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September 20, 2020

China Pushing Fake Meat? ... Falls In Line With Global Agenda to Deprive World of Meat (Announcer tries to blur the lines) - (video)


'Trump Announces $13 Billion in Relief for US Farmers': Shattered by Pandemic, Gov't Throws Farmers a Lifeline BEFORE Elections (after they told farmers to destroy their crops, produce and livestock. Now comes in like a white horse pretending to save the day) - (video)

World on Fire: Now, It's Saudi Arabia (video)


Michigan Man, 35, Charged with HIV Exposure After Sexual Relationship (Rape) of 12-Year-Old

The Average 'Worldly' Worker Experiences Career Burnout — by the age of 32!

Endangered Beaver Making a Comeback (video)

"We Don't Have The $$$" - Yellow Cabs Block NYC Bridges As Taxi-Debt Crisis Erupts (videos)

Do You KNOW What Your Eating? "Human Flesh Looks Like Beef. It’s like Pork. Or maybe Veal (archives)

September 19, 2020

Drag Queens put on a show from their windows in Paris .. and the people love it! (video)


Still Trust Your 'Facebook' and 'Instagram' Accounts?? - "Facebook Sued In Federal Court For "Spying" On Instagram Users Through Camera"

Woman Pleads Guilty to Killing Infant Son, Dumping Body in Trash Can. Baby Found at Landfill (video)


Woman Admits to Smothering 4-year-old Daughter with Pillow, Gets Life Sentence 

Shadow Pandemic: Ireland Reports Domestic Violence Increase (aren't they God loving Catholics??) .... (video)

Shady! "Insurance Companies Are Rejecting Doctor’s Orders To Save Money" - Bombshell report documents unsavory practices by big name health insurance companies of denying, excluding and substituting treatment plans.

Jupiter: NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope Captures Crisp New Portrait of Jupiter's Storms (photo)

Online Child Education ... What Really Goes on at Home.. and Beware Reports to CPS: Teachers say some parents drink, smoke drugs, and appear half-naked in online classrooms (video)

September 18, 2020

Major Bacterial Outbreak In China. Thousands Infected after a leak at a Biopharmaceutical Company- 'Brucellosis Disease' (inflames testicles and leaves men infertile) - (video)


Michigan Residents Urged to Stay Indoors as Officials Race to Stop the Spread of a Dangerous Mosquito-Borne Disease (video)

Rapists will be Surgically Castrated Under New Laws in Nigeria. Nigeria has even declared a state of emergency over the increasing number of rapes (video)


Pakistan's  PM Imran Khan Also Wants to 'Castrate' Rapists or Publicly Hang Them to Protect Women (video)

Bill Gates Doubts FDA & CDC Can Be Trusted on Covid & Vaccines. Sure, let's trust a non-doctor billionaire who both funds and profits from private-sector vaccine developers

'Seafood Waste is Rising' -  How much farmed seafood is destined for landfill?

Sudan Floods: More than 650,000 People Affected. Drainage Problems are Making Matters Worse as Tens of thousands of homes have been damaged by the unprecedented rise of the Nile river. (video)

Pharmacists Can Now Vaccinate Kids as Young as 3 Because Kids Were Not Going to their vaccine appts

September 17, 2020

Texas Sheriff's Deputy Fatally Shoots Girlfriend and then Claims It was a Suicide (video)


How Canada Convinced the World to Eat Engine Lubricant (video)

12 Trichinosis Cases Reported in Argentina

Cod are now Resorting to Cannibalism: Eating Their Young because of low Shrimp stock

SOS FOR NATURE: Species driven towards extinction, 90% of global wetlands lost, Oceans in 'hot water' 

GONE FOREVER: Yelp Data Shows 60% Of Business Closures Due To COVID-19 Are Now Permanent

Animals' Magnetic 'Sixth' Sense May Come from Bacteria (microbes)


Wage Theft: Garment Workers, Still Paid By The Piece, Push For Minimum Wage (video)

September 16, 2020

California Cop Charged with Stealing from Dead Man's Home, Caught on Video (video)


