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State Investigations into the Catholic Church - Is Your State Listed? - State Investigations into the Catholic Church - Is Your State Listed?

It's been over a month now since the Pennsylvania sexual abuse report was released. Who among us was actually prepared to hear the depravity described in the 900-page grand jury report? - Over 1,000 children sexually abused by over 300 priests. We'll spare you the details of bizarre collections of victims’ pubic hair and menstrual blood and their passing around of children they marked with gold crosses, or of one priest ejaculating into a 7 year old's boys mouth. If you want to read the sordid details for yourself, here it is. (Report I of the Statewide Investigating Grand Jury)

The State of Pennsylvania isn't the first state to investigate church crimes. Who can forget Massachusetts’ report about Boston? Nor can we forget about Catholic Church scandals in other countries (Australia, Chile, UK, Germany, etc.) but today our focus is on states who are now coming forward since the Pennsylvania report to launch their own investigations. Yes, states and counties have long reported sexual abuse claims from individuals but now, Attorney Generals are stepping in to launch full scale inquiries into the increasing number of scandalous abuse reports involving the Catholic Church.


Michigan announced that they had launched a statewide investigation into sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. (

Just to name a few, individual reports had already come to light years ago in Detroit (, Saginaw ( Lansing (, Farmington (, and elsewhere...

Cities have reported this long ago and church settlements have been quietly made and news stories long forgotten, but NOW, the STATE is involved.

New York

The New York State Attorney General’s office has recently issued subpoenas to all eight Roman Catholic dioceses in a sweeping civil investigation into allegations of sexual abuse of children by priests, and any efforts to cover up those claims. (

A hotline number has even been set up if you or someone you know has been abused by a Catholic priest. (VIDEO) Victims and anyone with information about abuse can call the hotline at (800) 771-7755. They can also file a complaint at


The first state to announce an investigation after the Pennsylvania grand jury report identified hundreds of predator priests. Amid pressure from survivors of clergy sexual abuse, the Attorney General is now investigating clerical records spanning decades. (

Here is the official statement from the Attorney General (Statement)


At least seven priests with connections to Illinois were named in the Pennsylvania report, which prompted the Attorney General to ask to meet with state church officials regarding the report and sex abuse more widely. Illinois sexual abuse allegations have been officially reported to civil authorities since 1992. But, allegations had been publicly raised since pre 1980's. (

In 2008, the Chicago Archdiocese agreed to pay $1.4 Million in a sex-abuse case settlement. As a matter of fact, by 2008, the catholic church archdiocese had already doled out a total of $65 million over three decades to settle about 250 claims. (

Shockingly, by 2015, it was calculated that the U.S. Catholic church had incurred nearly $4 billion in costs related to the priest sex abuse crisis during the past 65 years. This was ONLY the cases we knew about since the 1980's up to 2015. (

In one year alone (2008), U.S. dioceses and religious orders spent more than $436 million in 2008 on settlements and other costs related to clergy sex abuse, a decrease of 29 percent over the $615 million paid out in 2007. (

The filthy abominations and the immoral corruption that inhabits this church has been trouncing innocent victims for years.

New Mexico

Attorney General Hector Balderas demanded that archdioceses turn over all documentation concerning child sex abuse to his office. The office stated 'Attorney General Balderas has sent investigative demands to all three dioceses in New Mexico requiring full disclosure and full transparency. The Catholic Church in New Mexico needs to fully reconcile and support survivors by revealing the magnitude of sexual abuse and subsequent cover-up by church leaders in order to restore faith and trust in the community'. In New Mexico, the Santa Fe Archdiocese and the Servants of the Paraclete were the targets of dozens of lawsuits in the 1980s and '90s alleging priests were molesting children. A list of at least 74 clergy members have been credibly accused of sexually abusing children in New Mexico. Some of the names of accused priests on the list had been known for years while others had been secret. (

New Jersey

The Attorney General announced the creation of a task force to present evidence to a state grand jury, as well as a hotline for abuse survivors to report their experiences directly with the state. The task force will be empowered to subpoena records from the state’s six dioceses. He stated 'We owe it to the people of New Jersey to find out whether the same thing happened here,' he said. 'If it did, we will take action against those responsible.' Calls to the hotline have already been overwhelmed. (

From the scathing grand jury report released in Pennsylvania, we already know of 4 NJ Priests Accused Of Child Sex Abuse. ( To be sure, we know the list will NOT end there.


