January 19, 2022

NATO to Apply Article 5 Collective War Clause To Outer Space

U.S/Ukraine/Russia/NATO War Talk Update - (1) US Secretary of State Blinken Arrives In Ukraine .. Russia is like "We can do what we want on our OWN land" ... NATO needs to mind their own business .... (video)

(2) Lots of Issues Here... Let's NOT Forget, 'Promises Made, Promises Broken'. US and NATO are NOT Honoring their word to Gorbachev - NO NATO Expansion!.. Yahweh says You gotta Keep your word ... it avoids problems like we see here ...

(3) Ukraine Is NOT a Part of NATO so WHY is NATO and the U.S. Acting Up?? .. It's like we said before.. It's about Ukraine's Oil, Energy and Gas.. Finally, it's being revealed: 'US Seeking Ways To Profit Should Russia-Ukraine Conflict Break Out'
Davos/WEF Summit Update: China's Xi Speaks.. 'Countries Must Abandon "Cold War" Mentality,' .. Warns against Confrontation .. pretty words BUT his actions say otherwise ...

Floods in Madagascar (video)

January 18, 2022

Netanyahu Took the Plea Deal in Corruption Trial.. He's OUT of Politics ....Two Earthquakes Strike Afghanistan, Killing at Least 27 (video)

Earthquake Tonga Mystery: (1) Scientists Hunt for Explanation of Event's Ferocity. It Sent Shockwaves around the World ....

Was it a Nuclear Bomb?? Scientists Struggle to Monitor Tonga Volcano after Massive Eruption: 2 Islands Wiped Out; Second Eruption Cover-Up; No Internet and Telephone Communications; Comparison to 1991 Pinatubo Eruption ... (videos)

False Flag?? Who Knows .... We Trust Russia's Lavrov over American's Lying U.S. 'Intelligence' .... (1) Russia Denies Looking for Pretext to Invade Ukraine (2) America: U.S. 'Believes' Russia 'Could' Attack Ukraine 'At Any Point' .. 'Believes'?? .. 'Could'?? .. I 'Believe' I 'Could' Fly... u gonna' start a war with me?? ... You either have the solid facts or u don't!!  - Preemptive Jargon as if Ukraine matters to them.. wanting to steal their oil and natural gas deposits .. (video)

(3) Germany says 'Russia Will Pay Price If It Moves on Ukraine' ... Germany?? umm, didn't u guys Kill OVER 6 MILLION Jews in WW2??? .. NOT really eager to see you u EVIL people enter a WW3 scenario.... just sayin' (video)