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September 20, 2020

Amish Trump Supporters Hold COW, HORSE, WAGON AND CARRIAGE TRUMP PARADE (videos)



German Church in Danger of Becoming 'National Church' and 'Secularized'. Church says, "The worst result would be if the synodal path leads to division and thus out of the Church, out of communion with the universal Church. That would be worst, if some kind of German national church were to emerge here."

Pope Prepares Important Speech for UN General Assembly Tomorrow (video)


September 19, 2020

Pope Francis Will Take his Message on Climate Change to the UN General Assembly on Monday


Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu Sends Rosh Hashanah Message to the World (video)

Pope to Parents of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Children: 'God Loves Your Children as They Are.'

Another Statue Toppled, Cathedral Set on Fire as Desecration of Catholic Property Continues

Veils of Veronica?? ummmm, Catholic Church Claims This Cloth Shows the Face of Jesus (video)

Catholics' Right to Worship 'Unjustly Repressed' by Government, says Archbishop

September 18, 2020

100,000 NEW TESTAMENTS to Be Sent to Laos


Hindu Jailed for 7 Years for Insulting Islam's Prophet Mohammed

Nigeria Sentences 13-year-old Boy to 10 years in Prison for Blasphemy

Trial of Catholic Leader Highlights Gaps in Church's Sex Abuse Oversight: "The church knew, and they've known for 40 years"

English Bishop Begs Catholics to Come Back to Churches

Canadian Bishops to Discuss Pandemic's Future Impact on Church

September 17, 2020

"Transsexual Satanist Anarchist" wins Republican primary (video)


Hackers Continue Cyberattacks Against Vatican, Catholic Orgs

Vatican Academy Tweets Image of Virgin Mary Holding Black Jesus (photo)

Pakistan's Religious Kidnappings- Young Hindu girls kidnapped, forced to marry and convert to Islam (video)

Headstones Vandalized at Three Jewish Cemeteries in Poland

Catholic Diocese Opens $20 Million College Seminary as Church Membership Soars (video)

September 16, 2020

Israel Normalization Could Partition Al-Aqsa


Vatican Wants to Open Office in Beijing 

Pope Francis: Solution to Stop Climate Change is to "Contemplate" Nature .. (He just wants us to "think" about causes of climate change with NO action on to what is actually causing it.. which is sin. As if "contemplation" solves a problem...pff) - (video)

Man Topples, Throws Mary Statue onto Sidewalk in Broad Daylight (video)

Vandals in Texas Decapitate Historic Statue of Jesus on Church Altar (video)

Nearly Two Thirds of US Young Adults Unaware 6 Million Jews were Killed in the Holocaust

September 15, 2020

Pope Urged To Write Off Debts of Poorest Countries due to COVID-19 (they will pretty much have to or else entire international economy would collapse)


Pope Gives Green Light for Extension of Accord with Beijing

What Yahweh's Feasts Mean To You: Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement and Feast of Tabernacles is Coming Up. Go to the Place Yahweh Said to Seek (PDF Booklet)

Iran Becoming More Secular, Less Religious

Belarus Is Finished! Ahhhhh, Belarus ... you KNOW you don't wrestle with that Beast that sits on 7 hills. She will devour you!.... More Info Comes to Light in the 'Belarus, Vatican' Spat: Belarusian Archbishop Has Passport Annulled

Religion is Fast Going Down the Tubes in America

September 14, 2020

After Vatican Archbishop Declared "Persona Non Grata" in Belarus, Country Now Turns around and does 180 ... Renews Invitation to Pope Francis to Visit the Country ... ummm, ok


Former Prominent Archbishop of Manila Tests Positive for Coronavirus (video)


Vatican Deal has Been 'Implemented Successfully': China

The Catholic Church in Panama and the Nation's Ministry of Health have Signed a Cooperation Agreement to Work Together to Combat COVID-19

Armenian Foreign Minister meets Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria

Jerusalem's Great Synagogue to be Closed for High Holy Days for First Time

September 13, 2020

"Catholic Church Can Help a World in Crisis".. says Nun who supports Catholic Church who has done absolutely NOTHING! Prayers have NOT Stopped Coronavirus and yet Pope stands there and says 'You have our prayers' - Fraud! (video)


