Mixed Bag


October 25, 2021

Mysterious Volcanic Comet 29P Erupts Again Spewing Cryomagma into Space (video)

'Rare Flesh Eating Sexually Transmitted Disease' on the Rise in the UK: Causes 'Beefy Red' Sores 

Sri Lanka Bans Bacteria Infested 'Organic' Chinese Fertilizer

Toxic Algae: (1) Scourge Triggers Wholesale Deaths of Salmon and Sea Urchins, Resulting in Damages Totaling $67 MILLION to just ONE Local Fishing Industry

(2) Scientists Worried about a Shocking Number of Manatee Deaths: Starvation, Malnutrition, Nutrient Pollution Caused by Fertilizers and Pesticides Created Algae Blooms that Smothered Everything ...

Honey Harvest Expected To Decline Dramatically in France (video)

Trying to Save a Million Salmon and a Tribe in a Historic Drought .. (video)

Two Porn-Addict 11 Year Olds Kill 6 Year Old for Refusing to Replicate Sex Acts

Thousands of Migrants, Refugees Set Off from Mexico to US (video)

Hospitals Struggle with Drug Shortages

October 24, 2021

Walmart Recall: Deadly Bacteria Found in Aromatherapy Product (video)

Check Your Onions! - CDC Issues Warning on Onion-Linked Salmonella Outbreak in 37 States (video)

13,000 Turkeys to be Killed on Italian Farm after Second Outbreak of Highly Contagious H5N1 Bird Flu More Sick in Hepatitis A Outbreak Traced to Restaurants; One Required Liver Transplant

Facebook Plans to Change Name to Shake Off Scandals... a Leopard Can Not Change Its Spots thus says Yeremyah - (Jeremiah)13:23 (video)

Sooo,.. Trump Announces Launch of His Own Social Media Platform That Will "Fight Back Against the Tyranny of Big Tech" - It's called 'TRUTH Social' (video)

NOBODY Wants Fake Garbage: Beyond Meat 'Implodes' As Consumers Lose Interest Even Amid Meat Shortage .. (and that garbage is expensive!)

Oh, YOU Trust Your J&J Jab?? Here's ANOTHER Lawsuit for You .... Johnson and Johnson Pulling Their Bankruptcy Bullshit Again: You know,.. they lose a lawsuit, create a new company and transfer lawsuit to that company so they can claim bankruptcy and NOT Pay.... - 'J&J Baby Powder Claims Spur Bankruptcy Despite $25 Billion in Cash'

The WHO Recommends Genetic Manipulation and Gene Editing of Humans "To Promote Public Health"

Anti-Government Groups Grow Significantly (video)