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The Third Temple - Some Details on What and Why it's Coming

Let's talk about the Third Temple. Trump knows it's going to be built. That's why he has moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem. If other countries knew the plan, they would be moving their Embassies to Jerusalem in a heartbeat! But, "you snooze, you lose"!

First, the Temple will be rebuilt soon. Like it or not, it's according to prophecy and no biblical prophecy has failed yet so it's prophesied to be rebuilt in this time period. Temple diagrams are already drawn up and preparations are being made to accomplish this enormous undertaking.

The Dome of the Rock AND the Third Temple will sit side by side. The Temple will be built in peaceful proximity to the Dome of the Rock. It will transform the Temple Mount from a place of contention to its original sacred role as a place of worship shared by Muslim, Christian and Jewish believers. Rebuilding the Temple will NOT involve war simply because both buildings (Temple And Dome of the Rock) will stand side by side with a dividing wall separating the shrine from the inner court. (dividing wall highlighted in blue. Taken from third temple presentation model)

Here is the architect's original design:

Building the Temple on the Temple Mount BESIDE the Dome of the Rock is not about harming the sanctity of the Dome of the Rock or trying to deny the Muslims’ right to pray & worship there, or attempting to humiliate or provoke the Muslims. Rather, it’s about finally bringing an end to the troublous times which Jerusalem continually faces by offering a peaceful solution.

The Temple design is not "random". Although various groups have come up with projected holograms, proposals & designs, they are not based on Ezekiel's measurements. One reason we know this is because Ezekiel's dimensions include the Dome of the Rock staying intact on the Temple Mount. ANY group promoting the destruction of the Dome of the Rock does not understand Ezekiel 40 - 44.

Ezekiel's measurements have NEVER been used in the manner that he gave them - not by Solomon, Herod, Ezra, Nehemiah or Zerubbabel. That's because it fits the Temple Mount area of today. Ezekiel's measurements exactly fits the vacant area on the Temple Mount. Dome of the Rock MUST stay where it is. (Yes, many scholars have thought that Ezekiel made a mistake as he wrote down some of the measurements; But this is not the case at all! His measurements take into account the Dome of the Rock).

Ezekiel saw another building was sitting on the Temple Mount, south of where the Temple once stood! We see that a City Building or a Public Building is standing in: Ezekiel 40:2— "He brought me into the land of Israel, and set me upon the greatly exalted mountain; and on it, to the south there was a STRUCTURE like a city."

This was not a city that Ezekiel saw, this was one single building—a city building: a public building! Ezekiel was set on the Temple Mount—and sitting on the Temple Mount was the Dome at the south of the Temple. This is all he could see, and that is exactly what he did see. Ezekiel was not speaking about the city of Jerusalem; there would be no need to tell them about seeing ‘‘part of the city’’ to the south. This was one single building, which was, in fact, strange to him, and rightly so—because he had not seen this building before, not ever. No public building had ever stood there before, but in Ezekiel’s vision—a public building was sitting there, south of the temple. This building that he saw was none other than the Dome of the Rock, which is sitting there at this time. It is to remain in its same location.

The most conclusive evidence which proves that Ezekiel was standing on the Temple Mount in our day is the fact that the Outer Court of the Original Temple is NOT rebuilt in its entirety at the time the new Temple is rebuilt. The first place Ezekiel began measuring was on the south. On the south of the Temple Mount, where they were standing, was the Dome of the Rock. And the Separation’s width to this structure—to this Mosque—was one reed. After they measured this separation to this structure, they walked to the East Gate: the Golden Gate, and began its detailed measurements,(Ezekiel 40:6-16). After this, they proceeded to the outer court Area. Your attention is to Ezekiel 40:19— there are pavements measuring 100 cubits: about 175 feet, in this outer court which only extend to the east and to the north. In other words: There is no pavement extending 100 cubits to the south, because that is where he saw the Dome standing.

This Third Temple is a larger structure than the first and second temples, due to the fact that Ezekiel’s cubit is a larger cubit.(extended by one hand breadth) His measurements are accurate and takes into account the Dome of the Rock on the south side.

Photo of Dome of the Rock on the South and larger cubit of new Third Temple (superimposed on former temple building):

We are trying to condense a lot of information regarding the temple being rebuilt. Read Ezekiel 40 - 44 to bring yourself up to speed.

A Few Additional Notes:

(1) Despite the Muslims claiming that the Temple Mount has NEVER belonged the the Hebrew people, their own writings say otherwise.

In 1925, the Supreme Muslim Council - also known as the Waqf, which has overseen Temple Mount activities on behalf of the Muslim religion for hundreds of years - said that the site was none other than that of Solomon's Temple. On page 4, the Waqf states, "Its identity with the site of Solomon's Temple is beyond dispute.”

So much for their current claims now....

(2) The Dome of the Rock is NOT built over the 1st & 2nd Temples.

The original Temple site is approximately 330 feet (100 meters) northwest of the Dome of the Rock. A notable contribution was by Dr. Asher Kaufman who established the locations of the first and second temples in the northwestern part of the Temple Mount Plateau.

Read Biblical Archaeology Review March/April 1983 issue, Volume IX, NO. 2, Dr. Asher S. Kaufman— It shows Dome of the Rock was built on what is known as the south Outer Court Area. BAR article shows Dome of the Rock was built on what is known as the south Outer Court Area! Also,Ezekiel shows there is no pavement on the south side, because that is where the Dome sits! Dr. Asher Kaufman's research about where the former Temples stood is vital because it corroborates the Book of Ezekiel. He proves that the Dome of the Rock was NOT built over the 1st & 2nd temples therefore proving that the Dome of the Rock does not have to be destroyed in order for the new Temple to be built. This article posted was printed 1 month before his BAR (Biblical Archaeology Review)

The Foundation of the previous Temples is under the existing Platform of the Temple Mount, waiting for construction to begin. All that remains is minimal excavation of the existing courts to reach it which is now being done in Israel.

Recently, Israel's Chief Rabbi agreed with the new Temple Design based on Ezekiel's measurements. No need to destroy the Dome of the Rock. BOTH can sit on the Temple Mount...

More to come... We'll post the Temple blueprints and display photos so you can see what the new Temple will look like.

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