Mixed Bag


January 19, 2022

Mask Asphyxiation Disease "M.A.D." Now Sweeping across America and the World

China Blames ONE Piece of Canadian Mail for New Omicron Case that Caused Newest Lock Down .. clowns (video)

To Hell With It! - UK Ends ALL COVID Passports, Mask Mandates, Work Restrictions

FBI Warning: Crooks are Using Fake QR Codes to Steal Your Passwords and Money

Antibiotic-Resistant Genetic Material Found in Biosludge Spread on American Farms, Putting Pathogenic Genes on Your Food

Dang! - Ex-Boyfriend, 17, is Arrested for Shooting Texas 15-year-old TWENTY TWO Times in the Back after she Confronted him about his Infidelity  .. gets released on bond (video)

Israeli Trash Is Poisoning Palestinians in the West Bank

January 18, 2022

(1) Fraud'ci Speaks at Davos/WEF Elite Blah Blah Summit: "Covid Disinformation Is Entirely Destructive" ..  nothin' to see here folks ...(video)

(2) Another Davos Windbag ... UN Secretary General Guterres takes up the Issue of Climate Change .. umm, do u guys just ALL stroke yourselves with the same bullshit?.. (video)

Avian Malaria: Penguin Colony Decimated by Outbreak 

Anthrax in Uruguay: Outbreaks In Cattle, Horses, and Possibly Humans

(1) Canada/US Trucker Jab  Mandate is Gonna' Cause Supply Chain Problems: 'CANADIAN TRUCKERS BLOCK ROUTES IN & OUT OF US IN PROTEST OF MANDATES' (video)

(2) Crossing Delayed Monday at Manitoba-U.S. Border as Truckers Protest Vaccine Mandate (video)

(3) Jab Mandate to Be Enforced in U.S. Too .. Begins in a Week. Prepare Yourselves Accordingly ....