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The True Cause Of Climate Change

Global Warming. Climate Change. Climate Crisis. Greenhouse Effect.

Climate Emergency.

Seems like every week the name changes but the CAUSE is the same.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced this statement to the world this week, "nobody knows what causes climate change". (news link)

Well, you're wrong Mr. President. With all due respect, world leaders were shown the cause 12 years ago. But, they chose to do nothing. That's right. It was presented to the United Nations on several occasions but the cause was ignored.

The recent UN climate talks in Madrid was a massive failure. (news link)

Negotiators went home empty-handed. The world’s largest economies displayed an overall unwillingness to fulfill their past pledges let alone make new ones of their agreed upon obligations to combat this climate crisis. What a WASTE of time - a house divided. NOTHING can be accomplished. "Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself will not stand." (Matthew 12:25)

Despite his divided house, UN Secretary-General António Guterres still calls for global action on climate change. This was him in 2018:

This was him in 2019:

Same story, but NO change.

So, to President Putin who said, "nobody knows what causes climate change", and to His Excellency Mr. Secretary General who seemingly can't find his way out of this climate change conundrum, we will once again remind you of what was given to the United Nations in 2007.

Read it. Then make the necessary changes. The world can not tolerate high level indecisiveness and lies, diplomatic confusion and international ignorance.

In our opinion, this was and still is the best piece of literature ever written regarding climate change.

(We know you're practising Christians, so can appreciate the biblical references)

TWELVE YEARS LATER.... (published in 2007) and you're STILL looking for answers.. Maybe, you should have just read this booklet to begin with to save you from the global embarrassment in Madrid.

photo credit: Markus Spiske

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