FrankenBeasts: Scientists Create GMO Animals To Boost Food Production

Money Grab: Connecticut To Issue $100 Fines For Violating Face Mask Mandate (video)

TWO YEARS IN JAIL? Bill Would Make Not Wearing Mask A Misdemeanor In Pennsylvania

Space Junk Is Cluttering Earth's Atmosphere: Currently there are approximately 160 MILLION OBJECTS in orbit – mainly debris – which could collide with satellites. That Could Mean a Disaster for Us (video) 

Air Force Is Now Recruiting Future Space Professionals

Does Gates Even Know What He's Saying?? Bill Gates says "the Pandemic Wiped Out 25 Years of Vaccine Progress in 25 Weeks" ..  so why should ANYONE TRUST HIS Covid-19 VACCINE?? .. don't eat pork folks, .. it confuses your mind....



September 15, 2020

Massive Lines Form Outside Virginia Food Bank As Demand Hits One Million Meals Per Month (video, photos)


Americans are Raiding Retirement Savings During Coronavirus Pandemic

Set Free: Florida man cleared of rape and murder convictions after 37 years in prison. He never committed the crime (video)

Track and Trace Surveillance. They Want Your DNA: Department of Homeland Security Proposes Massive Expansion Of "Biometrics" 

"Holiday at Home" - Thailand is Now Paying its Own Citizens to go on Vacation so they Can forget about the virus and their debts (video) 

Complaint Claims Mass Hysterectomies Performed at ICE Detention Center

Marine Heatwaves: Their Devastating Impact on Wildlife (video - 5 minute doc)


Another 'Lazarus Effect': This Mexican Reef Came Back From the Dead (video)

September 14, 2020

Mystery: Why are a Large Number of Birds Dropping Dead in New Mexico? .. We're talking hundreds of thousands ... (video)

SOS From Sailors at Sea: Orca Killer Whales are Attacking Ships, "I've never seen or heard of attacks". Attacks seem orchestrated. Scientists Baffled (video)

Police Chief Arrested by Texas Rangers on Charges of Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child

Burger King Makes Out With Ronald McDonald.  Mascots Share Kiss in 'Love Conquers All' Ad

Seriously?? In September???? 'Salvation Army starts Christmas red kettle program early amid 'tsunami of human need' caused by pandemic'

Poisoned Waters:  illness Caused by Bacteria in Salt, Brackish Water (video)


Tennessee To Use Coronavirus Relief Dollars To Train More Police

U.S. military begins testing flying surveillance balloons across the country to TRACK people’s movements

September 13, 2020

'Biggest Bang Since the Big Bang': Scientists Detect Collision of Huge Black Holes

Here's What the Massive Amount of Smoke Created by West Coast Wildfires Looks Like From Space

Virus? What Virus? .. New York Reopens Malls and Casinos.. Long Lines (video)

California Gov. Signs Controversial "Pro-Pedophile", "Pro-LGBT" Bill (.. hmmm, no wonder California is burning) .....

Judge Found Guilty of 4 Sex Crimes Against Children (video)

Propaganda Watch: MSM Continues to Push the 'No Meat' NWO/Gates/UN Food Agenda. Eat Plant Based Fake Food Garbage (video)


WATCH - Man Arrested after 'Trying to snatch girl' at Florida Pizza Shop (video)

US Fires Respect the Canadian Border

September 12, 2020

Chemicals Found in Tap Water Could Be Responsible for More Than 100,000 Cases of Cancer. Tap water isn’t as safe as people are led to believe

New Evidence Shows Young Children Can Transmit COVID-19 - ABC News (video)

The Entire Universe Might Be a Neural Network

Jupiter's Moons Are Hotter Than They Should Be. They Could Be Heating Each Other

Why Vaccines Take So Long ... and why you shouldn't trust a quick vaccine esp one that has artificial RNA inserted in it. Here's how long vaccines normally take, and which diseases still don't have vaccines at all. (video)

Scam Alert: Woman Scammed Out of $30,000 in Same Week She Lost Her Husband (video)


Navy Veteran: For 2 Decades, VA Never Told Him He Had HIV

17 Malware-Infected Apps Banned from Google Play Store, Delete Them Right Now

September 10, 2020


The Most Common Pain Relief Drug in The World Induces Risky Behaviour, Study


Los Angeles Canceled Halloween ...... Then Changed Their Minds (video)

