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February 28, 2021

Here's Proof That You Can't Quarantine or Force People to get Covid Tests: Canadian Travelers are walking out of international airport refusing tests and quarantines. Would rather pay the $820 fine than a $2000 Hotel quarantine bill .. (gov't money scam)


Pfizer CEO Admits Israel is the 'World's Lab'... ummm, we already figured that out ... 

Look at THIS 'One World Order' Freakshow! Dr Fraudci Informing the world "Even if you're vaccinated, you're not going to be able to do things in society". Pharaoh Has NO Intentions of letting anyone go unless a "mighty arm" compels him' .. (video)

Spain: Another 9 Care Home Residents Dead And 78 Infected With COVID-19 Days After Receiving Pfizer’s MRNA Jab


(1) The Sheeple: This is how stupid people are now.. Guy Uses "Lint Roller"  (video)

(2) The NOT Sheeple: Jokes.. you'll get it when u see it..  (video)

February 27, 2021

EU Leaders Agree To Introduce COVID-19 Vaccine Passports (video)


Turns Out the "United Nations" isn't really "United" after all ..UN Secretary General STILL Trying to Unify the World with a "Global Vaccination Plan" (listen to him admit that covid virus mutations will keep coming back and vaccinations will not be relevant) .. (video)

World Economic Forum Gets the "Sit Yo Ass Down" Treatment from Social Media after Claiming Covid-19 Lockdowns "Improved Cities All Over the World" (give page time to load)

Vaccine Propaganda Goes Extreme ... State Launches Door-To-Door Effort To Vaccinate Older Adults (video)


Vaccine Companies are Out Of Control! Pfizer/BioNTech to study if THREE doses of Covid-19 vaccine can boost immunity against variants

... and here we have some Crazy Scientists suggesting "Vaccination Before EVERY Trip" May Be Needed

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