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May 10, 2021

Breaking: TEMPLE MOUNT BURNING -- Bomb Shelters Opened as Rocket Barrages Hit Israel; Rocket Attack Sirens sounding in cities throughout Israel

(1) This Whole U.S. "Pipeline Cyber Attack" thing sounds Sketchy to Us! ... Here's Why .. The Rich Elitists at the World Economic Forum in July 2020 Predicted that "Cyber Attacks" were going to be the NEW CRISIS having "Even more Significant Economic and Social Implications than COVID19." .. and what do you know.. We Get Cyber Attacks! ... They're not even hiding their evil anymore ...Here's Globalist Klaus Schwab telling us what's next .... (video)


(2) The Cyber Attack Script is the Same: More gas hikes, More shortages, More fear, More 'mystery', ... NBC (video)

(3) We Suspect It's Only a Matter of Time Before they Blame China or Russia ...

As Violence in Jerusalem Spirals Out of Control, Netanyahu says,"We Will Impose Law and Order Aggressively". Get Up to Speed ... (video recap)

UN Security Council to Hold Emergency Meeting on Escalating Jerusalem Violence

Hidden Nuclear Threats: Two Men Arrested for trying to Sell Highly Radioactive Uranium. Estimated Worth: $2.9 Million. It could've been used by Terrorists to make Nuclear Explosives.

May 9, 2021

(1) Vaccine Whistleblower? . says 'The Original Plan Was To Roll This Out In 2050' but they didn't count on so many adverse reactions .. (video)


(2) ... and Speaking of Adverse Reactions .. MSM is giving an interview about being vaccinated when a woman falls over after taking the vaccine ... (video)

Running Out of Vaccine Options (because of blood clots) and Wanting to Build back Vaccine Confidence, WHO Approves New 'Vaccine' from China (video)

Covid-19 in India: Oh my Word! Half-Burnt Dead Bodies found Floating in India's Yamuna River (this river is the longest tributary in India... leads into the Ganges!) - (video)

Covid Economic Fallout: (1) U.S. April Job Numbers Are So Bad, CNBC Thought It Was A Typo (video)

(2) Tucker Reacts to 'Troubling' April Jobs Report: Americans Paid to stay at home, Shortages.. Why? Prices Sky Rocket - Too Much Fake Money has been printed .. (video)

(3) Canada's Economy Lost 207,000 Jobs Last Month