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Covid-19: The Invisible Being

The coronavirus is an invisible being.

We'll let you think about that for a moment....


Are you thinking something like this??

Or, were you thinking something along these lines? ....

Not quite ....

(Yes, coronavirus IS scary and we'll get to that shortly but, let's go through some basics first)

To put things into perspective, you need to know what a "BEING" actually is .. what it means...

Most dictionaries describe a "being" as:

- a living thing that can function on it's own

- that which actually exists in any form

- an individual form of life; an organism (a living body)

As a living, functioning organism, the coronavirus is indeed a "being".

If you still have your doubts, coronavirus IS a virus.

A virus is "a simple living thing that is smaller than bacteria and that can enter your body and make you sick" (

So, again we see it's a "living thing" ... a "being"

Coronavirus is invisible to the naked eye. An "invisible being"...

Look at how small it is..

We all know that we can't see it. If we could, we would run from it because we know it's a harmful invader with the potential to kill.

Look at the coronavirus as a THIEF. It comes to STEAL your health.

John 10:10 gives a great example.. "The thief comes only to steal, to kill, and to destroy".

A thief brings harm in some way ... like the coronavirus. You might not die from it. Few do. If you get it, it will harm your body in some way. Have you seen the reports of Covid-19 symptoms and the long lasting effects on the body??

Coronavirus: The"Invisible" Thief

It steals your breath and robs your sense of smell and taste.

Causes loss of speech. You can't stay awake, nor can you be woken up.

Covid burgles your mind of memory so you're left with confusion, brain fog and the inability to focus.

You're beaten by prolonged skin symptoms (rashes, discolouration of fingers or toes), and then there's changes to your heart’s rhythms and damage to the blood vessels.

This bandit breaks down your organs to cause function changes.

Hijacks your heart, lungs, and neurological system making sure to leave you with "long term problems" ....

Just ask the "long haulers". They suffer from "long covid".

The crook "Coronavirus" paid them a visit...

Long Haulers: The Continuing Casualties of COVID-19 (link to article) COVID-19 symptoms last for months (video)

This all brings us back to the "invisible being" .. who is, essentially a "thief"

Luke 12:39: "If the owner of the house had known what hour the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have allowed his house to be broken into"

Which leaves us with the question:

How can you stop a thief that you can't even see??

The Invisible Being ..

photo credit: Evgenia Basyrova


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