Mixed Bag


August 1, 2021

Canadian Prime Minister, Mr. "New World Order, This is the Time for the Great Reset", Tells Canadians "No More Excuses" to Not get a COVID shot, Blames New Cases on Unvaccinated ... apparently he doesn't read the news showing it's the VACCINATED who ARE the 'SUPERSPREADERS' ... umm, nice try though... (video)

Why Are Globalists and Governments so Desperate for 100% Vaccination Rates?? Globalist Institutions and their Government "Partners" are the Greatest Beneficiaries of the Covid Crisis

Life Beyond the Pandemic Will NOT be the Same, EVEN for the Vaccinated - CNA News (video)

(1) ANTI VAX PASSPORT PROTEST MOVEMENT IN FRANCE IS EXPLODING - What's Macron Gonna' Do?? People Don't Want a Passport! - Paris France July 31 (video)

(2) Globalists Have a NEW Problem: People with Vax 'Passports' (Corona Passes) are Now Showing Up Positive for Covid! .. The Vax Passport is a Fear Scam meant to Entice you to get the Vax..They KNOW This .. don't fall for it ..

Uh Oh.. Mexican President says, 'Won't be "Hostage" to Big Pharma. Internet predicts Trouble after Country Rejects Covid Jabs for Kids .. (Dude, FIVE Presidents are dead because they went against big pharma.. .. and the NEXT President to Mysteriously Die Is... ) - RT News ... (video - let page load)

CDC and ABC News Blah Blah .. Making out like it's a BIG surprise that the Vaxxed are Catching and Spreading Covid:  'War has Changed as Dangerous Delta Variant Spreads' .. but umm, STILL Get Vaccinated... as ifff ... (video)

Since MSM, CDC, WHO and Fraud'ci Keeps Trash Talking about FOLLOW "The Experts", Why don't they follow THIS group of 'Experts' - "Learn to Live With It, COVID-19 Can't be Eradicated. It's IMPOSSIBLE"  

Australians Who Post Anti-Lockdown Content Online Could Face $11,000 Fines

(1) Here are the Companies Requiring Proof of Vaccination from Employees

(2) Did You SEE the List?? Did You See "BlackRock"?? .. (we know.. you skimmed over them) BUT they OWN EVERYTHING!  Only Two Countries run the World, and Blackrock is one of them... Globalist Elites ... so they want EVERYONE VAXXED! .... Bloomberg calls BlackRock "The Fourth Branch of Government".. (video)

July 31, 2021

Vaccinated Super Spreaders Triggering NEW WAVES of Infection According to CDC - A Danger to Themselves and Others .. (video)

California Counties See COVID Cases Rising In Most Heavily Vaccinated Counties

Vaccinated are like "Wear a Mask, Again"?..

'Somebody Betta' Give Us Some Numbers instead of Talkin' Shit about the Jab Stoppin' Covid... - Experts Ask to See Data behind New Policy. Suspect CDC Hiding Info..

It's Pitiful... Biden Follows NY ... Tells States to Offer $100 Vaccine Incentive as Cases Rise (video)

Israel to Start Covid Booster Shots on Sunday.. Beast Just Wants to Kill Them ALL Off and Israel is like "Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge" ..

Vax Passports in Italy and France are Impossible. Vaccine Failure in Israel, Scotland and UK - RT News (video)

Pfizer Sorcerers Laugh ALL the Way to the Bank: Ups 2021 Revenue Expectation From $26 Billion to $33.5 Billion

Parliament Meltdown: Anti Vaccine Passport Protest Inside the Italian Parliament.. Total Shitshow .. (video)

(1) .... Speaking of Shitshows .. Let's Look at the Olympics: More Participants Test Positive for COVID, Organizers Dismiss ANY Link to Virus .. ummm (video)

(2) Japan Ignored Months of Protests to Host the Olympics. The Opposition is STILL Growing.. (78% of Country Wanted Olympics Cancelled, Ignored their citizens and obeyed Elite IOC.. for MONEY) - (video)

(3) Officials Sound Alarm as Japan COVID Cases Hit Record Highs (video)

Raw Beef Food Recall: Omaha Packing Recalls 295,236 Pounds of Beef for E. Coli

Three US Teachers who Sued Monsanto over Chemical Exposure Awarded $185 Million. Suffered Brain Damage from Exposure to PCBs in Fluorescent Lighting

NC Zoo will Begin Vaccinating Animals against Coronavirus (video)