The New Face of Hunger


hunger face today

... and THIS was the OLD ONE ...

World hunger was already an issue before Covid-19. The virus hasn't made things any better. Before the coronavirus, 11.3% of the world's population (close to a BILLION people) went hungry EVERY DAY. 98% of worldwide hunger existed ONLY in underdeveloped countries. Now, a new reality is unfolding. This pandemic has brought hunger home to the developed world. Some of us are becoming the new hunger "statistic".

Did you see those food bank lines that stretched for miles?

This is a glimpse of the new hunger in AMERICA today. The most POWERFUL country in the world is going hungry.

There is now a crushing demand for food in wealthier nations.

Here's Switzerland:

This is Spain:

It's the same in Italy, the UK, France, Canada and Australia. Food banks are overwhelmed and supplies have diminished. No Food in the home and not enough money to buy food and pay rent, mortgage or car payment at the same time.

Then, there's the OTHER problem: broken down food chain. No farm workers to work the land. Harvests left to rot, animals culled. Food prices soaring.. "Underdeveloped" countries are faring much worse, ... they're starving.

This food line in South Africa stretches for miles and these people are on foot. This was taken on May 1st:

South Africa again May 22nd:

Truthfully, the world produces enough food to feed all 7.8 billion people! But, poverty is the principal cause of hunger. Soon, it will be permanent job losses, the faltering agricultural markets, closed down factories and struggling or bankrupt industries that bring poverty.... then, hunger will establish itself within the richer, developed nations.

Agriculture is the single largest employer in the world, providing livelihoods for 40% of today’s global population. It is the largest source of income and jobs for poor rural households. WHAT DO YOU THINK IS OCCURRING TO THESE PEOPLE NOW? Because of Covid-19, they can't work their lands nor sell their food at local markets. These people live by earning wages DAILY. So no work, no money and that means NO FOOD. Starvation.

500 million small farms worldwide, most still rainfed, provide up to 80% of food consumed in many underdeveloped and developing countries. You can see the disastrous outcome ahead because of international lockdowns.. This shadow of hunger is coming for the wealthy nations. The top 1% own 99% of the money. The big corporations are not willing to help smallholder family farmers improve their productivity and incomes domestically let alone in Africa (you saw American farmers ordered to dump their milk, ditch their produce and slaughter their livestock)... nor are they willing to bail out the middle class and small business owners.

This news report, "Rising Global Poverty Amid Coronavirus Pandemic" came out a few days ago. The number of people in poverty is rising again for the first time since 1998. That is because all around the world most people cannot go to work, and many have been laid off. It's GLOBAL now.

Want to bring hunger closer to home?

How about free school lunch programs? Losing millions of dollars; they could be broke by fall (news link)

US food prices see historic jump and are likely to stay high (news link)

In Canada: The cost of food is increasing almost four times more rapidly than the price of any other durable goods in the economy. COVID-19 is making everything more expensive to produce, process, distribute, and sell, with producers having to implement things like new cleaning protocols, higher wages in some cases, and e-commerce infrastructure. Higher prices at the grocery store are here to stay. (news link) These are the harsh, new realities facing the entire world.

Those stimulus checks (government handouts) will soon be gone, along with millions of jobs... especially in the food services and hospitality industry. Food banks will eventually run dry, farms laid waste, farmers forced into bankruptcy and properties foreclosed.. and that my friend will be in the rich, "DEVELOPED" nations. What on earth will we do then???

The world's economies will NEVER bounce back from this!

Luke 6:25 - "Woe to you who are full, for you will hunger"

Isaiah 8:21 - "And they will pass through it hard pressed and hungry; and it will come to pass when they are hungry, that they will be enraged and curse their king and their gods, and look upward for help"

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photo credit: Kasun Chamara