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Why the Nations Are Agreeing to the Third Temple Being Built

Why Are the Nations Agreeing to the Third Temple Being Built? Part 1

ALL world leaders know that any permanent solution to the middle east conflict would also have to see the religious portion of the problem solved. The solution to the problem is to share the Temple Mount. The Dome of the Rock AND the Third Temple will sit side by side. Problem solved.

The only logical & peaceful solution to rebuilding the Temple is to rebuild it next to the Dome of the Rock - just as Ezekiel shows. To remove the Dome of the Rock would cause all out war! It's unnecessary and it's NOT the peaceful solution. Ezekiel's Temple design is in significant CONTRAST to what most temple mount groups promote. ANY group promoting the destruction of the Dome of the Rock does not understand Ezekiel 40 - 44 and should be completely ignored.

Both the Jewish and Muslim peoples have a historical connection to the Temple Mount. Why not share the land?

In Ezekiel's prophecies are the complete measurements of a Temple—a Temple unlike any other that has ever been built before. Many of these measurements have never made sense to scholars. That's because his measurements fit the Temple Mount area of today. Ezekiel's measurements have NEVER been used in the manner that he gave them - not by Solomon, Herod, Ezra, Nehemiah or Zerubbabel. In fact, Ezekiel’s measurements for the Third Temple not only fits atop the Temple Mount of today but also leaves room for the Dome of the Rock to remain standing.

How do we know that the Temple Mount will be divided? The photo above shows an illustration of a 'dividing wall' between the Dome of the Rock AND the Third Temple. (blue highlight shows dividing wall) Ezekiel described this dividing wall in Ezekiel 40:5 -- 'And behold, there was an adjoining separation; dividing structure, around a temple. In the being’s hand was a measuring reed six long cubits; about 10 1/2 feet—each cubit; about 1 1/2 feet, with a hand breadth; about 3 inches. So he measured the separation’s width to the structure, one reed; about 10 1/2 feet, and the height; rise, one reed.'

How do we know that the Dome of the Rock will remain in its place? Ezekiel saw another building was sitting on the Temple Mount, south of where the Temple once stood! We see that a City Building or a Public Building is standing in: Ezekiel 40:2— 'He brought me into the land of Israel, and set me upon the greatly exalted mountain; and on it, to the south there was a STRUCTURE like a city.'

This was not a city that Ezekiel saw, this was one single building—a city building: a public building! Ezekiel was set on the Temple Mount—and sitting on the Temple Mount was the Muslim Mosque at the south of the Temple! This is all he could see, and that is exactly what he did see. Ezekiel was not speaking about the city of Jerusalem; there would be no need to tell them about seeing ‘‘part of the city’’ to the south. no! This was one single building, which was, in fact, strange to Ezekiel, and rightly so—because he had not seen this building before, not ever. No public building had ever stood there before, but in Ezekiel’s vision—a public building was sitting there, south of the temple! This building that Ezekiel saw was none other than the Dome of the Rock Mosque, which is sitting there at this time! This mosque is to remain in its same location, with a dividing wall separating it from the rebuilt temple!

Because the 'structure' sits on the south, that explains why there is NO pavement extending 100 cubits to the south, because that is where Ezekiel saw the Dome standing. (We will discuss that in Part 2)

The Israeli public doesn’t want the city of Jerusalem divided BUT they will accept a divided Temple Mount. Moshe Dayan stated 'We did not come to conquer the sacred sites of others or to restrict their religious rights, but rather to ensure the integrity of the city and to live in it with others in fraternity.'

There is lots of talk today about a new Middle East peace plan.. we will be very clear.. it's ALL talk. There will be NO other peace plan than what prophecy outlined in Daniel 9:27— 'And he will confirm a covenant with many for one week; seven years, and in the midst of the week, he will cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease'. The word 'many' is 'RABIN' in Hebrew so that's how we know the prophecy is related to the peace plan that involved him. Prophecy shows NO OTHER PEACE PLAN. In fact, prophecy also shows it will end in destruction.

More to come in Part 2...

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