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September 20, 2020

US Unilaterally Declares UN Sanctions on Iran are Back in Force .... ummm, even though US pulled out of the deal 2 years ago and NO UN nation supports them... well, umm except for Dominican Republic (video)


Iran's Rouhani Vows "Crushing Response" After Pompeo Declares Restoration Of All Sanctions 

Washington Sends Venezuelan President Maduro A Clear Message: STEP DOWN! (video)


Russian Military Briefing: US and NATO Provocative Acts on Russian Borders (video)

Russia 'Forced' To Create Hypersonic Missiles After US Exited Landmark Treaty: Putin

Tensions Between Greece and Turkey Escalate: Stakes Rising over who Controls which Parts of the Eastern Mediterranean (video)

September 19, 2020

Canada-US Border Closure will be Extended to Oct. 21 But Trump says Will Open Soon (video)


President Of Guatemala Tests Positive For COVID-19 (video)

Trump Promises Enough COVID-19 Vaccine Doses for Every American by April (video)


CDC Can't Make Up It's Mind: Reverses Course On Covid Testing For Asymptomatic People (video)

Momentum for Basic Income Builds as Pandemic Drags On

Australia Premier wants Power to Arrest People who Haven't Even Committed an Offence (video)

Mass Shooting in New York. 16 Shot (video)

September 18, 2020

Russia Declares Venus a Russian Planet (video)


Wildfires are Burning in Arctic Circle Like Never Before. Burning for Months! Ancient Peatlands Utterly Destroyed, Tundra  Incinerated (video)

5 Million Acres Burned: Wildfires Continue to Burn in Oregon, California (video)


Out of 8 Companies, Just 3 Vaccines are in Final Stage of Trials (video)

Crime Wave: NYC Murder Rate Climbs by 27% and Gang Violence Rises 52% 

Billionaires Called to Pay It Back as UN Warns of 'Wave of Hunger and Famine' That Could Rock Globe

NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - September 17th, 2020 (video)

September 17, 2020

Well, Look at This! Only ONE News sight reporting this: "Transmissions Detected Between Masked People". Once again proves Last Day's Witness and Scriptures True. People with the mark will get Covid Plague no matter what they do and Masks Do NOT Prevent Transmission 


... And Then Yesterday, We Have this Joker, CDC Director Testifying Before the Senate, Telling Us "Masks are More Effective Than even a Vaccine in Preventing Individual Coronavirus Infections"... umm sure ... (video)

BLM Riots Caused Over $1 BILLION of Damage, 'yet media says they're mostly peaceful' (video)


Belarus Leader Lukashenka Accuses West and EU Allies of Trying To 'Destroy' Belarus With Another Revolution (video)

Boom! EU Slaps Sanctions on Belarus. Is Lukashenko Right? (video)

Netanyahu Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Russia: No Peace if Israel-Palestine Conflict Not Settled (video)

September 16, 2020

The Peace Treaties Between the UAE, Bahrain and Israel are Signed. Trump declares 'dawn of a new Middle East' (video)


Peace Plans That Have Nothing To Do With Peace

UAE, Bahrain Peace Deals with Israel Make No Mention of Palestinian State (video)


Israel's Peace Deals Are a Strategic Nightmare for Iran

Russia to Sell 100 Million Vaccine Doses to India (video)

In Brazil, It's Not Just The Amazon That's Burning. The World's Largest Wetland Is On Fire Too (video)

Videos Show Heavy Flooding Caused By Hurricane Sally In Florida And Alabama -NBC (video)

September 15, 2020

Muammar Gaddafi Speaks at the UN, in 2009 "They will create the viruses themselves and sell you the antidote…" (video)


Coronavirus Vaccine: 8,000 Jumbo Jets Needed to Transport Doses Globally (video)


Hmmmm... Why is Trump Rushing to Introduce a National Vaccine Tracking System? Why does Trump think we need a national database for his fast tracked vaccine for a virus that he claims is no worse than a flu…?

