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December 3, 2020


India says UN Selective in Condemning Religious Persecution, Fails to Acknowledge Violence Against Non-Abrahamic Religions


World's Top 10 Giant Buddhas .. these gods are massive! (photos)


Pope's Plan to Fix the Vatican's Finances Meets Internal Resistance

Switzerland Sees Record Exodus from Catholic Church

December 2, 2020

Vatican Launches One World Religion/One World Order Website Dedicated to "Fratelli Tutti" Encyclical

If You're Not Familiar with "Fratelli Tutti": Here's short summary .... (video included)


43 Catholic Priests Have Died in Italy's 2nd Wave of Coronavirus


Oklahoma Declares Day of Prayer as Virus Surges. Churches Still Deliver "Message" to Prisoners by DVD (video)

Christ Almighty! The Largest Nativity Scene in the World was Crowned in the Spanish City of Alicante (video)

December 1, 2020

Christmas Tree Arrives at Vatican: Will Stand Beside the Obelisk.. (how fitting, .. one god stands beside the sun god Ra obelisk) - (video)


Pastor Turns Church Into 'Strip Club' To Avoid COVID Restrictions


Cambodians Trust 'Magic' Scarecrows to Ward off Coronavirus (video)


New Bill in China Would Prohibit Foreign Missionaries from Evangelizing


76 Franciscan Nuns Test Positive at Monastery in Germany

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