86-year-old Grandmother Raped

The 'Lazarus Species': Meet Five 'Extinct' Species That Have Returned to Life

World Wildlife Plummets More Than Two-Thirds in 50 Years


Black Americans Far More Likely To Be Stopped While Driving - ABC News (video)

Nuclear War Prep: Germany Conducts First Nationwide Alarm Day in Nearly Thirty Years (video)

September 9, 2020

French Book 'I Hate Men' Sees Sales Skyrocket after Government Official Calls for Ban

Man says He 'Lost it' and Shot his Mother Dead after Arguments (video)


Man Mixes Poison in Milk Bottles to Kill Newborn Twin Daughters. He was upset over his wife giving birth to daughters.


Nurse Warns of "Biologics", "Biogenics" & Forced Flu Shots Happening in US Hospitals (video archives)

The Slow Economic Demise of America: Restaurants and Bars Serving Up Lawsuits Over Coronavirus Shutdowns. Businesses say they can't survive through the winter

US Hemorrhaging $3 Billion Per Week From Tourism Crash


Dictionary.com aims to 'help eliminate heterosexual bias in language' with 'biggest update ever'. LGBTQ websites are celebrating the changes

Zambia's President and Citizens Mourn Death of 'Good-Luck' Fish

September 7, 2020

Bubonic Plague Warning Issued in Lake Tahoe, California (video)

Mongolia Reports Another Death of Bubonic Plague


Anthrax (a disease caused by a bacteria) Confirmed in Cattle in North Dakota


Woman, 74, Punched in Face after Teens Snatch Purse (video)

Don't Go Out Unless You Have To: 48 of America’s 50 Largest Cities Hit By Black Lives Matter Riots

Advocate for Legalized Teen Prostitution Takes Influential UN Post


Cod Numbers in Steep Decline, Fishermen in Poland fear for their jobs (video)

Could Plants Help Us Find Dead Bodies?


New Flood Zone: Senegal- 8 inches of rain in 24 hours . We would have to say that about 1/3 of planet is under some sort of flood catastrophe. (videos, photos)

September 6, 2020

Pentagon Scientists say "Talking Laser" that Beams Messages Directly Into Your Head Coming Soon

Homelessness Explosion: Homeless Encampments Spread to Beaches, Golf Courses (video)


7 Steps You Can Take To Defend Your Privacy from Big Tech Spies


OHIO: Governor Signs EO Creating FEMA Camps For Asymptomatic COVID Patients

Grocery Stores Lower Prices (video)

Reports of Bizarre Menstrual Cycles Emerge After Tear Gas Exposure from Seattle Protests (remember, tear gas was banned for war, okay for law enforcement


Australia - Mary's Land 1: Melbourne's lockdown 'to be longer than Italy, London and China'. Fedup Newscaster Reveals Craziness, Shows Covid Actual Numbers (video)

Australia - Mary's Land 2: Is anyone following the New World Order Agenda in Australia? NWO Test Case. Australia (who has the strictest, UNWARRANTED lockdowns in the world and are waiting for that "cure all" vaccine) Has Now Made Their Agenda Clear.. FREE COVID Vaccines!... and you know they can't NOT Take it because house arrest will then follow..

Australia - Mary's Land 3: Xtreem News Had a Closer Look at what MEAT Australians EAT.... PORK! Explains a LOT of Things ..

September 5, 2020

52% of Young Adults in the US are Living with their Parents. That's the highest since the Great Depression


Moon Mystery: The Moon Is Rusting. That has Scientists Puzzled ....


Did You Know That the Iraqi City of Fallujah Has the Highest Rate of Birth Defects in the World? The US invasion of Iraq has plagued a generation with cancers, increased miscarriages as well as horrific birth defects in newborns throughout much of the country (video)


*Warning: Distressing Content* - Mother Helps Rape and Kill Innocent Man (with a Pipe up his anus). She Wrongly Thought He was a Pedophile

'Arrests Happening': FBI showing up at homes of protestors let go by the city in Portland and Arresting them on Federal Charges.

