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Video History of Sexual Abominations of the Catholic Church - Video History of Sexual Abominations of the Catholic Church

It's really not open for debate. It's pretty much common knowledge that Rome is the city that sits on the seven hills ('mountains'). Revelation 17:9 gave you that clue so there would be no doubt about who this church was. 'The seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sits'. If this is news to you, you can see a blog post we did last year showing this (Only ONE Church Sits on SEVEN Hills)

Xtreem News decided to go back over some video clips from the past to show you that the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandals have been exploding for years. Main stream media reports the story then HIDES the story. This can not continue to go on without someone standing up and saying, 'look, this is NOTHING new'. We are NOT main stream media. In this blog, we show you that these crimes and scandalous behavior of the Catholic Church was reported long ago AND was being revealed year after year. We had to dig deep for these. Have a look....

2009, Pope expresses same 'outrage' we recently heard about in the Pennsylvania Abuse reports... Nothing done to change it, but we get the same 'line'.. almost if it was out of a textbook response booklet.

2010 Church global crisis. Once again, questions arose about what the Pope knew .. just like today ... moving priests from one diocese to another. Hundreds of sexual abuse allegations.

2011 Philadelphia. More sex scandals plague Catholic Church. Again, cover ups and SAME speeches about 'we take these issues very seriously' ....

2012 Catholic Churches and schools are shut down across the US as the Vatican defended itself against accusations of sexual abuse.... later found out that they were lying to defend and protect their own selves...

2013 The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles was forced to release 12,000 pages of documents showing that dozens of priests were accused of molesting children over several decades. Settlements and rebukes but Church continues to abuse their authority.

Cardinal has to eventually resign for his role in huge sexual abuse scandal.

2014 Sexual abuse in the Catholic Church has been making headlines for years. Some priests have been punished, but what about the bishops who shielded them?

Even the UNITED NATIONS in 2014 condemned the Vatican's handling of the child abuse scandals. Gross negligence and complicity...

2015 Does this next video sound familiar? This was in 2015.. same textbook and same empty actions.. 'Pope Francis meets church sex abuse victims'. Says 'God weeps' for sexual abuse of children. Same response BUT no actions... We're just wondering how long people are going to listen to his same responses....

2018 We can post at least a months worth of yearly Catholic Church falsities about dealing with the sexual abuse scandals and pretending to show sorrow and delivering ZERO actions... (Oh trust us, we left a LOT out). No one has the time to read it, let alone digest this heinous hierarchy. Leave you with recent vid from 2018. Perverse Priestly Pedophiles in Pennsylvania.

Notice a pattern??? It's like EVERY YEAR! We wonder why the word 'holy' EVER applied to the Catholic Church.

photo credit: Russia News Now

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