'If the Earth is Sick, We're Sick', warns Bishop


Vatican: Catholic Schools Facing 'Dramatic Situation' Amid Pandemic

Marian (Mary) Devotion to be Protected says Church

Religious Diversity Makes Taiwan the Second Best in the World: As a world leader in promoting religious freedom, Taiwan is providing a home for people of all faiths

Chinese Officials Offer Financial Rewards To Spy on Underground Church

September 12, 2020

Muslim Iraq Bows Before the Pope: Pope Francis receives credentials of new ambassador of Iraq to the Holy See. Pope Gives Him His New World Order Agenda Package But Passes on Rosary presentation (video)


'Prophet' Charged With First-Degree Murder After Gunning Down Wife Outside Workplace. Sehot her several times in the head (video)


Why Is the Vatican Soooo Interested in Belarus? - After Belarus Barred Archbishop, Vatican Sends Senior Official to Belarus For Talks

Pakistan Sees Sharp Rise in Tensions Between Different Religious Denominations: Anti-Shiite Protests, Shiite leaders accused of blasphemy (video)

Danish PM Opposes Bill Banning Circumcision, Cites Denmark's Promise to Jews

62 % of Americans Say Jesus Is Returning to 'Judge' Everyone

September 12, 2020

No Big Surprise .... Catholic Church Pushes Vaccines: ALL Have Responsibility to Receive Covid Vaccine


Landmark Lawsuit: Muslim Uyghurs Accuse China of Mass Detention, Torture in Landmark Complaint. Using International Law

16,000 Accept Christ, 1.8 Million Watch Greg Laurie's Virtual 'Cinematic Crusade'

Pope Sends Message to South Korea's President

Niqab-Wearing Muslim Women: 'What happened to face-coverings being a security threat?'

'He was in a Rage': Vandal Spends Nearly Two Hours Destroying Catholic Church

September 11, 2020

No Big Surprise .... Catholic Church Pushes Vaccines: ALL Have Responsibility to Receive Covid Vaccine


Landmark Lawsuit: Muslim Uyghurs Accuse China of Mass Detention, Torture in Landmark Complaint. Using International Law

16,000 Accept Christ, 1.8 Million Watch Greg Laurie's Virtual 'Cinematic Crusade'

Pope Sends Message to South Korea's President

Niqab-Wearing Muslim Women: 'What happened to face-coverings being a security threat?'

'He was in a Rage': Vandal Spends Nearly Two Hours Destroying Catholic Church

September 10, 2020

Mystery: New Pit Opens in Temple Mount Floor, Waqf Immediately Cements Over It


Catholic Theologians, Nuns Urge Catholic Voters to Oppose Trump

Catholic Mass is Taken Off the Airwaves in Belarus in Response To Archbishop Criticizing Government

Pastors Facing Destitution and Starvation due to Covid-19's Impact on Tithing

Pope Francis Wears a Face Mask for the First Time in Public

Myanmar Soldiers Confess to Muslim Rohingya Genocide: 'Shoot all that you see', raping women first before killing them along with children and the elderly (video)

September 9, 2020

Pope Francis Launches His Post-COVID Agenda on How the World Should be Designed with Announcement of New Encyclical on Human Fraternity (video)


Most in U.S. View Religion as Opinion Rather than Objective Truth

Life of the 'Living Buddha' of Tibet - Brief Interview (video)

Australian State Passes Law to Jail Priests for Not Reporting Confessions of Child Sexual Abuse

US Bishop Accused of Child Sex Abuse Resigns after just being Appointed by the Pope (video)

Agreement Between Holy See and Burkina Faso Comes Into Effect, Recognizes the "Public Legal Personality of the Church and its Institutions" in Burkina Faso

September 7, 2020

Vatican Promotion Of Roman Emperors, Many of Whom Persecuted and Killed the Saints (video)

Rome: No Mask Protesters Against Covid-19 Rules Burn Image of Pope at Rome Rally (photo)

Denmark: Parliament Scheduled to Consider Proposing Ban on Non-medical Circumcisions.

