The 'Flu' is a Disease Epidemic!

February 10, 2018



Disease Epidemics - It was named in Mattithyah 24:7. "Pestilences" are disease epidemics, which everyone on earth should know by now, are here. The U.N. has warned you; we have warned you; your Scriptures warned you. There have been articles that warn of everything the world is doing; mankind is bringing the world down


"For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines, and pestilences, and earth-quakes in place after place"


These disease epidemics are going to be huge, global. They’re nothing light or scripture wouldn’t have mentioned it. We have disease epidemics all the time. But this is 'last generation', 'end times' epidemics that are going on. The Flu epidemic is global. It has been found in "place after place".


First, let's get one thing straight: There is NO cure.. and there won't ever be. The diseases are incurable for TWO reasons:

(1) Yeremyah 30:12,15 told us that it would be incurable - "For this is what Yahweh says: Your affliction is incurable, your wound is severe.Why do you cry about your affliction? Your disease is incurable because of the multitude of your iniquities; because your sins have increased, I have done these things to you." You can also have a look at Yeremyah 46:11 - "In vain you will use many medicines; but you will not be cured."


(2) No two people are genetically identical so any type of "cure" or "vaccine" that the medical community can come up with will NEVER work. You see, when parents pass their genes down to their children, an average of 60 errors are introduced to the genetic code in the process. Any of those five dozen mutations could be the source of major differences in a person's physical, mental and/or behavioral state as compared to his or her parents. During a child's lifetime, they themselves create their own mutations which further change their DNA. Mutations occur all the time mainly due to parasites crossbreeding with their DNA and creating an entirely new genome. With a person's genetic make up constantly changing, it is impossible to come up with a cure for "everyone". It is scientifically impossible because no two people are alike and with genetic structure changing constantly in any individual at any given time, what works for today, won't work for tomorrow. (That's why they will never find a cure for cancer...but that's another topic)



Smallpox, The Plague, Yellow Fever, Polio, Aids, SARS, H1N1, Cholera, Typhoid Fever, Ebola, Zika, The Flu - Heard of ANY CURES for these diseases??? The answer is simply 'NO' - NO CURES. But, this should not come as a surprise to you because the scriptures say that there will be No cures . If you say "small pox was eradicated", it wasn't. No KNOWN cure for small pox. As a matter of fact, the virus is not dead at all, merely contained and appearing in mutated forms. Read these articles 'How Smallpox, Believed Dead, Killed Again' and The Return of Smallpox. For smallpox virus mutating into the 'orthopox virus', read this 2017 published research paper, 'Are We Prepared in Case of a Possible Smallpox-Like Disease'And let's not forget that recently, researchers reconstituted an extinct poxvirus for $100,000 using mail-order DNA. (article) If someone can recreate the virus in a clandestine manner, then another global health disaster is just around the corner. Or, the earth itself can release the smallpox virus again. Check this article out -  Scientists Warn of the Return of SMALLPOX after Arctic Graves Melt. The virus is STILL alive. If you firmly believe that smallpox has indeed been eradicated, consider this: the vaccination was a first generation vaccine. Human genetics have changed drastically over the years and has allowed for many mutations to take place. And, smallpox strains--even variola major, the form responsible for most infections throughout human history--vary quite a lot in their virulence. Keep in mind that 'vaccination' and 'immunization' are two different things. Your vaccination that you received as a child has long since worn off. You can not know if your body built an immunity to the disease unless you come into contact with smallpox. Vaccines do NOT immunize.



Back to the Flu.... or "Influenza". The word is Italian. It's the "influence" of the stars on human beings that causes the sickness, according to Italian folklore from centuries past. Influenza entered the English vocabulary in 1703, when J. Hugger of the University of Edinburgh used the word to describe the flu in a medical thesis. Much more is known today about what actually causes influenza, but the contagious respiratory illness remains an international health threat.


Currently, flu is widespread across much of the world, including most of Europe, Asia and North America. The most common viruses circulating this season are two A group viruses, H3N2 and H1N1, and some B viruses. H3N2 is the virus making most people sick. The current season is of epidemic proportions, but it has not reached a pandemic status.. yet. Influenza has traveled through Australia, Asia (China, Mongolia, Taiwan and the Korean Peninsula in addition to Japan), the Eastern Mediterranean, Europe and North America. No cures, people, young and old alike, just dying. PERIOD.


Psalm 91:6 speaks of the pestilence (disease epidemics) 'that walks in darkness'. This doesn’t mean they wait until night to come out; it means you cannot see them. It's microbes that are invisible to the naked eye and can be spread by just breathing. Coughing and sneezing not required as this article states. Flu Spread Just by Breathing


The conclusion is, PROTECT YOURSELF because no cure is coming.





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