December 3, 2020

Why is Israel Taking Over or Destroying Palestinian Land around Temple Mount? New Temple Coming? And now Hush Money??  "Israel Releases Over $1  Billion of Withheld Tax Funds to Palestinians" , hmmmm, what gives?? 


Government Announces Weapons Sales with Six Nations Worth Combined $1.55 Billion

WAR COMING? "Trump Pulling Dozens of Diplomats Out of Iraq"

Australia To Sign Military Pact With US Ally Japan Amid Spiraling China Tensions

China Is Trying to Crush Australia (video)


How Long Will 7 Million Starve Before Hell Breaks Loose in Colombia?

The Rise of Military Space Powers

December 2, 2020

China is Raping The Seas of Fish and Marine Life: 300 Ship Massive Chinese Fishing Fleet Seen Near Galapagos. Not the First Time. They've Been Seen Everywhere on the Waters .. Searching to Feed their Millions of People (videos)


Here We Go Again in Israel .... Fourth National Election in Under Two Years??

UN: Food Has Run Out for Refugees in Ethiopia (video)

Part 1: UN Estimates Suggest Nearly $35 Billion Needed to Provide Aid to Needy in 2021 (video)


Part 2: UN says 235 Million People Will Need Humanitarian Assistance in 2021 (video)

The World's Appetite for Debt is Smashing Records

December 1, 2020

Covid: 'Surge Upon a Surge' - ABC News (video)

Decent Coverage of US Covid if You Want to Get up to Speed. If You've Got 20 Minutes, It's worth the Watch: NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - November 30th, 2020  (video)

Trump asks FDA to Approve Moderna Coronavirus Vaccine, Calls Development 'A Modern Day Miracle' .... Umm , ok .. 

New Symptoms Appear in Covid Patients


Canada Unveils Largest Economic Relief Package Since WW2 (Another Country who Will NOT Financially Recover from Covid) : Liberals to spend $100 Billion to jolt post-pandemic economy after posting record $381 Billion Deficit .. they are just printing money now... (video)

COVID is Spreading 60% Faster in Rural Areas

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