Mixed Bag


May 10, 2021

(1) Whaaa??? European Union Wants MORE Vaccines! Agrees to 1.8 Billion-dose Purchase of Pfizer Jab. They want every man, woman and child vaccinated! ... (video)

(2) Americans Want Less: Tired of the Game?? 'States Scale Back Vaccine Orders Amid Waning Demand'

US Chamber Of Commerce Urges Biden To End Pandemic Handouts: "Paying People Not To Work" Is Killing The Recovery


Gravy Train Ends. (1) South Carolina and Montana to Kick People Off ALL Pandemic Jobless Benefits (This is going to Create a whole new set of economic problems and poverty) ... (video)

(2) Arkansas Ending Federal Pandemic Unemployment: 'Programs have outlived their usefulness and may be causing the state more harm than good' (video)

Bodies of 750 Covid-19 Victims in New York City remain in Refrigerated Trucks more than a Year after they were first set up as Temporary Morgues .. ickk

Shocker! See How Much Prices for EVERYTHING will be Going Up AND How Much They Have Gone Up .. (video)

Disney Unveils LGBT Rainbow-Colored Toys and Clothes as Pride Month Approaches.. Disney.. The same people who are teaching your children ... same-sex teen romances and relationships, "Mickey Mouse Love" T-shirts, transgender, asexual, pansexual, intersex and gender-fluid communities .. 

Kids are Taking Governments to Court over Climate. And they are starting to win.. hmm.. wonder if we can sue them for their sins?? (video)

May 9, 2021

This Is the Garbage They Want to Feed Us Instead of Meat: Worms for Dinner ..like seriously...

Liver Damage Is Off the Charts: Rates of Alcoholic Liver Disease have Soared 30% in the Last Year 

(1) Archives: The Danger of Nanoparticles (video)


(2) Nanoparticles in Pfizer Vaccine ... (video)

(3) NANOPARTICLES IN VACCINES - DR. LARRY PALESVSKY before Public Health Committee: Capable of entering the brain .. (video)

Scientists Want to Grow Babies in the Womb for 40 Days and Kill Them for Research

"The Black Fungus": The New Covid-sparked fungal infection epidemic that's hitting India

Almost Half of 'Female' Transgender Inmates Are Sex Offenders: Report

Ridiculous! SheMale Could Become First Openly Transgender Athlete to Compete at Olympics .. we're Not Sure WHAT this freakshow is .. (video)

Paypal Can Cancel You Without Notice: 'They're Coming to Kill Us': Canada's Rebel News CANCELED by PayPal without Notice. You Could Be Next! Beast doesn't want you going to alt media sources for your news  .. (video)