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Is This Pishon, Gihon, Tigris and Euphrates?

A snake-like slithering unidentified object was seen glowing in the skies recently over the California desert. From the photo, you can see FOUR distinct objects. The video below shows them moving as one and yet consisting of 4 separate parts.

Prophecy shows 4 spirits (demons) who gave their loyalty to Satan, would be arriving in this time period. They were chained specifically for this time and were to be let loose in these last days. Just as Satan arrived by comet, scriptures also show that these beings will come from 'the infinite void' - outer space. They will arrive from space. Previously restrained, they have now been let loose. Revelation 9:1 shows a star falling from heaven.

The 4 demons are VERY DANGEROUS and are totally loyal to Satan.

All four have a specific job to do. Their jobs are found within their names.

The Four Demons

Pishon - This name means PRIDE

Gihon - This one is for WAR, to wage war

Tigris - This demon represents disunity, division, to divide and conquer


If these 4 unidentified objects are indeed the 4 demons who were bound until this time period, then ALL hell is about to break loose.

photo and video credit: Pen News/Cody Kennedy

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