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June 20, 2024

NO Water: (1) Riots Erupt in Drought-stricken Central Algeria over Water Shortages

(2) Gaza Water crisis: Israeli forces destroy wells, residents face health risks and shortages .. (video)

(3) Delhi Water Crisis: How Water Shortage Has Affected Delhi Slums .. this is brutal ... (video) 

Cry Baby Netanyahu: He's Getting a little too BIG for his britches - (1) Netanyahu calls out U.S. for Withholding Shipments of Weapons - U.S. tells him to shud' his trap! .. weapons on the way .. along with his baby rattle and diapers! pff (video)

(2) White House Scraps U.S.-Israel Meeting After Netanyahu Slams Washington ..

Israel is Going to War with Lebanon to Fight Hezbollah: uh oh .. (1) IDF Green-Lights Plan For Invasion of Lebanon and Gives Hezbollah Final Warning ...

(2) Hezbollah will NOT go down without a fight .. Publishes Drone Footage showing Surveillance of Haifa (video)

..a LOT of prophecy to unpack: Prophecy shows Israel's borders will be extended so we KNOW more war is coming to the Middle East, and then scrips say ANYONE who comes against Israel in these last days won't succeed, but then, they lose out in the very end when nations turn against Israel and send their armies against them .. then, the saints gotta step in.. so, things will unfold as prophecy has foretold .. Israel is unstoppable right now.. (NO LINK)

UN Inquiry Findings in Gaza: Israeli actions 'Intentional Attack on Civilians'

Other News

U.S. Navy Hemorrhaging Money Trying to Stop Houthi Shipping Lane Attacks, Have Accomplished Nothing

Remember that $230 MILLION Gaza Pier that U.S. built to 'supposedly' alleviate the Israel-imposed humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza? yeah, it's being dismantled.. what an INCOMPETENT mess! .. we just think they did it for show .. it was a clown show from the start! - (photo, video, tweets)


... Here's the U.S. with their Bullshit - Gaza Pier "More Complicated" Than We Thought, People Don’t Get ‘How Complicated This Is’ - puh-lease enlighten us as to how 'complicated' it is to put a simple pier in water! ... oh that's right, ur skilled in MAKING THREATS, BEING A BULLY, LYING and ISSUING SANCTIONS! we get it ... pfff (video)

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