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January 18, 2022

You Use WhatsApp?? We Don't. Stopped Using it years ago when Facebook Bought it in 2014.. Ditched the APP because we knew stories like this would come out ... 'WhatsApp Helps US Govt Spy on Users, NO Questions Asked, NO Probable Cause' ... word is, there's about 17 different Gov agencies that spy on users ... CIA, NSA, DEA, FBI, IRS get the picture ..

(1) Airlines are Freaking Out about 5G: Warn of "Catastrophic Disruption" to Travel and Shipping from 5G - ABC (video)

(2) The 5G Battle Between Tech And Travel Explained (video)

Murder Rates Across US Exploded in 2021 Despite Lockdowns, Highest since the mid-1990s .. 

Peru Beach Turns Black by Oil Spill after Tonga Eruption (video)

Biden Announces Plan To Provide Americans With 400 MILLION FREE N95 Masks From The Federal Strategic National Stockpile ..'cause that'll stop Covid .... plus, you can get FREE At-Home-Covid Tests so they can collect your DNA and track and trace you... (video)

January 18, 2022

What EXACTLY is Goin' On In China?? (1) 'Beijing Locks Down Office Building with Workers STILL INSIDE after Single Omicron Case Detected' ... STILL INSIDE!! ..ONE CASE?? Like what in theee hell?? .... At least 20 Million people locked down already... is it the Hemorrhagic Fever? ..they have like 3000 cases... is it Bird Flu??? .. Is it because of Olympics and they're putting on a 'Covid Free' Illusion?? Many Ports are closed too... Somethin' ain't right .... But, it's NOT Omicron! (video)

(2) Centralized Covid Camps Being Built in China ...  naaa, something's sketchy is goin' on here ...(video)

Heart Problems Already Start at Australian Open .... (video)

(1) Minnesota Now Offering $200 Gift Cards to Families to Get Their 5-11 Year-Olds Vaccinated (video)

(2) They Must've Missed Pfizer's CEO Memo Last Week about Jabbo Being Useless .. let's refresh their memory .. (video)

Vatican No. 2 and Deputy BOTH Positive for COVID .. they can't even escape this plague.... how's that MARY worship workin' out for ya?? 

Since the Vaccines Fail against Omicron, Science and Reason Tell Us to End ALL Vaccine Mandates and COVID Passes