Why 'The Church Isn’t Perfect' Line has Become a Cop-Out: (Just read the first few paragraphs to see that guy hounding father's 19 yr old daughter online was a married priest)

Uzbekistan is Drafting a New Religious Law to Bring All Religious Expression Under Strict Governmental Oversight

Imprisoned for Their Faith - Russian Authorities Continue their Aggressive Attack on Jehovah’s Witnesses (audio included)

September 6, 2020

A Growing Number of Catholic Schools Are Shutting Down Forever: At Least 150 so far

Sudan's Government Agrees To Separate Religion And State: Removes Islam as State Religion. Thus ends 30 years of Islamic law. "The state shall not establish an official religion."

Vatican Tourism: Huge Losses Force The Pope Into Cutbacks

As Africa's COVID-19 Cases Rise, Religious Faith Put To Test: Religious Leaders across Africa Worry They Will Lose Followers and Funding

Researchers Find Christians in Iran Approaching 1 Million

'We had No Choice': Avoiding a Lawsuit, School Removes Bible Verses from Church-Donated Planners (video)

September 5, 2020

More World Leaders Meet with Pope and Vatican Officials to Show their Reverence to Him Whom They Serve: New Belgian Ambassador meets with Pope, Presents His credentials (video)

Pope Honours Ghana's Ambassador To The Vatican. Receives the highest award conferred by the Vatican on laypersons

Chairman of German Catholic Bishops' Conference Meets with Merkel to Exchange Views and Raise Funds

It is Now Possible to Contact a Priest from Anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (video)


Controversial Megachurch Minister Joel Osteen Releases His 'Inspiration Cube' This Month for $39.99 (video)

September 4, 2020

The World Council of Churches (WCC) and the Vatican Appeal for Greater Solidarity with Other Faiths

Vatican Representative Calls on U.S. to Sign Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty

"Jubilee of the Earth" - Pope Launches Season of Creation:  2.2 Billion Christians from all around the world unite in prayer to renew their relationship with God and Unite People in "global cooperation". Goes until Oct. 4th

Cardinal Predicts Church, Europe will be 'Weaker' after Pandemic

Silent! The Vatican Should Speak Up on China's Repression in Hong Kong

Pope Won’t Travel Until There’s a Covid Vaccine: Subliminally Signals the World To Get Vaccine so lives can return to "normal"

September 3, 2020

American Churches Struggle: 20% Facing Closure

Russia Jails Two Jehovah's Witnesses for Four Years on Extremism Charges

Forced Sterilization: Uyghur Doctor Tells of Disturbing Testimonies of 'Forced Abortions and Removal of Wombs' in China's Muslim Detention Camps (videos)

Can Muslims and Christians Coexist? Europe's Deepening Religious Divide Explained - Islamophobia and Radicalism (video)

What 'Happens' When Pandemic Locks down A Globe-Trotting Pope?

US Bishops Issue Labor Day Statement: 'Rebuilding a Dignified Post-COVID World'

September 2, 2020

New Australian Ambassador to the Holy See Presents Pope With Her Credentials (video)

Pope Holds 1st Public Audience in 6 months. Calls for universal day of prayer and fasting on Sept. 4 for Lebanon (video)

50% of U.S. Christians Say Casual Sex Between Consenting Adults is Acceptable

Same-sex Religious Weddings Now Legal in Northern Ireland

..... and Staying with Northern Ireland: 'Places of Worship Have Been Attacked over 600 times in in past five years. On average, that's approximately every THREE days'

World's Major Religions from 1945-2019 (video)

September 1, 2020

Nepal Celebrates First Ever Rare, Godlike Gold Turtle. Believe It's 'Lord Vishnu' Manifested as a Turtle

China Crackdowns on Buddhism and the 'Three Faced Statue' Goddess Deity (video)

Bowing Before The Pope Continues: Pope Accepts Credentials of New Ambassador of West Timor (video)

Buh Bye... Belarus Blocks Catholic Church Archbishop From Entering Country After He Criticizes Government

Mary Statue Decapitated at Canadian Church, Head Still Missing (video)

Louisiana Diocese of 39 Churches and 7 Missions Devastated from Hurricane Laura (photos)

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