January 31, 2020






Great News! Xtreem News Is Hiring.  

We are looking for part time freelance bloggers.

We are so busy updating our daily news pages that we are now finding it difficult

to update our blog in a timely manner.

We need your help... and yes, we will PAY you!


Qualifications Upon Applying


- Must have accurate knowledge of the scriptures AND prophecy (esp. end times prophecy)


- Thorough knowledge of current, newsworthy events and how they relate to prophecy


- Preference will be given to ANY HOY member, PSCEP graduate, or Ha-Kahan Achad Member


Paid Position


- This is a PAID part time position. Payment is in USD. Amount paid will be determined on research, accuracy and quality of work. Length of blog post (short, sweet, informative, get your point across and done!) will be a consideration


- You will be paid per blog post (Minimum $20.00 USD, Maximum $50.00 USD per published post)


General Info


- You can submit as many blog posts for consideration as you want because it's freelance BUT submit ONE article/post FIRST so we can review it for publication. (if your article is a go, then at least you know you're on the right track)


- You KNOW what we write and what we post. (if you don't, look at our former blog posts before you jump into this and give us garbage. We are scriptural scholars so

we will recognize garbage when we see it)


- Xtreem News will give you credit for your contribution. (apart from the cash, we will post your name in the credit byline, or, you can choose to remain anonymous)


- Blog posts can be about ANYTHING relating to prophecy: current affairs, science, technology, medical, astronomy, news, hollywood, LGBT, education, etc. If you've got the info AND it relates to prophecy, we will post the topic!




Don't be afraid to apply!

We need your help and we are willing to pay..

Hey,.. EVERYONE could use a little extra cash to pay your bills, rent, buy food

or food storage, etc.




All interested applicants can email us at keepitreal@xtreemnews.com for more information, or just submit your blog post for approval. We'll let you know if we have or haven't accepted it for publication.

If we have, then we will forward USD funds to you within 48 hours of acceptance






photo credit: xtreemnews.com







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