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"God" or "Yahweh"... what to use?

The Name Yahweh - Yahweh was very clear on the importance of using his name. Power and authority are linked to his name and it's what made him different from the gods. He wasn't just the power of the Hebrew people ..remember from previous posts, we proved that he was the father of all and his law was for everyone. A name is important. It's what identifies one from someone else. For example, say you're name is "Bob". Then, you won't answer to "John, Michael, David or Sam". The creator is the same way. His name is Yahweh as all original transcripts state. The word God came from the Canaanite words El and Elohim, and the word Lord came from the Canaanite word Adon. Baal carries the same meaning. All these words mean the same thing.

The pagan word God comes from the word EL (singular, God) or Elohim (plural-Gods). The Interpreter’s Dictionary, Volume 1, page 817, tells us what the words El and Elohim really mean.

A. IN THE OT. 1. Daimonism. a. Daimon. The Hebrew equivalent of “demon” (daimon) in the original sense is simply אל or אלהים‘) elōhîm), commonly rendered “god.”

So, when you use the word "god", you are actually praying to ""daimon" (demon). This is why the creator was so adamant that his name be used.

Isayah 42:8 "I am Yahweh, that is MY NAME; and my glory I will not give to another, nor my praise to graven images"

Exodus 3:15 "This is MY NAME forever, and this is my memorial; the NAME by which I am to be remembered by, from generation to generation for all generations"

Exodus 6:3 "I appeared to Abraham, Isaac and to Yaacob as Yl Shaddai, but by my NAME YAHWEH, was I not known to them?'

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