Man Gets Stunning Souvenir with COVID-19 Treatment: a $1.1 Million Hospital Bill (video)

7,000+ Missouri College Students Test Positive for Covid-19


Sign of the Times: Growing Work-From-Home Movement has Left Many Commercial Districts Empty and People Unemployed (video)

September 4, 2020

Gonorrhea Cases in England Hit Record High: Have reached their highest levels since records began


Nearly 100 Common Drugs Linked to Increased Risk of Thinking and Memory Problems


CDC Steps In To Make Their OWN Laws: Renters in U.S. cannot be evicted through the end of the year due to coronavirus (NOTE: Renters are NOT absolved from payments. Just have them delayed which will be a DISASTER come January)


Coronavirus: Test and Trace System is a Failure in the UK (video) 

22 Elephants Have Died in Zimbabwe from Suspected Bacterial Infection. More Deaths Expected (video)

Girl, 3, Raped and Murdered in India Because of a Grudge! (video)

Mom Kills Her 5 Children Aged 1 to 8 


India Reported One Suicide Every Hour Due to Joblessness, Poverty or Bankruptcy in 2019

September 3, 2020

'If your plan is to wait until the police show up to provide "protection," be prepared to wait a long time.' - As Kenosha & Minneapolis Burn, Millions Of Americans Buy Guns


COVID-19 has Killed More Police Officers this Year than All Other Causes Combined


Cities Led By Democrats And Republicans See Increase In Murders -NBC News (video)


Here's the New Mississippi Flag Design to appear on November ballot after Confederate Cross Emblem Dropped .... Replaced it with words "In God We Trust" (photos)

TSA Tries Out Another Biometric "ID verification" System To Track and Trace You

Microbes Collapse: 17 Sinkholes Shockingly Found in Siberia. Appear out of Nowhere; One Can Swallow up to 17-Storey Building (photos)

9 Boston Police Officers Arrested for Committing over $200K in Overtime Fraud - (video)


Trump Orders Feds To Begin Process Of Defunding New York, Portland And Other "Lawless" Cities

September 2, 2020

'Rodney King Was Nothing': Los Angeles Braces For BLM Violence After Police Kill Suspect


You Might Not Be Able To Avoid Contact Tracing: Apple And Google Will Notify Phone Users Who Have Come Into Contact With Someone Diagnosed With Covid-19 Even If They Haven't Downloaded A Track-And-Trace App


Texas Man Kills Wife, Two Children for "Being Too Loud" (video)


More Salmonella Cases Linked to American Onions. Canadians Being Advised Not to Buy ANY Onions Imported from the U.S.

Photos illuminate illegal Amazon Fires.  More than 8,000 hotspots ... hmmm, didn't Bolsonaro say Amazon fires are a 'lie'??.. ummmm, ok (photos)

Police Officer Arrested on Sodomy, Assault Charges (video)

Students Being Held Hostage at US Colleges and Universities. Fell for the old "Bait and Switch".... Paying Millions of Dollars to attend classes, stay in residence, have meal plans.. only to find out classes are all online, can't leave their rooms and don't get their money back, room isolation and meals dropped off at their dorm room.... 


With Canada and Mexico Borders Closed, Americans are Trapped in their Own Health-Care System

September 1, 2020

Some Bacteria Sacrifice Themselves to Protect Their Brethren from Antibiotics


Canadian University Offers Course Normalizing 'Safe' and 'Common' Abortion


Some Canadian Teachers are Refusing to Go Back to Classrooms Because of Lack of Covid Safety Precautions. Threaten Legal Action. Here's Ontario Premier (equivalent to US Governor) "Begging" them to Return.. Guilt Trip is Pitiful really... (video)


Man Arrested for Sexually Assaulting and Killing 9-month-old Daughter (video)

Another Wrongfully-convicted Man, Freed after 44 Years in Prison. Police Hid Evidence that Would Have Exonerated Him (video)

'Ultra-Processed' Junk Food Linked to Advanced Ageing at Cellular Level, Modifies Chromosomes



Big Pharma’s Covid-19 Profiteers (lengthy article but read it when u have time)

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