ethiopia facing Famine - (video)

UN's Next Goals: 
End National Militaries, Establish Global Military, Disarm You - UN now appears to be Bringing Back an Old Agenda.. Establishing a Monopoly on Force. This year the globalists plan to discuss the disarmament not only of nations, but of citizens as well. Alt Media (long vid)

Farmed Salmon Producers are Feeding GMO 'Fake' Canola Oil to Fish

Opposition to mRNA Injections Now Considered a CRIME in France!

Study finds 
Sewage from Mexican River poses Health risk to Americans - NBC (video)
Nigeria Cost of Living: 
People Turn to 'Throw-away' Rice for Food

Let's Talk about The Farmer Protests that are Encompassing the GlobeThe Western Media is IGNORING this monumental rebellion that's taking place but it will have widespread repercussions - (1) Breakdown Of The Attack On Farmers.
Government Is Mandating 25% Of Farmers Land Become Unusable ..
This Is The Plan To Devalue Their Land & Ultimately Remove Them From Their Properties, Here’s How.. Alt Media (video - 3 min)

In short, the global elites are FORCING through their fake climate agenda, .. conning us with 'greenhouse gas emissions' that will supposedly 'save the planet' and their so called 'green farming' .. In the long run, this will lead to food shortages, starvation and famine. It's a power grab to steal land AND wealth .. (no link)
(2) 'We have Reached the End of our Rope.' 
Why Farmers around the World are Protesting .. PBS (video)

(3) New EU Climate Change
Cause Polish Farmers to BLOCK Ukraine Border in Protest against Ukraine Agricultural Imports - it's unfair competition, devalues EU farmers .. hey, just a result of war. EU screwed themselves, won't give Ukraine wheat to Africa so glutted EU market with cheap grain and farmer's are rightly pissed! RT (video)

(4) Why are Farmers Protesting in Europe and India? 
The 'Green Policies' Scam - (video)

Vatican Issues Another Warning to German Hierarchy ... (video)
... In Germany, 
650 Churches
have Closed since 2005, 
have been decimated" ..


'Pews are Empty' - Catholic Church Membership in Massachusetts Suffers Steep Declines - Media asks, 'WHY'?? .. oh, we dunno .. possibly because u have a he/shemale trannie speaking at podiom with gay pride flag draped over the Catholic altar, or, Massachusetts was the first state to uncover the biggest child sex abuse scandal of the church in the U.S... they just don't represent ANYTHING written in the scriptures and people are catching onto that .. CBS Boston (video)

Five Years Post-Summit,
The Catholic Church Struggles with Clergy Abuse Crisis ...

Temple Mount: (1) Shin Bet chief warns, 
'Temple Mount Curbs on Ramadan Could Spark Holy War'
(2) Ben-Gvir: 
'Bar Palestinians from Temple Mount over Ramadan' - "It can't be that women and children remain captive in Gaza and we allow Hamas victory celebrations on the Temple Mount," said the Israeli Minister.

'Thanks to Ben-Gvir for uniting all Muslims': Tensions rise over decision to limit Muslim prayer on Temple Mount during Ramadan .. 
Defense establishment is voicing concern that the decision will ignite violence on the ground, and also hurt relations with Qatar and Egypt the countries trying to arrange a hostage deal with Hamas

PreppingRecalls and Health Alerts this week ..

(1) Consumer Alert: Harmful Pesticides Found in Cereals ... esp in General Mills products like Cheerios and Quaker Oats - (video)

(2) Dole Recalling Select Salad Kits for Listeria Risk .. this is interesting because for the past month, lots grocery stores were doing these Dole salad kits at BOGO (buy one, get one free) .. hmm, and to think we almost bought one (video)

Recall of Sliced Meat Products for possible Salmonella - stores include Walmart and Costco ... you might not eat this stuff BUT, we want to make you aware that food is becoming increasingly dangerous to consume ... (video)

*** .. And don't forget about that HUGE Nationwide Listeria Cheese Recall! .. we covered it a few weeks ago but doing again 'cause recall has increased.. Hundreds of products affected from salad kits, to tacos and bean dips, to sauces, to salad dressings, the list is endless .. These cheeses are in a ton of products as INGREDIENTS .. affects items at HEB, Walmart, Costco, Trader Joe's, etc. - List includes 60 cheeses! .. be on the lookout for 'Rizo-López' Foods - (video)

(4) Massive Car Recall from Honda and Acura ... only problem is, part NOT available anytime soon .. (video)

(5) Nearly 400K Refrigerators Recalled by Frigidaire citing ice bucket Choking Hazard - (video)

How to Stay on Top of Food Recalls - (video)
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