Omaha has taken things to the next level. In 2013, 2 priests were found guilty of sex abuse. ( Now, the state’s top prosecutor has asked Nebraska’s bishops for records of allegations and investigations dating 40 years of Catholic abuse. (

As recently as last year, an Omaha parish removed a priest who asked middle school students during confession if they masturbated or watched porn. (

Look for more priests to be named in this investigation. The diocese is currently investigating six priests for alleged abuse.


Unlike in the states listed above, the investigative push in Wyoming is occurring through the police system. Cheyenne police have announced that they are investigating sexual abuse allegations against retired Wyoming bishop Joseph Hart, who has been accused of sexually abusing minors in Wyoming as well as in Kansas City, where he previously served as a priest. The Cheyenne Police Department is asking any victims or witnesses of sex abuse crimes taking place within Cheyenne and related to a church official to contact the Laramie County Dispatch Center at 307-637-6525. (


Deputy Attorney General J. Michael Brown announced in September that he will seek permission from the state legislature to open a statewide grand jury investigation. A Catholic diocese in Kentucky just permanently suspended a priest accused of sexual abuse. It is his third abuse accusation (


Let's name names. ( This diocese had to be FORCED to release documents of allegations of priests’ sexual abuse. This was back in 2009.

( Yes, they had to release priest sex allegation documents. ( In 2008, a lawsuit was claiming the Connecticut diocese conspired to cover up priest sexual abuse. ( A Pastor just recently resigned over allegations



Baltimore is the target archdiocese of this Attorney General's investigation. ( The Archdiocese of Baltimore was one of the first in the country to release a list of priests and brothers credibly accused of child sexual abuse, with the publication of a list of 57 names in September 2002. Since that time, 18 additional names were added of priests of the Archdiocese of Baltimore who, after September 2002, were accused of child sexual abuse during their lifetimes. In early September, the archdiocese added 10 names to its list of priests and religious brothers accused of child sexual abuse. ( Other investigations are also going on in this state including a Maryland Private School Investigation into decades of sexual abuse. (


First of all, in 2015, Vermont's Catholic church settled 26 priest sex abuse cases with nearly $18 million payment. ( So, we know this state has already fallen victim to the sexual crimes of the Catholic Church. Recently, Vermont prosecutors were spurred into action again after a bombshell report detailing decades of child abuse by Catholic nuns at St. Joseph's orphanage in Burlington, Vermont. (Yes, Catholic nuns abuse too) This investigation is particularly mortifying because children said ‘WE SAW NUNS KILL KIDS'. Accusations also include child torture and forcing kids to kiss corpses. (

State officials say the passage of more than a half-century won’t stop them from investigating new allegations of past child abuse by the Vermont Catholic Church. Attorney General TJ Donovan announced a joint law enforcement effort aimed at shedding new light on some old yet only recently reported criminal claims. ( Both nuns and priests are being investigated.


Florida has become the latest state to launch an investigation 2 days ago. Already, at least 15 victims of abuse have already come forward to state authorities. (

Let us remind you that since 1966, the Archdiocese of Miami insurance programs have paid $26.1 million in settlement, legal and counseling costs associated with sexual misconduct allegations made by minors involving non-clergy employees and volunteers, religious brothers and sisters and priests. ( This current investigation is just 'Part 2' of the Florida catholic sex abuse saga. Only now, it is state wide.

Other States: Attorney General in South Carolina said their office lack the authority to investigate potential abuse claims within the Catholic Church. In Idaho, the Attorney General can only get involved if they are asked to do so by a local sheriff or police force.

You should just assume that EVERY state has a history of Catholic Church sex abuse.

Police have been investigating for years and settlements have reached into the billions of dollars worldwide. Do your own research.. We have just scratched the surface to cover new state investigations. We haven't even TOUCHED past and present POLICE investigations or international countries and territories!

We at xtreem news used to be Catholics. Left the Church years ago due to other falsities in this Church. They rarely quote scriptures and base Church doctrine on traditions based on Constantine's Gods. Glad we left because even if we stayed, we would have left due to these horrific crimes. Is the Catholic Church holy???? Would you trust them with your children? Or, if you don't have children, knowing what you know now, would you trust them to give you sound moral advice? ..about anything?

It amazes us that people still trust the Catholic Church and go every sunday to recite traditions and hear a priest stumble over scriptures to give vague interpretations. It's astounding to see that millions still back a church who has proven to be false.... AMAZING!!

Database of Publicly Accused Priests in the United States

Early Timeline of a Crisis

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