Explaining the Bogus 'Viral Blockers' Worn by Some Politicians (video)

By the Numbers: Apocalyptic Events Across the Globe (video)

What in Theeeee Hell is Going On In Australia? "Mary's Land" is in a bit of trouble... Heaviest Lockdown in the World for Few Covid Cases, Huge Police Enforcement, No School or Work, and now... NO RICE, Police Invading Markets (video)

September 14, 2020

It Has Been Decided: Israel, UAE Agreement will be a Peace Treaty. Signed Tomorrow in Washington


US Military is a 'Destroyer of World Peace': China



Under the Radar: UN Assembly Approves Pandemic Resolution; US, Israel Object. Promotes immunization, NWOrder, Climate Change and blah blah.. usual empty words

Lukashenko Arrives in Russia for talks with Putin about Protests in Belarus (video)

Nightly News Full Broadcast (September 13th) (video)

September 13, 2020

Multiple Wildfires, Whole Towns Burned to the Ground, Hurricane Florida and Louisiana Inbound- NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - September 12th, 2020 (video)


Ambush! Man opens fire on 2 Los Angeles police officers sitting in a squad car (video)


Greek Police Continue to Hold Thousands of Migrants Hostage with No Food or Water.  Use Tear Gas (video)

Bedlam in Belarus. Police Battle Protesters for the 35th consecutive day. Lukashenko Will Not Resign (video)

African Swine Fever Reaches Germany. Germany Stops Harvest, "Temporarily Bans Agriculture" (video)

China Slaps German Pork With Export Ban Due to African Swine Fever

September 12, 2020

German Doctors Say Covid-19 is Organized Crime; the Greatest Crime in History! (video)


Bahrain Follows UAE in Making Peace With Israel: Trump Announces Deal Between Bahrain And Israel To Normalize Relations - NBC News (video)


Greek Authorities Struggle To Feed and House 12,000+ Migrants after Destructive Fire (video)

Riots Across Colombia  (video)

Sudden Floods In Malaysia Bring Massive Snakes and Devastation (video)

Fires, Dr. Fraud'ci, and Floyd: NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - September 11th, 2020 (video)

September 11, 2020

Calamity, Catastrophe, Collapse: Fires Engulf US West Coast, Hundreds of Thousands Evacuated (video)


'Everything Is A Total Loss': Entire Towns Devastated By Oregon Wildfires - NBC News (video)


Economic Devastation of Covid-19 in American Cities (video)

Dr. 'Fraud'ci Warns to 'Hunker Down’ this Fall and Winter amid Covid (video)

Worst River Nile Flooding in Over a Century Threatens Ancient Pyramids. 60,000 Homes Destroyed, Blue Nile Bursts Its Bank (videos)

Thailand Reports 685 Chikungunya Disease Cases in One Week (no cure. it's like dengue.. carried by mosquitoes)

September 10, 2020

No Mercy: Migrant camp fire leaves 13,000 without shelter. Police block roads from the camp to prevent migrants entering nearby towns. People on the streets with no access to food, water or shelter (video)


Another Reason Why You Shouldn't Trust "The Beast":  Trump Admits to Deliberately, Intentionally Misleading the Public about COVID-19 (video)


'Horrifically Catastrophic': Report Finds US "War on Terror" Has Displaced as Many as 59 Million People

Germany Confirms Infectious African Swine Fever on its Territory. Pork Trade Continues from EU to China (video)

Despite Resolution, UN's 'Global Ceasefire' Remains a Joke (video)

Charities "Have Lost Billions" in Revenue During the Pandemic. YMCA, Salvation Army Hoping Holidays Bail Them Out (video)

September 7, 2020

California Wildfires - 50 Uncontained fires, People Stranded, Dramatic Rescues (video)

After Nearly 7 Months at Sea, Rohingya Refugees Finally Reach Land (video)

More Weapons Seen at Portland Protests, experts expect more violence (video)

Sudan Declares 3-Month State of Emergency over Deadly Floods: Flood Waters the Highest they have ever been in 100 years (video)

Covid Fatigue - World is Fed Up and Frustrated (video)

September 6, 2020

COVID-19 Vaccine Syringes May Have RFID Chip (video)

India Covid-19: 90 Thousand New Cases Recorded in One Day (video)

Super Typhoon Haishen hits Japan. Cities Evacuated (video)

What The Locusts Didn't Get, The Rains Did: Rains Devastate Rural Economy In Parts of Pakistan. Almost 80% of Cotton Crop Gone, along with onion and chili crops

Sea of People: 100,000 Belarusians Continue Their March Calling on President Alexander Lukashenko to step down. The mass demonstrations showed no sign of abating nearly a month after an election his opponents say was rigged. (video)

Masked Men Snatch Belarus Protesters Right Off the Streets (video)

September 5, 2020


Coronavirus Test Unreliability: Tests 'Could Be Picking Up Dead Virus' - The main test used to diagnose coronavirus is so sensitive it could be picking up fragments of dead virus from old infections

Hmm... Red Flag: Why Are Moderna Executives Selling Stock While Developing a Covid-19 Vaccine??

