WAR - American Style Democracy

January 29, 2018


Revelation 6:4 "And there went out another horse that was red; and power was granted to him who sat upon it to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another; and there was given to him a great sword. "


According to the Director of the Arms and Security Project at the Center for International Policy, most Americans would be amazed to learn that US Special Operations Forces have been deployed to three quarters of the nations on the planet. Furthermore, there is little or no transparency as to what they are doing in these countries and whether their efforts are promoting security or provoking further tension and conflict.


Mattithyah 24:6  "And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars" ...


The International Business Times says, the countless wars that the US government has been waging on other states ever since 9/11 resulted in the costs of 1.46 trillion dollars, which amounts to 250 million dollars a day for 16 years consecutively. According to various reports, even though Washington is allegedly still fighting a war on terror, two operations, namely Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003-2011) and Operation Enduring Freedom (2001-2014) account for the vast majority of the costs suffered, amounting to more than 1.3 trillion dollars collectively. However, it’s been noted that the final total does not include the “classified programs” that were not supervised by the Department of Defense, such as those conducted by the Central Intelligence Agency, which, as we know, has a significant budget of its own.



The map below shows the locations of 132 countries where America’s elite troops were deployed.




To carry on countless military conflicts across the globe, Washington is using a web of military facilities. America’s Empire is built of 800 bases that can be found in more than 70 countries and territories abroad. It’s been noted that to maintain this global force, the US Senate approved a 700 billion dollars military bill this year. The amount eclipses 549 billion dollars military spending cap established by 2011 Budget Control Act. It shows that fund flows are increasing, as the narrative is being set with America’s next enemy in the crosshairs. Further still, Washington provides military assistance to 36 dictatorship regimes out of 49 “officially registered” ones. In other words, more than 73% of the world’s dictators are currently being sponsored through the military assistance provided by US taxpayers.


It has been discovered that there was 21 trillion dollars in unauthorized spending in the departments of Defense and Housing and Urban Development for the years 1998-2015. The Army had 6.5 trillion dollars in unsupported spending back in 2015. It’s curious that only 122 billion dollars were approved by the Congress, which meant that the Department of Defense spent 54 times more funds that it was allowed.

Washington spares no expense in a bid to export “American-style Democracy” across the globe.



photo credit: Russia-Insider.com

Source: Russia-Insider.com

Source: New Eastern Outlook







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