Third Temple Post Follow Up - After our last Third Temple post, Facebook has decided that we could no longer post to our facebook page and that THEY (or other 'authorities') would have to approve any posts we make. They did not inform us. They kept our page up but did rescind access to make posts. When informed that our posts would have to be approved, we were shocked because we did not give anyone access to 'appove' our posts. Nor do we know who is 'approving' our posts for public view. Facebook actually entered our account and made changes themselves. So, Facebook has become more invasive and controlling despite what you believe. We created another Xtreem News Facebook page. The truth of the matter is, we are revealing that the Third Temple will be built. We report the news and the rebuilding of the third temple IS NEWS!  Prophecy proves it and governments have the design and are aware of the Third Temple construction plans. Obviously, Facebook and some government officials did not like the fact that we revealed future plans which have not yet been made public. We will continue to post about developments and current prophecy in the news. We will do another temple update shortly and give you our new Facebook address.






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