Are Developing Countries Being Protected from Covid-19 by POVERTY? Low death rates in poorer nations leaves experts puzzled 

BLM: Have a Look at What's Going On in New York (video)

Risk of Hunger Pandemic as Coronavirus Set to Almost Double Acute Hunger by End of 2020

Coronavirus Sparks Surge in Homelessness from the US to Africa (video)

September 4, 2020

Peace Out! U.S. says It Will Not Pay $80 Million It Owes WHO This Year

Australia Insists on Levels 3-4 Lockdowns until December. Wants to stay closed until a Vaccine is found. ANY Protests are prevented. Economy is destroyed and now Doctors are speaking up

Australia Again...  (why do we report on Australia?) Because They Dedicated Themselves to Mary and now Nation is Being "STRANGLED"! Well, ..when you worship Mary Instead of Yahweh, THAT'S WHAT YOU GET! (video)

Nearly 30,000 Tons of Sewage Sludge Containing Human Waste to Enter UK. To be used on Farmland as Fertilizer

US First Time Jobless Claims Fall Below 1 Million But Layoffs Remain Elevated. Economic Recovery Is Far From Over (video)

Japan says It Will Bear Cost of COVID-19 Vaccines for Populace - TRANSLATION: We will Pay the Cost of Poisoning You to Make It Look Like We Are Helping You...

NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - September 3rd, 2020 (video)

September 3, 2020

Oh,... uh wait... Didn't UN say Last Week That they "Eradicated Polio" in Africa?? Polio is BACK! .. and NEVER Left quite frankly... UN is the Cause of New Outbreak in African Countries Sudan AND Chad - "New polio outbreak in Sudan caused by oral vaccine" .. and they want us to believe that Vaccines are safe....pff

US States Told Be Ready to Distribute Covid-19 Vaccine by Nov 1 (video)

International Criminal Court Officials Sanctioned by US (video)

Powerful Typhoon Maysak Hits BOTH Koreas,  Second Typhoon in a Week. 2 Dead and 5000 Cattle Drowned (video)

China and India Move Closer to War: India Captures Chinese Camp in Border Clash (video)

India Has Highest Single Day Surge of Covid-19 That ANY Country Has Ever Recorded: 83,000 COVID-19 cases in a Single Day (video)

EU Keeps Standing Up To Vaccine Makers: "Drugmakers ask EU to Loosen Rules for COVID-19 Vaccine" (EU doesn't like the fact that Vaccine Makers have ZERO Liability if Vaccine Proves Harmful. Drugmakers Pressure EU) - (video)

September 2, 2020

US says It Won't Join Global Effort to Find COVID-19 Vaccine

There are more than 166 Covid-19 Vaccines Being Tested Right Now - World Health Organization


Australia's Economy had its Worst Quarter on Record. EVER! Now it's in a historic recession. (We wonder if they have figured out yet that when you keep a country on 3 and 4 Level Lockdown for 6 months that it WILL Affect the Economy ..smh) - (video)

COVID-19 Might Mean Humanity Has Entered An Age Of Pandemics, Fauci Warns

NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - September 1st, 2020 (video)

September 1, 2020

Another Reason Why You Shouldn't Trust Covid Vaccine: FDA Willing to Fast Track Coronavirus Vaccine Before Phase Three Trials End - NBC (video)

Lockdown Backfire: How to Force People Back to Work?? - An Ad Campaign! (video)

NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - August 31st, 2020 (video)

Another Lockdown Backfire: Evictions Crisis. Rent Is Due.  Protests are underway across the America (video)

Food Supply Spontaneously Combusting? Controlled Demolition? Food Warehouses, Grain Reserves, Sugar Silos ALL 'Coincidentally' Destroyed... Is Food Supply Under Attack? (video)

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